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19 Unique Frog Garden Sculptures

When it comes to lawn and garden décor, there are few things as common and classic as frogs. There are many beautiful, cute, interesting, and unique frog garden sculptures to choose from. You can also get frog garden planters, flags, statues, wind chimes, and other designs that really bring your garden to life.

cute frog statue laying down in the flower garden

Frogs just make a lot of us think of nature and plants, the outdoors and gardens, and they can be a really cute way to bring some color and life to your garden. You can take your outdoor space to the next level with frog sculptures that frog lovers of all types will enjoy and appreciate. Let’s take a look at some options.

Frog Garden Sculptures For Your Landscape

One of the first things to know when shopping for frog sculptures is that there are many different types to choose from. You should first think about where you want to use this in your garden and how big of a sculpture you want.

Another consideration is the material the sculpture is made from. Some garden art is made from cast iron, some is made from stone or ceramic, and some is made from steel or other metals. The different types of materials can have a big impact on the design and the colors of the garden décor.

Frog sculptures also work great in your fairy garden. A ceramic frog can help set the mood or add nature elements to your fairy garden. You might have a welcome frog statue that invites the fairies to your fairy garden, or that you put on your front porch to greet visitors to your home. If you have a mini fairy garden, consider a very small frog or two.

Frogs can bring a whimsical look to your lawn or garden. From bright gardens to fun designs like a golfer frog or a juggling frog, there is something for everyone. Can you just imagine having a pair of cute frogs next to your garden bench as you sit and enjoy a sunny day or work on some garden projects?

If you want a unique statue for your property, check out some of these options.

Metal frog garden sculptures

Metal decor is a popular choice when it comes to garden sculptures and there are many metal designs with frogs on them. When choosing a metal outdoor decor ornament, it’s important to know how to care for it properly so that it lasts you a long time. Metal statues designed for outdoor use will also be prepped in a specific way to help them hold up to the elements.

Here are some great metal frogs that would look super cute in your garden.

1. Metal garden frog statue

Solar Animal Lights, Metal Garden Art Frog Statue for Patio Garden Lawn Yard Flowerbed Decor

This happy little garden frog will make you smile every time you see it.

2. Handmade bicycling frogs statue

FBS Vintage Bicycle Metal Wind Spinner,Handmade Bicycling Frogs Statue Garden for Sculpture Yard Lawn Decoration Frog

This vintage metal frog ornament is actually a spinner that moves with the breeze.

3. Recycled metal coffee frog sculpture

Plow & Hearth 52339 Recycled Metal Coffee Frog Sculpture Yard and Garden Art, 11.5" x 9" x 15"

You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee out in the garden with this sipping frog.

4. Metal frog yard art sculpture

Garden Frog Statue Outdoor Decor Metal Frog Yard Art Sculpture

I just love little frogs holding flowers. How cute is this?

5. Metal frog garden stake

Liffy Metal Frog Garden Stake Decor Metal Frog Sculptures Outdoor 3D Frog Figurine Decorative Stakes for Lawn Patio Yard Garden,Set of 2

This pair is cute and fun. Looks like they’re out hunting for some flies.

6. Solar light frog

Solar Light Frog-Metal Frog Statue-Lawn Ornament Cute Frog Lawn Ornaments-Indoor Outdoor Decorations,Garden Decor for Patio Yard Lawn,Ornaments Gift,

I’ll show you more solar frogs later but since this one is also metal, I added it to this category. He looks so cool in his sunglasses, soaking up the sun so he can glow for you at night.

These outdoor statues are a great way to show off your personality and your love of frogs.

Stone frog garden sculptures

reading frogs stone statues

Stone sculptures are a very common type of lawn ornament, and you can get them in all kinds of designs, shapes, and sizes. I’ve seen them very big – at several feet tall – and even very small. Frogs made of stone or resin are very popular for gardens.

7. Working frog garden statue

Frog Garden Decor, Frogs Garden Statue for Yard, Garden, Indoor Outdoor Decoration and Housewarming Gift

This cute little green frog in a straw hat is one example of what I’m talking about. He looks ready to help you with some garden chores.

8. White stone zen frog

Elly Décor 8.5 Inch Tall Meditating Yoga Peace Todd Sculpture Figurine, Lawn Garden Statue Décor Made of Ceramic Zen Frog, White Stone

Look at this yoga frog statue that is just waiting to brighten up your garden.

9. Frogs sitting on stone sculptures

LANKER Frog Garden Statues – 3 Pack 5 Inch Frogs Sitting on Stone Sculptures Outdoor Decor Fairy Garden Ornaments

This is a cute set of three reminding you about peace, hope, and to enjoy your days.

