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27 Stunning Greek Garden Sculptures for Your Landscape

If you’re looking for some Greek garden sculptures for your own garden, I have created a tutorial and buying guide to help you know what you’re getting and how to care for it properly. Of all the types of garden statues available today, these remain some of the more popular. And they can make a great addition to your garden.

Greek garden statue

Classical sculpture refers to sculptures from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It will also refer to the Hellenized and Romanized civilizations under their influence from about 500 BC to 200 AD. There are many famous classical sculptures that we know and love, as well as many replicas that are made in the same style.

As a style, we see classical sculptures like Green and Roman statues replicated and used in lawns and gardens of people’s homes today. If you’re a fan of the classical eras, and this style of art, then you may want some statues like this of your own.

Greek Garden Sculptures

Many Greek garden sculptures are actually replicas of famous Greek statues. Some of these include:

  • Venus de Milo
  • Aphrodite
  • Hercules
  • Discobolus
  • Artemis
  • Apollo

The most famous Greek sculpture is the Parthenon frieze. The original was sculptured between c. 443 and 427 BC and was 160 meters. Other famous Greek statues include the Moschophoros, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and Ermis of Praxiteles. Some people are also familiar with statues of Alexander the Great, Peplos Kore, Drying Gaul, and Laocoon and His Sons.

These sculptures can make all the difference in a classical garden. In ancient times, they were made from materials that were available on hand. Today, many are mass-produced and reproduced and are available for affordable prices for people to appreciate.

Understanding figures of Greek mythology

When we look at this style of garden art, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of Greek mythology, as this is where many of the figures depicted in this art come from. Some of these famous figures include Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Poseidon.These are the gods and Greek goddesses that most people know of from Greek mythology.

Whether it’s a life-size statue of a Greek mythological figure or some Roman-style pillars at the entrance to your driveaway, there’s something to love and appreciate about this style of garden art. Historical replicas are also commonly made from these and other Greek or Roman figures.

What are Greek-style statues made from?

Ancient Greeks made their large sculptures from many materials, including limestone, marble, bronze, wood, terra cotta, iron, and chryselephantine (a combination of gold and ivory). Originally, they were not all white, as they seem today. In fact, they were often polychromatic with many bright color options.

Once they were unearthed, their colors had been stripped by the elements and age. This is why they appeared white or grey-toned. Greek-style art that is made today is often made with those colors because it is what we have come to know from the art style.

What about other materials used in outdoor lawn decor? We rarely see Greek outdoor décor done in stainless steel, although it is possible to find.

Greek and Roman Garden Sculptures

garden bust

Roman statues include:

  • The Orator, 1st Century B.C.E.
  • Head of a Roman Patrician, 1st century B.C.E.
  • Augustus from Prima Porta, 1st-century C.E.
  • Fonseca Bust, 2nd century C.E.
  • Trajan’s Column, 110 C.E.
  • Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, ca. 176 C.E.
  • The Four Tetrarchs, 300 C.E.

And many more. Romans were highly inspired by the ancient Greeks and this shows in their art. They would also often combine their beautiful art with a functional purpose. They also made sculptures to honor leaders, gods and goddesses, ancestors, philosophers, and military generals.

Another common style of Greek and Roman art is bust statues. These sculptures are just the head, or the head and shoulders of a figure, called a “bust” and they can be displayed indoors as well as outdoors. When shopping for a garden bust, be sure you are purchasing one that is meant for outdoor use so that it doesn’t get ruined by the elements.

Greek garden sculptures in the world

greek man statue

You don’t just see these types of statues in home gardens. They can be found in all kinds of places from a museum to a public park, for example.

American artists have also found ways to replicate the famous designs and style of Greek and Roman sculpture art. Whether you are looking for Greek vases or a classic statue, you can find an elegant garden piece that suits your needs and tastes the best.

Let’s take a look at how you can go shopping for Greek sculptures for your garden.

Shopping for Greek Garden Sculptures

As you can see, Greek statues are a very popular choice for garden décor. They are truly works of art fit for the Greek gods themselves.

Greek goddess statues

You might consider these Greek goddess statues for your garden.

1. Birth of Venus Greek goddess statue

Design Toscano WU74518 Birth of Venus Greek Goddess Statue, White

This classical statue of Venus has two baby cherubs at her feet.

2. Venus Greek goddess statue made of resin

Design Toscano Birth of Venus Greek Goddess Statue, 23 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

Here’s another of Venus by herself, also in white shade, made from stone with an antique look.

3. Venus of Arles Greek statue

Design Toscano KY547006 Venus of Arles Greek Goddess Statue, Grand, 38 Inch, Antique Stone

This one has a very classic Greek look to it and would be beautiful in any garden.

4. Aphrodite rising from the sea

Veronese Design 11.5 Inch Aphrodite Rising from The Sea Greek Roman Goddess Antique Bronze Finish Statue

This bronze Aphrodite statue is stunning. It really captures her beauty down to every fine detail.

5. Aphrodite Greek statue

Aphrodite Statue Greek Statue Goddess Statue Greek Mythology Decor Statues for Home Decor Sculpture Figurine Louvre Statue Decorations Roman Statue for Living Room Office Decor Ornaments

This Roman-style statue work is an instant classic.

6. Dione the divine water goddess Greek garden statue

Design Toscano KY799519 Dione The Divine Water Goddess Greek Garden Statue, 39 Inch, Grande, Antique Stone

Here we have another in antique stone design, this one of Dione the Divine Water Goddess. She can bring water to your garden for you.

Greek god statues

And here are some statues of the Greek gods.

