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Hang Decorative Garden Flags to Spruce Up Your Backyard

Decorative garden flags let you add a splash of color and personality to your yard. They can accentuate your flowers and plants. You can hang banners that provide complementary colors to your garden.

Colorful garden flags

If you are a fan of the Peanuts cartoon series, you could get some Snoopy garden flags. There are large and mini banners, and once you have a garden flag stand, you can make your own banners.

Let’s take a look at how you can use flags to make your home, garden, and yard more colorful. Oh, and don’t forget to add an outdoor solar spotlight to bring attention to your cute flags.

Choosing a Garden Flag Stand

The first thing you’re going to need is something to hang your flags from. This is what a garden flag stand is for. It can mount on the ground or attach to the side of your house. They make a garden flag stand for just about any application, such as hanging from your patio. All you have to do is purchase the right type of stand or hanging bracket. These hangers are often made in wrought iron or some other type of weather-resistant iron.

They are almost always black, though you can paint them whatever color you like. The most basic is just vertical poles you stick in the ground. They rise 2 or 3 feet and then have a horizontal arm you hang your flags from. The better models have anti-wind clips and weatherproof paint. Consider spending a few more dollars than the minimum here. That will give you a quality garden flag stand that can last a lifetime.

Gray Bunny GB-6872 Garden Flag Stand, Flag Arbor, 14.75 inches Wide, 50.5 inches Tall, 45 inches Above Ground, Fits Standard 12.5 x 18 Garden FlagsGray Bunny Garden Flag StandAmazon buy buttonGarden Flag Pole Stand Durable Flagpole18Durable Garden Flag PoleAmazon buy buttonToland Home Garden - Garden Flag Arbor Black 40 Inch Tall Decorative Weather Resistant Holder for 12.5 x 18 Inch FlagsGarden Flag ArborAmazon buy button

When to Use Small Garden Flags?

If you don’t have a large area to work with, and only have a small garden, you’ll need smaller flags. You can purchase a few without spending a lot of money, and they’ll fit just about anywhere.

Common sizes are 10 inches by 12 inches or 10.5 inches by 15 inches. The larger of the common mini garden flags are usually not bigger than 12 inches by 18 inches.

Some people like hanging these more diminutive banners under their mailboxes. You can place one in each area of your garden to identify what you have planted. Or use them as window hangers. Anywhere you have a couple of feet to spare, small garden flags help you add your personality to your yard.

Here are some adorable mini flags samples for your garden:

Toland Home Garden Rainbow Owl 12.5 x 18 Inch Decorative Colorful Welcome Bird Branch Garden Flag Garden Rainbow Owl Amazon buy buttonBriarwood Lane Farm Fresh Flowers Spring Garden Flag Mason Jars 12.5Farm Fresh FlowersAmazon buy buttonGarden flag depicting a red truck filled with tulipsDecorative Love BannerAmazon buy button

The Versatility of Decorative Garden Flags

Toland Home Garden Adirondack Arrangement 28 x 40 Inch Decorative Spring Summer Flower Floral House FlagToland Home Garden Adirondack Arrangement 28 x 40 Inch Decorative Spring Summer Flower Floral House FlagAmazon buy button There is really no end to the number of styles and themes you can find. There are hanging banners with woodland creatures, motivational quotes, and gardening tools on them. Some are national flags or just blocks of one color.

There are decorative garden flags that are officially licensed by your favorite sports team. Why not pick up a few monogram flags that sport your initials or family crest? You may be able to attract more birds to your backyard if your decorative garden flags have birds on them.

And since deer don’t like bright colors, colorful varieties can keep them from eating your plants.

Why Hang Winter Garden Flags

When snow and cold temperatures come calling, winter garden flags fit right in. Snowman garden flags are probably the most popular winter banners.

If you don’t live in a cold climate, winter garden flags can help you reminisce. They can take you back to those wonderful times when frolicking in the snow or ice skating was something you enjoyed.

Winter-themed banners welcome the season to your backyard. They also let everyone know you haven’t given up on decorating your garden just because it got cold outside.

Spring Garden Flags are the Most Popular

Your garden comes to life when spring has sprung. This is the time each year when nature awakens after a wintertime slumber. Spring garden flags help you get back into the spirit of gardening.

During the winter you may find it difficult to keep a gardening mindset. Depending on what you are growing, you might not do much in the winter. Spring garden flags get you and your garden ready for your favorite time of the gardening year.

Why not place a large sunflower banner in front of your sunflower seedlings? This can give your baby plants the motivation they need to grow tall and strong! You can order spring garden flags online if you can’t find what you’re looking for locally.

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When to Choose Large Garden Flags

These are the big boys. They can dwarf a small garden if you are not careful. On the plus side, they can cover most or all of a door or window that is less than attractive. Large garden flags are sometimes hung in the front of the home. They are used to make a singular statement.

When you drive by, they are easier to see than smaller banners, so they attract attention. This is why many large garden flags are monogrammed or personalized with a family name. A large garden flag stand can support a standard-sized flag of the country of your origin. Expect sizes of 28 inches by 40 inches and larger.

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Don’t Forget Seasonal Garden Flags

Hanging garden banners in the spring is popular. The same is true for the fall.

Dedicated gardeners make sure they keep seasonal garden flags on hand so they can decorate their homes appropriately year-round. They hang standards made specifically for summer and winter, as well as fall and spring. Seasonal garden flags let you match your decorating efforts to the annual whims of mother nature.

Decorative garden flags

Decorative garden flags
Colorful garden flags
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