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Adorable Talavera Frog Planters You Must See (And Have!)

I’m always looking for nice new planters for my garden! Today I came across the cutest planters ever, and I’m not exaggerating! They are exploding with bright colors that would bring to life any home or garden. Carefully designed by Mexican artists, these Talavera frog planters are a must for every plant (and art) lover!

Talavera frog planter

Talavera planters come in many sizes and shapes. Here are just a few of them:

Fun Talavera Frog Planters

Here are just a few of the delightful frog containers you can add to your garden. Aren’t they adorable? I don’t think I can stop at one: I want one in every area of my garden.

Talavera Pottery Sexy Lady Frog PlanterTalavera Pottery Sexy Lady Frog PlanterTalavera Pottery Sexy Lady Frog PlanterLeaping frog Talavera planterLeaping frog Talavera planterLeaping frog Talavera planterLarge Mexican planterLarge Mexican planterLarge Mexican planterSmall Talavera froggy planterSmall Talavera froggy planterSmall Talavera froggy planterRainbow frog planterRainbow frog planterRainbow frog planterTalavera small frog planterTalavera small frog planterTalavera small frog planter

Talavera planters are handmade

These adorable planters are hand-made from a specific type of red clay found in Central Mexico. Each flower pot is made with care by Mexican artists and painted in bright colors that are full, of life.

Like most handmade products, these plant pots might have small imperfections and might differ slightly from each other. And for me, that’s even more exciting: to have my own, unique Talavera frog planter.

What can you do with Mexican frog planters?

These decorative pots can instantly make a big difference in your home or garden decor. Just add a frog planter by your front door, or on your back patio, and you’ve got an instant happy mood maker 😉

Of course, you can actually add some potting soil and plant something in it. I’d stick with simple grasses or herbs that don’t necessarily flower. Flowers might get lost in the already colorful container.

Some of these cute gardening containers are small enough to fit anywhere for an added splash of color. But they never disappoint, especially if you love frogs!

I can’t wait to plant mine when the weather turns nicer. I’m planning to add one by my front door, to greet me as I come and go.  I LOVE those vibrant colors!

colorful ceramic frog

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