Best Garden Planters To Brighten Your Yard And Home

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If you’re looking for great new garden planters to showcase your beautiful plants, you’re going to love these simple, affordable and beautiful planters. Don’t skimp out on showcasing your plants. You’ve worked hard in creating and growing them so they deserve to have a solid planter that is eye appealing and sturdy.

Colorful flower planters

Plant containers are a great way to hold the right amount of soil and water that your plant and/or flowers need to grow. Why not give them their own dedicated space that they can thrive instead of sticking them in the ground to deal with the elements?

Best Garden Planters For Nature Lovers

Here are some of the best garden planters that you need to have in and around your home.

This just might be the cutest planter ever. If you love elephant decor, you aren't going to want to miss out on this.

It's 100% possible to find a garden planter that is adorable and functional. Decide on the size of planter that you want, and then choose an elephant planter to fit your needs.

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Tall planters add elegance to the outside of your home and are a great way to draw in the eye while also providing a simple, thriving space for your plants to grow.

If you have an awkward space on your porch, a tall planter can be a great way for you to fill that space easily.

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Who says that planters have to be a certain size or color? These head planters prove that theory wrong time and time again.

If you get really artistic, you can even have them hanging or suspended as well. Choose a head planter that shows off the season well and have fun with them lying all around your home.

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Oval planters are great because they have a wide inner area to showcase a lot of plants at once. Plus, they come in a lot of different sizes as well so you can have a small, medium, or large planter if you want.

Based on how they're built and created, they're great for growing herbs on your front porch or other areas of your home.

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Do you love the idea of having plants, but know that you don't have the time or the memory to water them?

If that's the case, you may find comfort using these self-watering planters. They're made to water themselves which can give you peace of mind knowing that your plants are taking care of themselves and will continue to grow and thrive.

Succulents are great plants to have in self-watering planters.

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Window box planters are one of the more popular planters that you'll see hanging off the side of houses.

You can get them in a wide variety of shapes and colors and can be great accents to hang under a wide style of windows on your home.

Any type of flowers will grow well in these types of planters.

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Finding unique planters is like understanding that Christmas came early. And if you can find frog planters to decorate the outside of your home, it's certain to be a bright and fun addition to your neighborhood!

Look for ones that are bright in color and certain to catch the eye. You can even have them sitting all around your yard without plants in them if you want. They're that great of a focal point.

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Large outdoor planters are a great balance for someone to use and have when there isn't room or the commitment to have a full-size garden.

What this type of planter allows is for a large area of plants or herbs to be grown without the ground being dug up.

Large plants and vegetables can be grown in these planters easily.

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Using ceramic planters in your garden and outdoor space can be a blank canvas for creativity. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they're actually super simple to decorate and create into your vision as well.

Plus, they're great for a wide variety of plants, too. Ceramic plants can be used both indoors and outdoors as well.

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Did you know that you can actually use pumpkin planters as garden planters as well? It's a super simple way to have a fun storage container or holder for your fall flowers.

Just know that they won't last as long as other types of garden planters because they're going to rot after several weeks.

However, even in knowing that, they still make a really cool garden planter idea for the fall months.

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Calling all "Guardians of the Galaxy" fans! This baby groot flower pot is just too cute to pass up. Not only is he true to his size of being small, but he's the perfect size to also hold a small amount of plants.

Put him in the sunshine and watch him help your plants bloom!

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Don't limit yourself to just any old garden planter. If there aren't any of this list that you like, why not create your own instead?

You can use bright colors, fun materials or just think of something that is unique that you want to showcase.

When you're feeling creative and inspired, go with it and make something beautiful out of those thoughts.

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As you can see, there are so many great garden planters to consider. Figure out the size that you need, the look that you’re going for, and a color scheme if you’re wanting one, and have fun narrowing down the options!

Don’t delay on getting one as the timing right now is perfect to order your very own garden planter!

Do you have a garden planter on this list that you love?

Add a few garden planters around your home for an added pop of color. Don't limit yourself: see which of there would go with your home decor. Got an empty corner? Add a tall planter with a cascading plant. Love succulents? Try a small, colorful container. Take a look: you'll love this collection of containers. #gardenplanters #containergarden #indoorgarden #patiogarden #gardener #landscaping #iloveplants #lanscape

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