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17 Beautiful Angel Garden Sculptures

Angel statues are some of the most popular lawn decorations available today. If you’re looking for some beautiful angel garden sculptures, then you’ve come to the right place. There are so many beautiful angel statues, you might not know where to begin. That’s why I’ve done this research and combined the best information about angel statues for you.

angel garden statue surrounded by red and yellow flowers

Are you ready to learn about the best angel sculpture for your garden?

What Are Garden Angels?

Just as the name says, garden angels are statues or sculptures of angels that are used as decorations in the garden. There are different types of angel figurines such as:

  • Cherub angel/cherub statues
  • Guardian angels
  • Winged angels
  • Ascending angels
  • Heaven’s angel
  • Standing angel garden statue
  • Praying angel garden statue
  • Child angels
  • Praying child angels
  • Praying cherubs or baby angels
  • Bronze angel statues
  • Angel with harp statue
  • Angel sculptures with water fountain
  • Cathedral angel sculptures
  • Angelic bird bath
  • Angel wind chime statue
  • Angel on a cross/ with a cross
  • Angel garden planters
  • African American angel

And many more. There are large angel statues like you see in a cemetery, as well as smaller ones that you might see beside or made into a gravestone or memorial. During times of grief or loss, many people seek comfort and peace in the image of angels like these found on statues.

Angels are depicted as protectors in churches, in private homes, and at religious ceremonies. They are often incorporated into memorials, and they help many people find comfort knowing their loved ones are protected or guided by these symbolic figures.

When it comes to lawn and garden art, angel statues go way back. And the depictions of angels have been bringing comfort to people for many generations. For some, angels bring them comfort and answers in a world that is full of unknowns.

What is your favorite type of garden angel? Are there any from our list that really sticks out to you?

Buying Angel Garden Sculptures

Of all the types of garden statues, a garden angel statue is one of the most popular. People love to have a guardian angel look over them from their garden every day. If you’d like to have some angel garden sculptures of your own, here are some examples of what you can choose from.

Angel statue sympathy gift memorial

Angel Statue Sympathy Gift Memorial, Funeral Flowers Alternative, Comfort Grieving, Loved One Loss, Express Condolences, Someone Passes Away, Bereavement Remembrance, Remember Present-Family-Friend

This beautiful angel statue is perfect for memorial gardens or just as a remembrance in your own garden.

1. Diva angel polyresin figurine

African American Expressions - Diva Angel Polyresin Figurine (4.1" x 3.5" x 8.6") FAN-01, Purple

This beautiful African American angel has the most stunning purple and blue colors on her design.

2. Angel outdoor statue

Kensington Hill English Tudor Angel Outdoor Statue 41 1/2" High Sculpture for Yard Garden Patio Deck Home Entryway Hallway

Here is a classical-style English Tudor outdoor angel that will look great in your garden or other outdoor space.

Angel cherub statues

If you love cherubs and baby angels, here are a few designs to consider.

3. In God’s grace guardian angel statue for garden

Angel Figurines - In God's Grace Guardian Angel Statue - Garden Angel Figure

This sweet little angel is looking up toward the heavens with her hands raised.

4. Cherub angels on Roman pillar garden statue

OwMell Set of 2 Cherub Angels on Roman Pillar Garden Statue Greek Column Angel Figurine Sculpture Indoor Outdoor Home Garden Decoration Antique Resin 9.8"

These precious cherubs are sitting on Roman pillars so they also make a great entrance to a path, a garden opening, or another opening, like your property gates.

5. Cherub resin garden statue

Cherubs Angels Resin Garden Statue Figurine , Adorable Angel Sculpture Memorial Statue, Indoor Outdoor Home Garden Decoration (Reading Cherub)

This sweet little cherub is reading a book and looking thoughtful. It would be so cute next to a garden bench, a gazebo, or an outdoor reading nook.

Angel garden birdbath

If you love the idea of an angel birdbath for your garden, you’re in luck. There are many options but here are some that I really liked.

6. Solar angel with birdbath statue

Joseph's Studio by Roman - Solar Angel with Birdbath Statue, 23" H, Garden Collection, Resin and Stone, Decorative, Religious Gift, Home Outdoor and Indoor Decor, Durable, Long Lasting

One thing that I love about this one is the different colors used in it, and also how the angel is looking down into the water.

7. Outdoor garden decor  – solar fairy angel

Outdoor Garden Decor Solar Fairy Angel/Cherub Statue Sculpture Light LED, yard decoration, solar angel lights outdoor, solar angel birdbath light 12" (Fairy/Aber LED)

This fairy angel statue is holding a bird and sitting atop mushrooms. It lights up at night with LEDs.

8. Cast stone angel birdbath sculpture

Cast Stone Angel Birdbath Sculpture Home & Garden Decor Water Feature

This angel is taking a comfy nap on the side of the birdbath.

9. Tall angel statue sitting by a solar birdbath

Joseph Studio 62852 Tall Angel Sitting By Solar Bird Bath Statue, 11-Inch

This beautiful piece of art is just stunning!

