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Self Watering Planters You Must See!

If you’re looking for some great self watering planters, you will be happy to know there are so many different ones to choose from. You can select from a wide variety of styles, colors, designs and types. This means there is truly a self-watering planter for every gardener.

A self-watering ceramic planter filled with bright red and yellow flowers

Let’s take a look at some information about these planters and some possible designs and styles you may like.

What are self watering planters?

These planters do not actually water themselves (like magic). That’s not exactly what self-watering means.  A self-watering planter is a watering system that uses containers with a reservoir of water at the bottom.

Learn more about how a self-watering planter works.

Why Should I Use Self Watering Planters?

In my opinion, EVERYONE can benefit from using self-watering planters. But busy people and beginner gardeners who might forget to water their plants will benefit the most.

Maybe you’ve heard of self-watering planters but not yet had the chance to try them out for yourself. And you might ask yourself: are they any good? The simple answer is yes: as long as they are used correctly, self watering planters are good.

They are very good for certain types of indoor plants. They provide consistent moisture with less frequent watering. Usually, you need to refill your self-watering pots about once a week. However, there are some that are made to go longer than that (up to two or three weeks) which you might consider if you were going on vacation and wanted to keep your plants hydrated while away.

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Self watering planter with trellis

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there aw a self watering planter with a trellis already attached? Of course it would! And I went searching for one and found several! These are amazing little inventions that give you more freedom than planting in the ground.

Regardless if you want to go on vacation or are just too forgetful to water your plants, you’ll love these! They are great for growing tomatoes on your porch!

Exaco 1.416W Calypso Planter with Trellis and Self Watering SystemCalypso Planter with Trellis and Self Watering SystemAmazon buy buttonHydrofarm 10 Gallon Self Watering Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels, Pair | GCTRHydrofarm 10 Gallon Self Watering Tomato Trellis Garden on WheelsAmazon buy buttonCedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter (21Self-Watering Elevated Spruce PlanterAmazon buy button

Using self-watering planters for indoor plants

You can use self watering planters for indoor plants and it will make it so much easier to grow your favorites without worry that they will die from lack of water. It’s also super useful if you travel a lot, or will be gone for long periods of time.

Here are some self-watering planters for indoor plants that you might consider:

If you’re looking for a unique statement piece, this might be the planter for you. It’s oval shaped, and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Has a self watering wick system with a clear view window so you can see when you need to refill.

Santino, Self Watering Planter, CALIPSO Oval Shape L 9.4 Inch x H 5.1 Inch Jade/White, Indoor Flower Pot for All House Plants, Flowers, OrchidsOval Shape Indoor Flower Pot With Self Watering SystemAmazon buy button

I love the shape, color, and design of this pot. The round, plastic self watering planter is great for many different types of plants and it has an elegant style that will really go great in any room.

Plastic Round Self Watering PlanterPlastic Round Self Watering PlanterAmazon buy button

Here we have a beautiful self-watering option with Coconut Coir Soil. This is great for house plants or indoor herb gardens and it looks really nice with any décor.

White window box with greeneryElongated Self Watering Window Box with Coconut Coir Soil Amazon buy button

If you love succulents, then you will definitely love these decorative self-watering planters. Succulents cannot be over-watered, so this is actually the perfect solution.

White Square Self Watering Planter SetFoolproof Indoor Self Watering Decorative Pot Amazon buy button

Best outdoor self watering planters

If you have a small backyard and need to garden in containers, you already know your plants will need more water. Busy people like us might find it hard to remember to water container veggies and flowers twice a day. If you work, it’s close to impossible. But not if you think ahead and plant in one of these self watering outdoor pots.

Here are some of my favorite designs:

This one is classy, simple, but still very useful. It would look great on a porch, backyard, or other garden space.

Best Choice Products 11x11in Self Watering Wicker Planter for Indoor, Outdoor w/Water Level Indicator, Wheels - BrownSelf Watering Wicker PlanterAmazon buy button

I can see these in rooftop herb or vegetable gardens and other urban settings, although you can really use them anywhere you choose.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering PlanterUrban Garden Self-Watering PlanterAmazon buy button

I love the authentic, rustic feel of this planter. It would look great in your backyard or on the deck. Comes in three color choices.

Algreen Products 87303 Athena Self-Watering Planter, Large, 17.5Large Self-Watering PlanterAmazon buy button

A classic box-style planter, this one is a full watering bed and has a lot to offer for gardens and plants of all types.

