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25 Stunning Metal Garden Sculptures

When you’re looking for something nice to spruce up your lawn or garden, metal garden sculptures can do the trick. These sculptures are made from durable, weather-resistant metals like stainless steel, designed to last, and will make the perfect addition to your lawn or garden.

cute elephant metal garden sculpture

How To Use Metal Art In Your Garden

You can use metal garden sculptures as a focal point in a specific part of your garden, or to brighten up parts of your garden in the months that flowers are not in bloom.

You can also define or decorate a garden wall or use it to separate certain sections of your garden.

Another idea for your metal art is to place it around a water feature to help draw attention to that area or to add more flavor and art to the water feature itself. There are many different styles and sizes of water fountains and other water elements that can be added to a garden. You can work some whimsical metal art into the landscape around these water features for a seamless theme or design.

Now that you know how to use your metal art, let’s take a look at how to go shopping for it.

Shopping for metal garden sculptures

There are many different garden sculptures out there that are made from metal. They range from the cute and common, to very unique sculptures or even one-of-a-kind pieces made by specialty artists. With so many different styles and types on the market, it may seem overwhelming when you begin shopping.

How do you know what to choose? What are the best sculptures to go with your desired landscape design? And how do you know what to buy and where to buy it? Here are some examples of types of metal art you might like for your own garden.

Large metal garden sculptures

If you want a big, bold statement in your garden, here are some large statues and sculptures to consider:

1. Garden crane statues

Oritty 35-40 Inch Standing Garden Crane Statues for Outdoor Set of 2 Metal Birds Garden Sculptures Yard Art for Home Backyard Patio Lawn Decoration

These very large birds will make a huge statement in your garden or lawn. They come as a set and will enjoy preening themselves for years to come. 

2. Metal yard art – heron

Chisheen Large Garden Crane Statues for Outdoor, Metal Yard Art Heron Statues Sculptures with Curved Neck for Home, Lawn, Patio, Porch, Pond Decorations

Here’s another large bird sculpture for your lawn; this one of a heron with its wings stretched up high behind it. 

3. Bald eagle statue for lawn decoration

Bald Eagle Statue Outdoor Garden Sculpture Metal Yard Art Lawn Decoration

A bald eagle is the symbol for America and freedom and will make a great addition to a patriotic lawn or garden. Isn’t it a majestic bird?

4. Metal pelican statue for garden decor

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS 16.5 inch Metal Pelican Statue for Garden Decor, Blue and White Decorative Bird Sculpture Ornaments for Patio Lawn Porch Backyard Indoor Outdoor Decorations

This proud pelican is ready to greet you or your guests to your garden. 

5. Peacock statue garden decor

TERESA'S COLLECTIONS 35 inch Peacock Statue Garden Decor, Solar Peacock Metal Yard Art for Outdoor Decor, Bird Lawn Ornament for Backyard Porch Patio Decorations

Here’s a stunning peacock ready to look over your garden flowers or your front or back lawn for you. 

Small metal garden sculptures

And if you prefer keeping it small, here are some others to put on your list:

6. Wacky metal rooster yard statue

Alpine Corporation 18" Tall Indoor/Outdoor Wacky Metal Rooster Yard Statue Decoration

Here’s a quirky little rooster with a moving head that is so fun and adorable for your garden decor. 

7. Handmade garden wall birds

Set of 5 Birds for Decorating, Handmade Garden Wall Collection, Bird Lovers Figurines, Small Hanging Metal Accent Statues, Indoor Outdoor, Handmade in Haiti 6 Inch

These birds can be hung on a fence or other garden wall. 

8. Metal garden frog sculpture

Achla Designs FRG-01 Metal Garden Statue Sculpture Frog

This serious-looking frog is wanting a new garden to call home. 

9. Vintage metal bunny holding tealight candle lantern

NIKKY HOME Easter Bunny Decorations - Vintage Metal Tealight Candle Lantern Holder Rabbit Resin Sculpture Bunny Figurine

Here’s a lovely little rabbit in a coat with a lantern. He reminds me of Peter Rabbit. 