10. Solar fairy cherub statue

Directsale Outdoor Garden Decor Solar Fairy Angel/Cherub Statue Sculpture Light LED, yard decoration, solar angel lights outdoor, solar angel birdbath (Angel Cherub)

Here’s a solar angel birdbath with LED lights. It’s a very unique design that could make a great focal point in your garden.

Praying angel garden sculptures

Here are some praying angels for you to consider.

11. Resin garden statue – standing praying angel

Ivy Home Resin Garden Statue Standing Praying Angel Garden Statuary for Outdoor Decor

This tall, classic angel is praying and has a beautiful quote on her robes.

12. Praying angel garden statue

Roman Joseph Studio Praying Angel Garden Statue 24 Inch

This praying angel has a classical feel to it and would love great in your garden.

13. Praying Basilica angel kneeling – outdoor garden statue

Design Toscano DB24728 Praying Basilica Angel Kneeling Outdoor Garden Statue, 26 Inch, Antique Stone

Here is a kneeling, praying angel with wings on their back.

Angel garden windchime sculptures

And if you love angels and windchimes, consider these options.

14. Light brown angel wind chime

Angel Garden Statues Sympathy Gift with Solar - Cementary Decoration,Memorial Statue for Home Garden Cementary Sympathy Gift (Light Brown Angel Wind Chime)

This one reads, “Every time the wind blows… I think of you.” It’s perfect for a memorial garden.

15. Angel playing the harp – garden windchimes statue

Design Toscano NG29970 Music from Heaven Angel Playing Harp Garden Windchimes Statue, Medium, Two Tone Stone

This lovely angel is playing the harp, which chimes with the wind.

16. Outdoor angel statue – windchime for patio garden

AK Energy Small 10" Angel Playing Harp Outdoor Statue Windchime Patio Garden 4 Tube Wind Chime

Here’s another outdoor angel with harp, but in a slightly different pose and design from the one above.

17. Angel wind chimes for garden

Angel Wind Chimes, Copper Wind Chimes, Garden Decor, Gifts for Women, Gifts for mom, Wind Chimes Outdoor, Memorial Wind Chimes, Wind Bell

When it comes to outdoor decor, these also make great gifts for garden lovers. If you’re not sure which angel statue your loved one would like the most, there are gift cards to stores, shops, and garden centers that sell these cement angels. There are so many beautiful designs that angel lovers can appreciate.

Now let’s look at some questions people ask about garden angel statues.

FAQs about angel garden statues

What are angel garden sculptures made from?

There are different materials that these garden sculptures are made from but most often we see angel statues made of stone. Typically, a durable fiber stone is used, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. They are made with a pre-patina, meaning they will not be easily destroyed in the elements nor from the hot sun shining on them, and with just the most minimal of basic care, your angels will remain looking good for a long time to come.

Statuary is a common element used for outdoor statues. This is a cast made from molds using cement, plaster, or resin. It is specifically made to withstand the elements and last for a long time.

Sometimes angel statues are also made from marble or bronze. These will typically cost more than stone or resin statues. Whichever type you choose, they will be a great addition to your outside decoration. You can use them standalone, next to a bird feeder or flower pot, or even next to other types of statues.

Is it good to keep angel statues at home?

Have you asked yourself if it’s good to keep angel statues at home? No one else can tell you the right answer to that question but I say if they make you feel good, then yes, it is a good thing to have them.

You can use angel statues to enhance your living space both indoors and out and to brighten the mood in your garden with an angel statue of your choice. Statues made of stone bring earthy elements to the garden and a peaceful cherub can bring a peaceful feel to the space.

Some people use them as a memorial marker in their gardens or in memory of a loved one or a lost pet. Still, others use them as a sign of their faith or a promise of Heaven. And some people just like them because they look pretty or cute.

Whatever your reasons, they are yours alone. If you love it, then it’s the right garden statuary for you.

Angel statues vs. garden fairy

What if you are trying to decide between a garden fairy and an angel statue? A fairy statue is another very popular choice of garden sculpture. Some people like both – angels and fairies. For others, fairies don’t seem to go with their religious beliefs. And for some people, it’s just a personal preference. There are even a few whimsical sculpture designs that include both angels and fairies in the same piece.

Again, the answer to this is simple: it’s a personal preference. There’s nothing to say you cannot have some of both in your garden. If you lean more strongly toward one over the other, then go with that one. This is your garden, and it should be a space you feel proud of and also that you feel happy to spend time in. Decorate it however it suits you the best.

Angel Garden Sculptures  – Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different types of angel statues to choose from. They range from big to small, dark to light, and everything in between. You can find them in a variety of different materials and styles as well.

New homeowners may want to bring a garden cherub to their new beautiful garden or may choose a beautiful angel statue to greet people to their home or even to their driveway. It’s a great addition to any lawn or garden and can also be a great focal point in the garden. When you want to draw attention to a specific area, a garden statue and/or a water feature are some very popular ways to do it.

When you’re looking for a way to bring new elements into your space, garden angels are a very top choice. Do you think you’d choose one from this list for your own garden?

17 beautiful angel garden sculptures
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