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More people are choosing to spend their free time at home socializing with friends and family. As a result, outdoor entertaining is growing in popularity. Instead of planning a vacation away from home, add a few accessories to your backyard to create the perfect spot for a gathering. Use your imagination and design skills to create an environment that makes your guests feel welcomed.

Ideas For Outdoor Entertaining

When you think about backyard BBQs, your first thoughts may be of sitting around in lounge chairs on a deck or patio while someone off in the distance is grilling steaks, ribs or some other amazing food. However, you can turn your events into so much more by taking advantage of some of the modern technology and design ideas available today.

Many outdoor designs include fireplaces to keep your guests warm and comfortable when there’s a chill in the air. You have a wide variety of options to choose from. For example, if you’re searching for something simple, a fire pit designed for warmth and grilling may suit you perfectly. Or you can try a tabletop fireplace.

If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, perhaps a beautiful custom designed fireplace for your deck or patio suits your style better.

If you’re looking for an alternative to building a deck or patio, gazebos make excellent party spaces and there are many different styles and sizes available. They’re beautiful, comfortable and provide excellent shelter from the sun or rain showers.

If you’re not interested in placing a permanent structure in your backyard, here you can learn a little about pop up gazebos. They’re the perfect solution to keep the party going when rain moves in unexpectedly.

Outdoor Entertaining Tips and Suggestions

Whatever outdoor design you choose, keep comfort in mind. Use a combination of chairs and benches to ensure everyone has somewhere to sit and relax. Look for furniture that offers comfort as well as durability. You might also want to add a couple of game options such as a ping-pong table, volleyball net or some other form of activity to help keep your guests occupied and entrained throughout the night.

If you do a lot of backyard partying, outdoor kitchens make entertaining guests easy. Everything you need is at your fingertips. This allows you to spend more time socializing instead of running inside for snacks, drinks and other party necessities.

Your kitchen will have all the essentials that your indoor kitchen has. This includes a sink, refrigerator, and a cook stove along with cabinets and drawer space for storing all of your cookware and dishes.

Food is also a big part of any gathering and most outdoor entertaining events include some type of smoked meats. It doesn’t matter if you love chicken, steaks, or ribs. The equipment you use to prepare the food makes a difference in how it tastes.

Think about how your guests enjoy spending their time when choosing a layout or design for your backyard. Then, add a few of your own special ideas to turn your space into the perfect outdoor spot for entertaining guests.

From holiday parties to backyard BBQs, the fresh air and beautiful scenery will help turn any social gathering into a fun and exciting event.

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