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Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a fellow garden enthusiast, a gardening gift basket might be the answer. These creative packages are great for celebrating a housewarming, a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. Conveniently, gardening gift basket ideas can be personalized according to the recipient’s tastes as well as your budget and size requirements. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Garden gift basket in a wooden continer

Best Containers for Garden Gift Baskets

In addition to the contents, the container itself can serve as part of the gift! First, decide on the size of the gift basket you want to put together. This will be dependent on your desired budget as well as factors like shipping costs (if you won’t be hand-delivering the gift).

Nice woven baskets, whether simply decorative or intended for practical use such as harvesting or picnicking, come in all sizes and work well for holding gifts. Other, more creative, options include:

Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

Garden Hose Gift Basket

One creative container idea is to create a basket out of a garden hose. You will need a hose no longer than 50 feet and plenty of zip ties.

Coil the hose tightly from the bottom of the basket to the top, securing it with zip ties as you go. If you like, you can even use the final length of hose to create a handle. There are plenty of tutorials available online if you need help with the details.

And if you want to avoid the waste of plastic zip ties, try using strong twine instead.

Here’s a video if you like to see how it’s done:

What to Include in a Gardening Gift Basket

Once you’ve decided on a container, it’s time to fill it. The options are limited only by your imagination, but to get the wheels turning, here are a few ideas:

Gardening gloves Not only are gloves practical, but they come in fun colors and designs that can add a touch of whimsy to the basket or fit with a visual theme.

Seed packets and bulbs – Purchase varieties that the recipient might like, or for an especially personal touch, include seeds or bulbs collected from your own garden.

Live plants – If you’re hand-delivering the gift basket, consider some seedlings or potted plants, such as your favorite annuals, perennials, or house plants.

Gardening tools – Trowels, hand pruners, or your favorite weeding tool are useful additions to any size basket, and larger tools can be included if you’re filling a garden cart.

Water bottle – This may not be the first thing you think of when brainstorming garden-themed gifts, but water bottles come in handy on hot summer days in the garden! This glass water bottle is easy to clean and perfect for fresh water while gardening.

Plant markers – Garden stores often have nice plant markers, or if you’re creative, you can make your own from sticks, smooth stones, or other materials. Leave them blank or label them to match seeds or bulbs included in the basket.

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Flower potsLarger planters can be used as containers to hold the other gifts, or you can include pots of any size within the gift basket.

Birdhouse or feeder – For the gardener who loves wildlife, a birdhouse or bird feeder is the perfect addition to a larger gift basket. Squirrel feeders, bee houses, and bat boxes are other unique ideas.

Check out these birdhouses and feeders:

Grateful gnome hummingbird feeders

Bluebird feeders

Best bird feeders for cardinals

Best squirrel feeder

Gardening books or magazines – Include a gardening book or magazine that matches the recipient’s specific interests, or even purchase a gift subscription to a magazine they might enjoy.

Twine – If you’re taking a more practical approach, don’t forget a spool of twine! It may seem like an odd gift, but twine has a thousand uses in the garden and will likely be appreciated.

Garden décor – Fairy houses, stepping stones, garden flags, doormats, garden-themed tea towels (these are gorgeous!) or throw pillows or artwork…the possibilities are endless!

Gift card – Whether you’re filling a small gift basket or aren’t sure what the recipient might like, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a local nursery or garden center.

Gardening Gift Baskets for Women

Put together a Mother’s Day garden gift basket (or a gift basket for any occasion) with a feminine flair. Floral or gardener’s soaps, lotions, and salves are great options for hardworking hands.

Writers and organized gardeners may appreciate garden-themed stationery, notecards, planners, or journals.

For the cook, include canning supplies, a farm-to-table cookbook, or garden-themed tea towels, trivets, or spoon rests. Floral candles, scarves, and jewelry are also nice additions.

Gardening Gift Baskets for Men

We often think of gardening gift baskets being more for women, but many men enjoy gardening too!

Some practical ideas, in addition to those in the main list above, include a hat, a pocket knife, and a gardener’s soap. A garden-themed mug would be fun for an avid coffee drinker or choose a small garden statue he might enjoy.

For the serious vegetable gardener, add a garden planner or journal and a nice pen, or canning supplies.

Herb Garden Gift Basket

A garden gift basket can take on many different themes, such as flowers, vegetables, container gardening, or herbs, according to the recipient’s interests. An herb garden gift basket is perfect for someone who enjoys herb or vegetable gardening or even cooking.

For a beginner herb gardener, include a few types of seeds, small containers, and seed-starting soil or soil disks.

The containers can be as simple as biodegradable grow pots or more decorative, like a windowsill set. If you are hand-delivering the gift, you could even include live plants.

Other creative ideas include herb books, herb-themed kitchen décor, or herbal products, such as soap, tea, or herbal vinegar.

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Tie It with a Bow

Once you’ve decided on a theme and gathered the container and contents, it’s time to put everything together! Make sure to balance the gifts so one side isn’t heavier than the other, and arrange taller items in the back.

To keep small items visible, place them in the front or inside or on top of larger items. For example, a pair of gloves might fit nicely in a small flower pot. After everything has been arranged in the container, add a bow if you like, and your unique gift is ready to be delivered!

I hope you are inspired by these gardening gift basket ideas and are ready to build one yourself. If you do, please share your creation on our Facebook page.

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