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24 Fun Cat Garden Sculptures To Add To Your Landscape

If you are a cat owner, then you may want to celebrate your favorite furry felines with a fun cat garden sculpture. Cat lovers of all types can get excited about these cat garden sculptures.

cute cat sculptures

Garden sculptures have been around for a very long time and they’re still popular today. Traditionally, they were used for religious or political reasons. And these early sculptures were typically very large. Some examples are the statues on Easter Island and the Great Sphinx.

But since then, we’ve seen them come a long way. Even an ordinary person can have them in their garden at home or on their lawn if they want them. And there are more types to choose from than ever before. There are metal sculptures, stone sculptures, moving sculptures, big ones and small ones, and everything in between. Of these, we have cat statues. But before we get into this, let’s take a look at why you may want to add art to your garden.

Why Add Art to Your Garden

What are some reasons you may want to add art to your garden? Lawn and garden art is an important addition to your landscape, and it can add depth and personality to your space. It can also bring enjoyment to those who look upon it.

Here are some reasons some people add art to their gardens:

  • To add color to the garden
  • To create a focal point
  • To change the texture of shape
  • To add depth to the garden or landscape
  • To accentuate colors already in the garden
  • To bring out your own artistic tastes

Sometimes people bring in art and sculpture as a way of keeping beautiful elements in the garden during the winter months when many or all of the plants and flowers die off. Some of the best gardens will have a little something extra in them like this.

Other people buy sculptures because they are art collectors, and they want this art to carry outside their home as well. Whatever your reason for using sculpture, there is no shortage of it for you to choose from these days.

Next, let’s take a look at some cat sculptures.

Cat Garden Sculptures, Statues & Figurines

If you’re looking for great cat gifts to buy the cat lover on your list, you might consider cat garden sculptures. This is a double bonus if your cat lover is also a gardener. In addition to putting them in your garden, you could also put one on your front porch or by your front door.

A cute kitty statue smiling at visitors is the perfect way for a cat lover to invite people to their home. A lovely statue is the next best thing to a real cat on your porch (and safer, too, since real kitties are safer indoors).

From playful kittens to regal adult cats, there are sculptures for every cat lover and every cat type.

Metal cat garden sculptures

Here are some metal cat garden sculptures you might like:

1. Black cat silhouettes for yard decor

URATOT 3 Pack Metal Cat Garden Statues Black Cat Silhouette Cat Decorative Garden Stakes Garden Outdoor Statues Animal Stakes for Yard Decor and Lawn Ornaments

These black metal kitties will make a big statement on your lawn or in your garden. 

2. Metal cat sculpture with spring bobblehead

Exhart Bright Cat Statue Outdoor - Metal Cat Sculpture w/Spring Bobblehead – Weather Resistant Cat Bobblehead Garden Statue – Hand-Painted Cat Decor for Home & Garden Decor – 7” L x 4” W x 8.5” H

This cute and colorful cat is actually a bobblehead that moves with the wind. So cute!

3. Coy cat statue sculpture indoor/outdoor art decor

Achla Designs CAT-05 Coy Cat Statue Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Art Decor, Dark Bronze

This lovely statue is the epitome of a cat, licking its little paw in a classic kitty pose. 

4. Metal sculpture spring iron art cat

Too-arts Metal Sculpture Iron Art Cat Spring Handicraft Crafting Home Decoration Furnishing Craft

This quirky and artistic cat is super cool and funky and sure to capture the eye of anyone who gazes at your garden. 

5. Durable & weather resistant metal cat lawn art decor

Exhart Blue Metal Cat Statue - Cute Cat Sculpture w/Spring Bobblehead – Durable & Weather Resistant Metal Cat Lawn Art Decor Home & Garden – 11” L x 5.5” W x 13” H

Here’s a bright blue metal cat bobblehead that would look great with your flowers or on your lawn. 

Resin and stone cat garden sculptures

There’s a cat figurine for everyone. Here are some made of resin and stone for your consideration:

6. Resting cat stone whimsical garden accent

Fun Express Resting Cat Stone Whimsical Garden Accent - Lightweight Resin

This resting cat has a big smile on his happy face. 

7. Lucky cat indoor/outdoor garden stone sculpture

Volcanic Ash Lucky Cat Indoor Outdoor Garden Stone Sculpture 9L x 7-1/2W x 9-1/2H

This kitty has a big, full belly. She’s surely happy with herself. 

8. Cat with wings garden statue

Roman Garden - Cat with Wings Garden Statue, 6H, Garden Collection, Resin and Stone, Decorative, Memorial Gift, Garden Gift, Home Outdoor Decor, Durable, Long Lasting

Look at this sweet little angel cat statue with angel wings. This is a beautiful memorial to a lost kitty friend. 

9. Sleeping cat within angel wings

Napco Sleeping Cat Within Angel Wings 8.5 x 5.5 Resin Stone Pet Memorial Figurine, Concrete Grey

Here’s another kitty memorial stone, sleeping in the sweet angel wings. 

10. Cat in rain boots statue

Roman Garden - Cat in Rain Boots Statue, 7.75H, Pudgy Pals Collection, Resin and Stone, Decorative, Garden Gift, Home Outdoor Decor, Durable, Long Lasting

This adorable little baby is in the cutest little rainboots. Isn’t she sweet?

Bronze cat garden sculptures

A bronze cat statue can make a bold statement in a garden or lawn. Here are some bronze kitty statues:

11. Bronze sleeping cat statue

Roman Garden - Bronze Sleeping Cat Statue, 3.5H, Garden Collection, Resin and Stone, Decorative, Garden Gift, Home Outdoor Decor, Durable, Long Lasting

This sleepy kitty is just the sweetest little thing. Can’t you picture him curled up in your flowers or on your front porch?