7. Poseidon Greek God of the sea garden statue

Design Toscano Poseidon Greek God of the Sea Garden Statue, 59 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

Here’s the infamous Poseidon with his trident. The God of the Sea can bring water to your garden, too.

8. Farnese Hercules garden statue

Design Toscano NG32438 Farnese Hercules Roman God Garden Statue, 30 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

This Hercules statue is a replica of a very famous sculpture.

9. Pan playing flute on rock statue

JFSM INC Pan Playing Flute on Rock Statue - Greek God of The Wild and Nature

Here we have Pan, the Greek god of nature playing the flute while sitting on a rock.

10. Apollo – music and poetry statue

Apollo - Greek God of Light, Music and Poetry Statue White Finish

This full-body statue is of Apollo.

Greek heads and busts

And here are some Greek-style heads and busts that could look nice in your garden.

11. Greek statue planter

Creation Core Indoor Outdoor Heads Planter Resin Succulent Planter Vase Greek Statue Planter Urn Home Garden Decor Sculpture 6.7" H, Face

Just think of the beautiful plants and flowers you could use in this one.

12. Greek statue head cement planter

Greek Statue Head Cement Planter (9")

This Greek head cement planter is ready for your flowers or plants. It will look good in the garden on also on a porch.

13. Classic Greek Venus de Milo bust statue

11.8" Classic Greek Venus de Milo Bust Statue, Resin Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty Sculpture Figurine for Home Décor, Large Antique

This is a classic-style bust of Venus de Milo. She’s so beautiful.

14. Greek statue of David vase

MIRCTRI 6.5” Greek Statue of David Vase, Indoor and Outdoor Resin Flower Pot, Sculpture Brush Holder Bust, Art Decoration Sculpture, Suitable for Home and Garden, Cosmetic Pen Holder Home Decoration

Here is another bust vase for you to put flowers or plants into. It also shows this one being used to hold other things, such as a set of brushes.

15. Creative Goddess head planter statue

Sungmor Creative Goddess Head Planter Statue for Garden Ornaments | 9×9×14 Inch Premium Resin | Cool Face Large Diameter Flower Pot for Patio Lawn Garden Yard Decor

I love the dramatic and unique look on this one. I could love a pair of these for my porch or entry to my garden.

16. Greek/Roman-style female cement planter

Greek/Roman Style Female Statue Head Cement Planter (Style 1)

Here’s a Greek and Roman-style head sculpture planter for your flowers or other plants.

Greek plant stands

And these plant stands could be just what you are looking for.

17. Chatsworth Manor neoclassical pedestal column plant stand

Design Toscano KY992 Chatsworth Manor Neoclassical Furniture Pedestal Column Plant Stand, antique stone

This stunning sculpture would look amazing with a potted plant on the top. You could get a pair and use them in an entryway.

18. Trapezophoron winged lion pedestal column plant stand

Design Toscano Trapezophoron Winged Lion Pedestal Column Plant Stand, Ancient Ivory

This lovely lion pillar could be one of a pair that greets people into your driveway or the entry to your garden.

19. Rose garland pedestal plant stand

Design Toscano EU2866 Rose Garland Pedestal Plant Stand, 34 Inch, Antique Stone

One thing I like about this plant stand is the roses that climb up it in the design. So beautiful!

20. Roman pillar Greek column

Baoblaze Creative Roman Pillar Greek Column Statue Resin Pedestal Stand Figurine Sculpture Table Outdoor Home Kitchen Decor Lightweight - S Square

This Roman-inspired pedestal is actually lightweight and very versatile around the garden.

Greek and Roman pillars

21. Greek column

Disumos Roman Pillar Greek Column Resin Figurine Base Wedding Table Decorations 3.9x3.9x7.5in (White)

I love this pillar best when used as a pair but you can be as creative with it as you want.

22. Greek column statue

YARNOW 2pcs Greek Column Statue Roman Pillar Resin Figurine Architecture Statue Alabaster Sculpture Mold Garden Ornament Yard Art

These stunning columns come as a pair and make a great addition to your landscape’s architecture.

23. Cherub angels on Roman pillar  – garden statue

OwMell Set of 2 Cherub Angels on Roman Pillar Garden Statue Greek Column Angel Figurine Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Home Garden Decoration Antique Resin 9.8"

These cute little cherub angels are sitting atop their short pillars. These would be great in a classical garden.

24. Roman Corinthian pillar

SDBRKYH Roman Column Plinth, Corinthian Pillar Roman Column Architectural Sculpture Decoration Home Desktop Vintage Resin Handicraft

This one has a bold and classic style with a lot of artistic work toward the top.

Garden plinths and risers

25. English rosette sculptural garden plinth base riser

Design Toscano CL5194 English Rosette Sculptural Garden Plinth Base Riser, Large 13 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

You can do a lot with this simple plinth. Use it as a rise for garden plants or on your porch for potted plants to display.

26. Classic statuary garden plinth

Design Toscano Classic Statuary Garden Plinth Base Riser, Large 15 Inch, Polyresin, Antique Stone

I do love the carvings and artwork on this one, and it can be used in the same way, in a garden or on a porch or patio.

27. Distressed terracotta column pedestal

Creative Co-op Distressed Terracotta Column Pedestal, 7 in. H x 6.25 in. W x 6.25 in. D, Cream

This terracotta pedestal has a distressed look that makes it look old and valuable. It works well with a Greek-themed set up in your garden or with other Greek sculptures.

As you can see, there is a sculpture for every need. If you’re building a classical garden, there are many choices on this list that will go perfectly with that design. Is there a Greek sculpture from this list that you’d really like to see in your own garden?

Stunning Greek garden sculptures
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