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15 Whimsical Fairy Garden Sculptures for Your Lawn or Garden

Few things are synonymous with gardens like depictions of fairies. Fairy statues are so common in the garden, it seems nearly everyone has at least one. When shopping for fairy garden sculptures, there are a few things you should know.

fairy garden statue

In this post, I will tell you everything you need to know about choosing a fairy sculpture, down to the fine details, and also how to care for your outdoor garden decor.

Love fairies? Here are some miniature fairy garden ideas.

What Are Fairy Garden Sculptures?

As the name implies, these are sculptures or statues that depict fairies in some way. It could be a statue of a fairy itself, or it could be a sculpture that includes other elements that are known to be shown alongside fairies. For example, it might be a small fairy house, a snail, other nature elements like flowers and plants, toadstools and other mushrooms, or water elements.

Garden fairy statues range in size and shape. They can be very small, or they can be tall and large. Again, it all depends on your preference and also what you plan to use it for. Let’s look at some reasons people get fairy statues for their gardens.

Why have a fairy in your garden?

The simple answer: because they are pretty.

Different gardeners will have their own reasons for keeping fairies in their gardens. Some people love to use them with other garden animals and statues to liven up the landscape.

Some people believe they bring good luck or that they help the garden grow bigger and fuller.

Regardless of the reasons you choose a fairy statue, there are many to choose from. Let’s look at some examples of different designs you might consider.

Shopping for Fairy Garden Statues

If you’re a fairy lover, then you will get excited about these beautiful, whimsical designs for your garden. If you have a fairy garden statue on your wish list, check out these really awesome options I’ve found.

Different people like different types of fairies for their garden decor. They could be small like Tinkerbell, or larger with big, beautiful wings. They could be childlike or more human-like, or anything in between. If you already know you have a specific style in mind, that will help you narrow down your search.

Fairies are known to be deeply connected with nature, which is why you will often also see them surrounded by forest critters or lots of flowers and plants. Here are some adorable fairy garden accessories.

Sitting fairy statues

Here are some cute fairy statues that are sitting. 

1. Sitting fairy statue garden ornament

EKDJKK Sitting Fairy Statue Garden Ornament Resin Craft Landscaping Yard Decoration Park Lawn Decoration Home Patio Garden(White)

This beautiful sitting fairy would look great anywhere in your garden or your home landscape. 

2. Tudor and Turek sitting fairy statue

Auxsoul Fairy Statue Tudor and Turek Sitting Fairy Statue, 18cm Fairy Garden Statue Fairy Figurine, Resin Craft Garden Ornament Landscaping Yard Decor for Study Living Room

This one is very similar to the one above but in bronze with beautiful silver wings. 

3. Sitting fairy statue – a realistic garden sculpture

YUYO Sitting Fairy Statue, Angel Garden Sculpture, Garden Realistic Figurine Decor, Antique Resin Angel Craft, Home Table Ornaments, Garden Lawn Yard Art Porch Patio Outdoor Decorations (A), Gray

I love that this one is holding a flower and would look great next to a water feature like in the picture. 

4. Gazing secret garden fairy statue

Design Toscano Gazing Secret Garden Fairy Statue, 10 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

This simple design is classic but elegant and would work anywhere in your garden. 

Standing fairy statues

Here are some beautiful standing fairy sculptures. 

5. Standing garden fairy statue

Napco Imports Standing Garden Fairy Statue

This cute little fairy girl would be a perfect addition to your garden or outside of a garden shed. 

6. Handmade standing flower fairy

Fairy Garden Fairies Statue, Angel Ornament Figurine Handmade Standing Flower Fairy Beautiful Girl Figurines for Indoor & Outdoor Miniature Fairy Garden Holiday Ornaments Gift for Girls Kids Adults

This is a cute and colorful child fairy that brings a real pop of color. 

7. Fairies with wings

Garden Fairy Figurines 4 Piece Set, Indoor Outdoor Fairies for Fairy Garden Accessories – Miniature Fairies Garden Supplies – Sitting Standing Fairies with Wings

This is a collection of four fairies. I love the cute little poses they are in. 

8. Standing fairy Ava with cat – a miniature garden figurine

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairy Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Standing Fairy Ava with Cat – Fairy Garden Supplies 1 Piece for Indoor or Outdoor Fairy Garden

This standing fairy has a cute furry friend. 

Solar fairy statues

These fairy sculptures light up with solar power. 

9. Solar garden decor fairy figurine

Havirrey Garden Decor Fairy Figurine, Solar Garden Statues and Yard Art, Garden Angel Outdoor Decorations Sculptures for Patio Yard Porch Lawn, Garden Gift

This stunning statue lights up and makes a beautiful focal piece in your lawn or garden. 