10. Metal and glass bird outdoor decor

John's Studio Garden Statue Metal Bird Outdoor Decor Glass Yard Art Garden Décor,Outdoor Decorations for Patio Yard Lawn Porch, Ornament Gift, Housewarming Garden Gift

This fun set of three colorful birds will make your garden pop even when your flowers are not in bloom. 

Modern metal garden sculptures

These modern metal sculptures are packed with a cool modern appeal:

11. Black modern cube –  metal decorative sculpture

Foreside Home and Garden Black Modern Cube Metal Decorative Sculpture, 39

This cube is simple but elegant and perfect for a modern theme in your garden. 

12. Abstract garden decor

Statements2000 Modern Metal Centerpiece, Abstract Garden Decor, Contemporary Table Top Accent Sculpture - Blue Sea Breeze Accent by Jon Allen - 18"

I love the stunning blue on this abstract metal art piece. It also comes in other colors. 

13. Kissing horse sculpture

8 Inch Kiss Horse Sculpture, Modern Statue Rustic Metal Art Men Gift Outdoor Yard Lawn Decoration Gift for Horse Rider, Metal Horse Sculpture Decor, Cowboy Horse Statue

Here’s a girl showing love to her horse. Perfect for horse farms or any horse lover. 

Metal garden stakes

Still another design of metal lawn art is the metal garden stake. As the name would suggest, these designs are built on a stake that you can stick into the ground to display. Here are some of my favorite metal stakes:

14. Flower garden stakes decor

Juegoal 4 Pack Flower Garden Stakes Decor, Outdoor Metal Colorful Sunflowers Daisy Shaking Head Yard Art, Rust Proof Metal Flower Stick, Indoor Outdoor Pathway Patio Lawn Decorations

These bright and beautiful flower stakes will brighten your day and your mood. 

15. Butterfly garden stakes decor

Juegoal 34 Inch Butterfly Garden Stakes Decor, Dragonfly Hummingbird Stakes, Glow in Dark Metal Yard Art, Indoor Outdoor Lawn Pathway Patio Ornaments, Set of 3

This is a set of three with dragonfly, hummingbird, and butterfly. I love the colors and the delicate design. 

16. Spring metal yard stake decoration

Zcaukya Metal Yard Stake Spring Decoration, 37.4 Inch Hummingbird Metal Garden Art Decoration Indoor Outdoor for Lawn, Garden, Yard, Patio, Wall, Living Room

This stake would look stunning in front of your flower garden or in the middle of different flowers that don’t cover it up. It has hummingbirds coming to drink from the flowers. 

17. Metal frog garden stake decor

Liffy Metal Frog Garden Stake Decor Metal Frog Sculptures Outdoor 3D Frog Figurine Decorative Stakes for Lawn Patio Yard Garden,Set of 2

These frogs look like farmers in their cute little overalls, looking to catch some flies with that net, maybe. 

18. Animal silhouette garden stakes:  puppy, bunny and cat

Hotop 3 Pieces Animal Silhouette Garden Stake Black Puppy Dog Bunny and Cat Silhouette Stake Metal Animal Shape Decoration for Yard Lawn Garden Outdoor Decoration

Silhouette garden states are an old classic and I love this three-piece set with bunny, dog, and a cat with a butterfly. 

Next, let’s answer some questions that many people have about this style of garden art.

Recycled metal garden sculptures

Here are some garden sculptures made from recycled metal:

19. Flying monkey – American made recycled metal garden sculpture

Flying Monkey - American Made Recycled Metal Garden Sculpture (Indoor/Outdoor)

This funny, funky flying monkey makes a great addition to any garden and your guests will appreciate it as much as you. 