Keter 23.24 Gallon Sequoia Outdoor Resin Self Watering Garden Bed with Drainage, Medium, GreyOutdoor Resin Self Watering Garden Bed with DrainageAmazon buy button


Lechuza self watering planters

Made in Germany, Lechuza planters are a mixture of beauty, elegance and function. These pots come with Pon (kind of a fancy gravel) that is supposed to make the self-watering system work better and have a water level indicator to help you know when it’s time to refill the basin.

The color, shape and design of this cube Lechuza self watering planter is very unique.

Lechuza 13384 Cube Color 14 Self-Watering Garden Planter, SlateSelf-Watering Garden PlanterAmazon buy button

Here is another winner in a classic color and style. You can use this one indoors and out.

Lechuza Classico Color 43 Self-Watering Garden Planter for Indoor and Outdoor Use, White MatteLechuza Classico Color Self-Watering Garden PotAmazon buy button

When you want something that will really POP, check out this round, scarlet planter with a high-gloss finish. It’s stunning.

Lechuza Premium Classico 28cm High Gloss Scarlet Red Self Watering Traditional Round Planter PotHigh Gloss Scarlet Red Self Watering Traditional Round Planter PotAmazon buy button

Self watering hanging planters

Hanging containers are GORGEOUS! But they need lots of attention, and it’s harder to keep them watered. Who wants to get on a ladder (or chair) to water their hanging baskets daily? A pot that only needs attention once a week is a lot more attractive! Here are some hanging planters with self-watering abilities:

With a classic wicker design and a few colors to chose from, this one is definitely a winner. I especially like the red one, filled with some white daisies. Beautiful!

Self-Watering Rounded Hanging Planter Self-Watering Hanging Planter with Water Level Indicator GaugeAmazon buy button

Your hanging baskets get a modern feel and self-watering with this planter choice.

Multi Colored Self-Watering Flower Pot Container, Hanging Planter with Chain, Set of 3Multi Colored Self-Watering Hanging Planters with ChainAmazon buy button

Self watering vertical garden

Vertical gardens are getting more popular. With the tiny house (or smaller houses in general), many avid gardeners choose to create a living wall, gardening vertically both indoor and outdoors! Depending on how tight your vertical garden is,  it could be hard to water. But not if you plan in advance. Here are some self-watering systems for your vertical garden.

I love the look of this one for an herb garden, or any vertical garden or wall plants you want to show off.

Self Watering Vertical WallSELF Watering Indoor Outdoor Vertical Wall Hangers with PotsAmazon buy button

Simple, but does the job and looks nice.

Self-watering vertical wall gardenVertical Garden Planter Living Wall With Self-Watering SystemAmazon buy button


Homemade self-watering pots for the DIY lover

In a few short minutes you’ll learn how to make an auto-watering or self watering system for plants all on your own. You can grow your plants faster, or give them water when you are away. It’s very easy and you just need some simple supplies and an old plastic bottle. Of course, if you want a better looking planter, just drop your homemade container in a nice looking planter.


 Must have self watering accessories

Already bought your planters before knowing about self-watering ones? Don’t worry: I got your back! You can add these self-watering accessories and still enjoy the benefits explained above.

Here are some of my favorite self-watering accessories:

These mushroom terracotta watering globes are so cute! They would make a beautiful addition to your garden or indoor collection. I think it’d be perfect in a little fairy garden.

Self watering system spikes shaped like mushroomsMushroom Terracotta- Watering GlobesAmazon buy button

And here we have some beautiful watering globes that serve the same purpose but offer a different style.

Wyndham House House System 3-Piece Globe Set,Colorful Hand-Blown Glass Plant WaterColorful Hand-Blown Glass Plant WaterAmazon buy button

And finally, this one from Plant Nanny is simple but effective. You just drop these into your planters or pots and let them do their thing. It’s really that easy!

Modern Innovations Terracotta Plant Watering Stakes for Home and Vacation Plant Watering, Set of 4Terracotta Plant Watering StakesAmazon buy button

Now that you know all of this great information about self-watering planters, you can decide if they are right for you. While you may not want to use them for every plant you have, they are very beneficial, especially for certain types of plants.

Let me know if you decide to get your own own self-watering planters or accessories: I’d love to see your plants in these amazing containers.

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