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Garden Sculptures & Statues You’ll LOVE

Are you shopping for outdoor garden sculptures? Adding a few statues to your backyard can give it an artistic look. You combine man-made art and natural beauty. Add some garden stepping stones to your statuary for a custom-built pathway for viewing. You no doubt love the beauty mother nature gives your garden. It only makes sense to complement that beauty with garden sculpture art.

Angel garden statue

You may prefer a contemporary garden sculpture or a classical alternative. Some of these outdoor decorations act as fountains that do double duty as birdbaths. Some are as tall as a person and others as small as garden gnomes. They are made from a wide variety of materials, like bronze, stone, wood and metal. What some people consider a sculpture others view as a clump of stone or metal. This means you should always choose statues you enjoy, rather than trying to please other people. Your garden is an extension of your emotions and personality. Your garden sculptures should reflect that.

Why Some People Prefer Stone Garden Sculptures

Stone garden sculpture

Pretend you are shopping a garden sculpture sale. You see a few bronze, stone and wooden statues. You find one of each material that you really like but you just can’t make a decision. Unfortunately, you can’t afford them all. Why should you choose a stone garden sculpture over some other material? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this material when compared to others.

When you have a statue custom-made by a sculptor, things can get expensive. This is true no matter what material or medium is used. That’s why a lot of people shop online or their local gardening center for garden sculptures and statues. The products are not one-of-a-kind and unique, but they are affordable. While we are discussing price, that is one of the benefits of purchasing a stone garden sculpture. It can be a lot less expensive than one made of marble, bronze and even wood.

Rocks and stones exist in nature. They can last millions of years without anyone having to clean or maintain them. This means your stone garden sculptures are carefree. You won’t have to devote time to maintenance like you would with a plaster, resin, wood or bronze statue. Stone also looks like it belongs in a garden, since it was made by nature. These are just a few reasons many gardeners prefer stone over another material when choosing a decorative statue.

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 Beautiful Bronze Garden Sculptures

Bronze is a combination of copper and tin. It has a very unique appearance. Outdoors in the sunshine, it can be very beautiful. This is one of a few reasons bronze garden sculptures are very popular. Bronze is not nearly as plentiful as rocks and stones. For this reason, bronze garden sculptures are going to cost you more money than many other types of statues.

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This is also why you will not see too many bronze statues that are very big. If they are long or tall the price tag can run literally into the thousands of dollars. That isn’t to say bronze garden art doesn’t belong in your yard. It just means that you could pay some serious money if the product you choose is large.

How to care for bronze garden statues

You should also consider what it takes to care for bronze garden sculptures. The deep, coppery brown glow of this metal is uniquely beautiful. It only stays that way if you clean it regularly. The first step is to remove any loose dirt or debris with a brush. Then you want to spray your statue with pressurized water from a garden hose. Rub firmly from top to bottom with a damp sponge.

You can use a mild soap with your water. If so, be environmentally responsible. Simple Green soap cleaners are non-toxic and safe for the environment (and your bronze statue). Let the sculpture dry. This is best performed on a day that is not very humid. While your bronze garden sculptures are drying in the sun, head to your hardware store. Get a small China bristle brush. Purchase car wax or some similar type of wax.

When you get back home, make sure your statue is totally dry. Wax from the top to bottom. Apply a thin but thorough coat, preferably in the sun so the drying process is quicker. Get in tiny nooks and crannies with a toothbrush or small craft brush. You can actually see the details of your sculpture come alive as you are waxing it. Let dry and then buff gently with a towel or shoe shine brush. This is more maintenance than is needed for most garden sculptures, so keep that in mind before buying. The payoff is visually worthwhile.

What to Remember if Choosing Large Garden Sculptures

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The average homeowner doesn’t have a huge yard or garden. The area you have to landscape might actually be small. In these cases, think long and hard before you choose a large sculpture to decorate your yard. It can really overpower your beautiful plants and flowers.

This is not to say large garden sculptures aren’t the perfect choice for you in your yard. It just means the statue that looks great at your nursery may look massively large when you get it home. The nursery could be outdoors and 20, 50 or even 100 times the size of your garden. This makes a larger statue seem smaller than it will be when you get it home.

How About Wooden Garden Sculptures?

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People don’t usually think of wood as a medium for art. Artists and sculptors often practice with different types of material. They become very proficient creating beautiful forms of art with a material another artist hates using. Because stones and metals are the most common mediums for statues, it may be hard for you to find wooden garden sculptures.

In this case, the Internet is your friend. Wooden garden sculpture art can be found online. What you need to remember is that wood obviously requires more maintenance than stone or metal. You’re going to have to factor in staining, treating or painting as forms of regular maintenance. The end result of an artist’s efforts with wood should also be considered.

This means you are probably not going to be able to find a crane garden sculpture that is made of wood. Fairy garden sculptures and angel garden sculptures are probably not going to be made of wood either. Whatever medium you choose, garden sculpture art can add some unique or classical beauty to your yard.

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