20. Recycled metal frog drinking coffee sculpture

Plow & Hearth 52339 Recycled Metal Coffee Frog Sculpture Yard and Garden Art, 11.5" x 9" x 15"

This colorful frog is having his tea and he would love for you to join him in the garden for a morning cup of coffee or tea. 

21. Goat recycled metal art

Goat-Recycled Metal Art-Sculpture-Garden

This goat is just waiting for you to give him a good home in your garden. Isn’t he cute? 

22. Rustic cylinder pig garden art

Rustic Arrow Cylinder Pig Garden Art, Multicolor

Here’s a really cool colorful pig done in a rustic design. 

23. Garden woodpecker

Yardbirds Industrial Garden Woodpecker - American Made Recycled Metal Outdoor Wall Sculpture, 11.5"

A metal woodpecker will feel right at home in your flower garden or by the birdfeeders. 

24. Flying pig on a stake

Flying Pig on a Stake-Recycled Metal Art-Sculpture-Garden-

Here’s a fun and funky flying pig on a stake. Look at those bright red wings!

25. Recycled small vintage metal mountain goat

Galapagoz Recycled Small Metal Mountain Goat Vintage Home Garden Farm Yard Decor Art Animal USA White

Here’s another metal goat but this guy is a bit more goofy looking. His little face and big eyes are sure to make you smile. 

Understanding Metal Garden Art

When choosing the garden decor, what are some reasons for the popularity of metal garden art? One reason metal garden sculptures are so popular is that they go back far. Nearly as far back as we can track the history of man, people have been creating things out of metals. Ancient man is believed to have used native metals at around 5000 years BC.

Over time, and leading up to the Bronze Age, new, more efficient ways of using the metals were discovered, and with this, different applications of the metals. While it was originally used for practical reasons like tools or hunting, man also learned that it could be used for art and making beautiful things. We still keep this practice today and lawn art is just one great example of that.

Metal garden sculptures FAQ

Here are some questions commonly asked about metal garden statues and sculptures:

Which metal is best for making a garden sculpture?

What is the best metal for garden sculptures? The first thing to consider is how they will be outside in the elements for years, so you need a metal that can properly endure that.

Steel is a top choice because it’s very durable but lightweight, and it has nice metal characteristics. When people make metal sculptures for outdoor use, they go through a process where they patina (pre-rust) them, then they treat the statues with oil/linseed oil and turpentine in equal parts. This will give it a beautiful sheen.

Bronze is also very popular for outdoor yard sculpture. Bronze is actually an alloy of tin and copper, and this alloy is stronger and holds up to the elements better, especially over time. Bronze is also the best for making cast metal sculptures. It allows the maker to create many of the same designs, using a cast mold.

How do you make metal yard art?

If you want to make your own metal yard art, there are some important things to know. For one, if you’re new to metalworking, it’s probably not going to be easy. Some artists practice and work for many years perfecting the art of building metal yard sculptures.

You will also need the tools and ability to cut and shape the metals you are working with. Some people use recycled metals to create art instead, and this could be a place to start, where you don’t have to change the shape of the metals themselves.

How do you care for your metal lawn art?

It’s important to know how to properly care for your outdoor metal yard art. Exactly how you care for it depends on the specific metals used and if you purchase a piece of limited edition or specialty art, you should always default to the care instructions that came with it.

In general, however, you can clean your metal garden art by wiping any oils or dirt off of it and if it needs a deeper clean, make a bucket of soapy water with just a small amount of soap. Too much can leave a residue that will be difficult to clean and could damage the metals.

With a clean rag or sponge, dip into the soapy water just a bit and gently wipe your statute clean. You can rinse with the water hose to be sure you get all the soap residue off.

With all of this info, you’re now ready to begin shopping for some metal lawn art of your own. Keep in mind that they also make perfect gifts, such as a wedding gift for a new couple or a birthday gift for a garden lover in your life.

You can take your outdoor décor to the next level with one or more of these awesome metal art pieces. Which ones are your favorites?

25 stunning metal garden sculptures
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