10. Large fairy garden statue with solar-powered lights

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Large Fairy Garden Statues and Sculptures with Solar Powered Lights, Resin Outdoor Angel Figurines with Crackle Glass Globe, Garden Art for Patio Lawn Yard Decorations, 11.8 inch

I love this beautiful lawn decoration that would bring some light to your garden at night. 

11. Resin outdoor angel garden figurine sitting on a mushroom

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Large Fairy Garden Statue and Sculpture with Solar Powered Lights, Resin Outdoor Angel Garden Figurines Sitting on Mushroom for Lawn,Patio, Yard Decorations (Bronze)

This fairy is sitting on a mushroom and holding a flower that lights up from solar power. 

12. Fairy garden sculpture with glass ball solar lights

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Large Fairy Garden Statue and Sculpture with Glass Ball Solar Lights, Angel Garden Figurine for Yard Lawn Patio Outdoor Decorations, 12.8 inch

This one is similar to the one above but the fairy is lying down and seems to be gazing into the light-up ball. 

Fairy houses

Here are some whimsical fairies with little fairy houses. 

13. Flocked mushroom fairy garden house with solar powered lights

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Flocked Big and Mini Mushroom Fairy Garden House Statue, Resin Lawn Ornament with Solar Powered Lights, Outdoor Cottage Figurines for Patio Yard Decorations 7.7 inch

This is the cutest little light-up house and looks great in your garden or on a patio. It pairs well with other fairy decorations. 

14. Waterproof resin outdoor fairy cottage with angel

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Flocked Fairy House Garden Statues with Solar Powered Lights, Waterproof Resin Outdoor Cottage with Angel, Lawn Ornaments Figurines for Patio Yard Decorations, 7.7 Inch

This fairy cottage has a little fairy swinging in the front. How cute!

16. Solar powered fairy house gift set with figurine accessories

Solar Powered Fairy House Gift Set with Figurine Accessories– Miniature Mushroom Decorations- Outdoor Garden, Yard, Lawn & Patio Décor with Small LED Lights– Mini Resin Statue and Sculpture Ornaments

I love that this one is designed like a tree and has two fairies to sit alongside it. 

Buying on Amazon

There are lots of great places to get garden statues, including from your local garden center. One thing that I like about shopping online is that you can take your time shopping and usually there is a much bigger selection than what you can find locally.

Remember that if you have Amazon Prime, you can also get many of these with free shipping that usually arrives in 2-3 business days.

What are fairy garden sculptures made of?

Most often they are made from weather-resistant resin that is designed to withstand the elements outdoors. Quality designer resin is made to hold up over many years of outdoor use.

Sometimes you can also see them made from stainless steel or other metal elements that are made for outdoor use. Many are made from natural materials which makes them perfect for the garden or landscape.

Taking care of your fairy garden sculptures

Once you have chosen the right sculpture or statue for your needs, it’s important to know how to care for them properly so that you can enjoy them for a very long time. Each fairy statue is unique in how it is made and how it should be cared for so to be absolutely certain you’re doing it correctly, you should read the care instructions that come with your item.

However, here are some general ideas to help with basic care:

  1. If your statue gets debris on it, gently wipe it away with a cloth or spray it with a water hose.
  2. If more is required, use a soft cloth or scrub brush and gently remove stains and dirt.
  3. If soap is required, use a small amount of environmentally-friendly soap in a bucket of water and be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Now, let’s take a look at some ways to integrate these statues into your landscape design.

Fairy Garden Statues in Your Landscape

Here are some ways you can work these garden sculptures into your existing garden or landscape. First, consider the layout of your current garden. What types of flowers or plants does it have in it? Do they bloom year-round or seasonal? Where would you like to create a focal point or highlight a specific area of the garden?

Use on a garden wall

There are some types of fairy statues that you can attach to your garden wall. Or, depending on the type of wall, you might be able to use a fairy sitting statue to place on the top of your garden wall or fencing. When selecting your garden supplies, don’t forget an adorable fairy garden piece may be just what you need to add to your collection.

Use on the ground

Of course, you can also place your statues directly on the ground and most are designed for this. When doing so, it’s important to choose your location wisely. You want a place where they will be well-seen and will not become overgrown by plants, but also where they are not in the way of foot traffic.

Use on a window ledge

There are also some fairies that are made to sit cutely on a window ledge. You can use these in your house windows or in a garden shed window. You can also hang them near a bird feeder or another fairy garden statue that sits on the ground.

Fairy Garden Sculptures – Conclusion

As you can see, there are so many ways you can enjoy a lovely fairy in your garden. It can also make a very thoughtful gift for a fairy lover in your life. Throughout the winter months, it can bring some color and fun to your garden when plants may not be in bloom.

With fairy garden ornaments, you can bring a magical creature to your landscape whenever and wherever you choose. Did you see any that you really loved on this list?

whimsical fairy garden sculptures for your garden
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