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5 Adorable Garden Angels To Bring Peace And Harmony To Your Garden

Adding architectural interest to our outdoor spaces with the use of ornaments is something that garden designers have done for centuries, dating all the way back to Ancient Greece. As time has moved on, incorporating ornamental features into our gardens is something that has stuck with us, and one of the most popular figures used to add this interest is garden angels.

garden angel with harp


The classic iconography of angels adds a timeless look to the design of your garden and helps create a stylish space, working particularly well with muted colors and evergreen landscape shrubs.

Angel statues and ornaments are often used as a way to commemorate loved ones that have passed. They also make a subtle and comforting addition to an area of the garden that you’ve allocated for reflection and remembrance.

If you’d like to add an angel to your garden, you’ll find that there are almost too many to choose from. That can make finding the perfect one seem like a mammoth task.

To help make things a bit easier, we’ve listed five of the best garden angels available that will help bring peace, comfort, and style to your garden.

We’ve also put together a list of key points you should consider before making your purchase so that you can find the perfect garden angel the first time around.

LEOFI WalterDrake White Resin Angel Statue - Religious Garden Statue Remembrance Memorial Guardian Angel – 16 inch

Our rating:
Yellow star

Garden Angel – Comparison Table

White Resin Angel Statue
Morning Angel Statue Made of Resin
Solar Powered Angel Garden Statue
Praying Angel Garden Statue
Solar Powered Fairy Angel

Garden Angel – Reviews

Our Top Pick

LEOFI WalterDrake White Resin Angel Statue - Religious Garden Statue Remembrance Memorial Guardian Angel – 16 inch

Our rating:
Yellow star

Designed in the classical angelic pose associated with religion and iconography, this Angel Statue from Fox Valley Traders is a fabulous choice for adding a touch of elegance to any garden or area of remembrance.

Intricately detailed with a carved-wood effect finish, this angel is constructed from highly durable resin. That makes it weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged, rusting, or eroding away over time, regardless of the weather conditions. Weighing 6 ¾ lb, it won’t get easily blown over in high winds. 

The classic ivory color ensures that this beautiful angel statue will blend in seamlessly with any planting scheme. It will match both calming and vibrant colors without looking out of place or completely stealing focus, but instead working with the planting in perfect harmony.

Measuring 16 inches in height, this garden angel is perfectly sized for creating a subtle focal point without seeming overpowering. It will bring a touch of beauty and grace to any garden, courtyard, or patio area.

  • Modeled in a classic angel pose associated with religion and iconography
  • Built from highly durable resin that can withstand a variety of weather conditions without showing any signs of damage or distress
  • The intricate, wood-carving effect details and classic ivory color blends effortlessly with any planting scheme
  • Measures 16 inches tall, so is perfectly sized for a subtle garden focal point and won’t look out of place amongst beds and borders
  • The 6 ¾ lb weight will hold well against normal wind, but strong wind gusts may cause it to blow over

Garden Angel – Buyers Guide

Whether you’re buying a garden angel to add an interesting focal point to your flowers beds, or would like one to place in a quiet area of your garden where you can sit and reflect on loved ones that have passed away, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs.

Below, we’ve put together a quick list of things to think about before buying.


The first thing you’ll need to consider is how tall you need your angel to be. The height you choose will have a direct impact on the effect it creates. Anything too big could be overpowering and look entirely out of place amongst your garden. And anything too small will be totally lost in your existing flower beds and shrubs.

Head out into your garden with a tape measure and take a look at the ideal height for the area you want to place your angel. Depending on the season you’re measuring, not all of your plants may have reached their ultimate height yet. Make sure you take that into consideration.


Will your garden angel have a permanent position in your garden? Then it’s a good idea to choose one that is heavier. This will keep it rooted in place through strong winds. It will also prevent it from getting accidentally knocked over by overexcited children or pets that might be running around in your garden.

However, if you think you’d like to move the angel around or would prefer to bring it indoors over the winter months for extra protection, it would be best to go for a lighter weight statue. Of course, that means it will be less able to handle stronger winds and could get accidentally knocked over.

Weather Resistance

If you want your angel to hold up to rain, snow, and other weather conditions, you need to make sure it’s made from a material that tough and durable.

Garden angels that are made from resin are particularly good. They can handle heavy rain and stormy conditions without rusting or cracking.

Concrete is also another good material and is definitely weatherproof. However, any cracks it develops can become susceptible to ice getting in and expanding the crack further. This can lead to your angel statue breaking down over time.

If you like a more rustic angel, there are wooden angels for the garden (more than likely ones you make yourself). You’ll need to stain and weatherproof your wooden garden angel. 


If you’re looking to create a classical, stylish point of interest in your garden, a garden angel that is modeled in a position similar to how angels are depicted in classic iconography would be a good choice.

These classically designed ornaments are usually the most fitting for areas set aside for remembrance as well.

Or, as I mentioned above, you can make your own garden angel from wood, if it matches your garden better.

Garden Angel Pictures For Inspiration

Angel in the middle of a camellia bush

Reading angel in the middle of a camellia bush.

Angel in spring garden

Praying angel in the middle of my daffodil garden.

Cute garden angel

Adorable praying angel.

Angel garden statue

Thinking angel overseeing the garden.

White garden angel with pink flowers background

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