10. Frog sitting on a stone and drinking coffee

Frog Garden Statues Figurines, Frog Sitting on Stone Statue, Frogs Decor Garden Statue for Yard Ornaments and Fairy Garden Accessories, Indoor Outdoor Decoration Sculpture, Frog Gifts for Best Friend

This frog is enjoying the coffee on a nice warm rock.

11. Frog on lily pad – miniature figurine

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Frog on Lily Pad Miniature Figurine, 3 Inch, Green

This little frog on a lily pad will look great next to a pond or water fixture and will make you smile whenever you look upon it.

12. Two frogs sculpture

Bits and Pieces Garden Décor-Two Frogs Sculpture for Your Garden, Lawn or Patio - Durable, Weather Resistant Polyresin Statue

I love the fun art design on these and they would look great as porch decor or in your garden.

Solar frog garden sculptures

Solar statues give you a fun look during the day and light features at night. They can be a lot of fun in the garden or around the lawn. Here are some you might like.

13. Adorable frog garden sculptures

Garden Decor Adorable Frog Garden Sculptures & Statues Perfect Yard Art Gift Solar Garden Statues Create a Vibrant Landscape for Garden, Courtyard, Lawn, Walkway (1 PCS)

This sweet frog has a big, glowing orb that it holds up for you to light up a path or garden at night.

14. Solar frog garden statue with succulents

Kvluszei Solar Frog Garden Statue with Succulents and 4 Led Lights for Balcony, Terrace, Courtyard, Lawn, Outdoor Lawn Decoration Garden Frog Decor Resin Winter Decoration-8.26 Inches (Frog Stuff)

This one is super cute and has a little hat plus some pretty succulents. It would go well with any garden but I especially love the idea of putting it in a succulent garden.

15. Resin frog solar lights

Garden Solar Lights- Garden Statues - Resin Frog Solar Lights LED Light with Crackled Glass Garden Decor for Outside

This frog has a glowing orb on its back and a pretty little flower for decoration.

16. Lovely frog welcoming you to the garden

Timebusvv Garden Statues Outdoor, Resin Ornaments with Solar Light, Lovely Frog for Indoor Room Spring Decoration, Garden Lawn Art Decoration

This is a fun piece that lights up with solar power. This frog will welcome you and your guests even at night with a little lantern.

Are frog statues good luck?

Many people love to get frog statues or sculptures for their lawn or garden because they believe they will bring them good luck. A garden frog is often seen as an invitation to good luck and harmony in your home and around your property.

Do you believe a frog garden sculpture can bring you good luck?

Frogs in culture

What are some ways that we have seen frogs show up in culture? We have seen frogs appear in culture for many years, such as in fairy tales or folklore. One popular example is The Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm.

Frogs often symbolized fertility in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Greeks and Romans also celebrated grogs as signs of fertility and harmony. We also see them mentioned in the fables of Aesop and throughout art of many different cultures.

If we look at more modern culture, we see characters such as Kermit the Frog, Pepe the Frog, and the popular book series Frog and Toad.

Frog Garden Sculptures as Gifts

If you are looking for some great frog gifts for the frog lover in your life, this is a good place to start.

17. Frog playing violin statue

Garden Decor Sculptures Statues Outdoor, Frog Yard Decor Gardening Gifts for Christmas Figurine Decorations for Lawn Patio Pool Home

This adorable frog is playing a sweet tune on the violin.

18. Lying in the bathtub frog sculpture

JuxYes Creative Craft Resin Frog Figurine Decor, Lying in The Bathtub Frog Sculpture Statue, Personalized Animal Collectible Figurines Mascot Frog Resin Crafts for Shelves Table Desk Decor

This fun frog is just enjoying a nice, relaxing bath.

19. Frog sitting on a stone statue

Frog Garden Statues Figurines, Frog Sitting on Stone Statue, Frogs Decor Garden Statue for Yard Ornaments and Fairy Garden Accessories, Indoor Outdoor Decoration Sculpture, Frog Gifts for Best Friend

Coffee frog really gets to jumpin’ and is a fun addition to any garden. This could make a great birthday gift for someone you know who loves frogs, the outdoors, nature, or gardening.

Outdoor frog decor is a great way to show them you care while also giving them a gift that will make them think of you when you look at it.

Frog Garden Sculptures – Conclusion

With these tips, you can add some awesome frog décor to your home garden or lawn. Whether it’s a yoga frog garden statue in your back yard at your favorite spot to do outdoor yoga, or a little frog farm couple at the entrance to your vegetable garden, frogs can bring a touch of fun and whimsy to pretty much any situation.

The frog garden ornaments you choose say a lot about you and your personality as well. Home decor has long been a way to express yourself in your own space and this just extends it to the outdoors as well.

Whether they are a focal point in your garden or a nice decoration for your front porch, there’s so much you can do with these adorable frog figurines. Did any of the frogs on this list catch your eye?

Unique frog garden scupltures
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