12. Literary cat garden sculpture

SPI Home 33650 Literary Cat Garden Sculpture

This literary cool cat is just enjoying a great book out in the garden. 

Solar garden sculptures

And let’s not forget the solar-powered cat statues:

13. Solar lawn cat ornaments for outdoor decor

DREAM GARDEN Garden Statues - Solar Lights Garden Decorations Solar Sculptures Lawn Cat Ornaments for Outdoor Yard Patio Decor

This solar kitty lawn ornament is so adorable. 

14. Cat with solar butterfly light for cat lovers with a garden

Garden Outdoor Decor-Cat Resin with Solar Butterfly Light Garden Statues Outsides Decorations for Cat Lovers Gardeners Family with Pets,Ornament Gift for Patio Yard Lawn Porch.(Warm White)

This little kitty baby is just precious with a glowing butterfly on her nose. 

15. Solar cat statue with a light-up jar

Exhart Solar Cat Statue w/Light-Up Jar – Weather-Resistant Resin Cat Décor Outdoor Statues – Perfect Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers - Cat Garden Sculptures & Statues 6” L x 5.8” W x 10” H

This helpful kitten is holding the light for you to see your path. 

16. Solar LED light-up cat garden statue

Rgaln Itten Sculpture - Solar LED Light-up Cat Garden Statue Lawn Ornament Yard Decor ​Best Art Décor for Indoor Outdoor Home Or Office,Kitten

Here’s another sweet kitty with a butterfly on its nose. 

17. Cute cat garden lit welcome sign

Rgaln Solar cat Statue lamp, Cute cat Garden Luminous Welcome Sign, Resin Craft cat Sculpture lamp, Outdoor Garden Art Decoration for Courtyard Garden Lawn Porch Decoration

These baby kittens are the sweetest way to welcome people to your home. 

18. Solar cat garden statue that plays with a LED crackle ball

Exhart Orange Cat Garden Statue, Solar Cat Garden Statue Plays w/ LED Crackle Ball, Weather Resistant Hand Painted Resin Cat Garden Décor – Outdoor Cat Statue with Crackle Ball, 10.5"L x 5.5"W x 7.5"H

This orange cat is having a fun time with this glowy ball in your garden. 

Funny cat statues

When you want to be playful with your garden decor, consider these funny cat sculptures:

19. Gnomes and a cat sculpture

By Mark & Margot Garden Gnome Statue Cat Gnomes Losing Pants Mooning Gnome Scuplture - Beautiful and Funny for Indoors or Outdoor Home Decor Patio Yard Deck Porch or Walkways (Black)

This cat is having a cheeky time with these garden gnomes. 

20. Funny cat garden gnome

Kwirkworks Funny Garden Gnome - Cat Lawn Statue Figurine

And this little cat decided to be the garden gnome. 

21. Hairless cat garden gnome massacre

Mischievous Wicked Sphynx Hairless Cat Garden Gnome Massacre - Great Gardening Statue Figurine Decoration - Funny Unique Gnomes Lawn Ornament Figure Sculpture for Indoor Outdoor Home Decor (Pink) 10"

Here’s a handsome sphinx enjoying a yummy garden gnome meal. We wonder if he mistook them for mice.

22. Mischievous cat garden playing with gnomes

by Mark & Margot - Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine - Best Art Décor for Indoor Outdoor Home Or Office (One Size, Mischievous Cat)

And yet another kitty taking a bite out of a gnome. Or maybe he’s just carrying them back home?

23. Cat garden statue and gnomes

Solar Eyes CAT GNOME Statue - Cat Garden Gnome, Solar Cat Garden Sculpture, Funny Cat Decor, Cat Garden Statue, Cat Statues Home Decor, Cat Lawn Gnome

This glowy cat seems a lot friendlier to the gnomes. What a sweetie!

If you order one of these suggestions on Amazon with Amazon Prime, you can also get free shipping right to your door, making it easier than ever before to

Other Animal Garden Statues

An animal statute can really brighten your day every time you look at it and you’re not limited to just cat statues. There are also a variety of garden sculptures of other animals that you might consider. 

In addition to other animal garden statues, you can also find wind chimes, garden stakes, garden flags, and other accessories with cat themes. You can choose the cat garden ornament of your choice, or even get a few different designs and decorations to really show that you’re a “crazy cat gardener”.

Crazy cat gardening

Just like the ongoing joke about “crazy cat ladies”, most cat people are happy to be known as such. They’ll wear their cat gear loud and proud, post pictures of their furry friends online for all to see, and they might even decorate their home in cat-themed items. So, why should the outdoors be any different?

If the crazy cat gardener in you needs a fun animal statue, you can find plenty of great suggestions on this list. A whiskered cat garden statue can also be a great way to show your favorite cat-loving gardener how much you appreciate them and their love for cats!

24. Cat planter pots for your window garden

Window Garden Cat Planter Pot - 6 Mini Succulent Kitty Pots - Cute Flower Pots for Indoor Plants - Cat Decor Vase for Cactus, Herb - Small Animal Planters for Office Desk, Kitchen Windowsill

These cat-themed succulent pots are purrrfect for the kitty fan in your life who also loves plants. 

Cat Garden Sculptures – Conclusion

Make the most of your outdoor space with a few cat garden sculptures. Here are some more ideas:

  • concrete cat garden statues
  • cement cat garden statues
  • angel cat garden statues
  • fat cat garden statues
  • and more

Of all the types of garden art available, a whimsical cat may do just the trick. It’s a great addition to your lawn or garden, and it can also be a good idea for a cat memorial if you’ve lost a beloved pet.

And that’s something we think fellow cats and cat lovers can agree on! Which was your favorite garden cat from the list?

24 fun cat garden sculptures to add to your landscape
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