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Unique Outdoor Head Planters That Add Personality To Your Garden

Outdoor head planters may not have been on your mind when shopping for your garden but once you see them, you will realize why they are so popular and so much fun, too. If you’ve ever seen one, you probably already know that they can really make an impression. They stick with you and create a memorable experience.

Girl head planter

Head planters, exactly as the name would imply, are containers meant to hold your plants or flowers, but that are made in the shape of a head of some type. They could be heads of famous people, or they could be generic heads or faces.

They can be small, medium or large, and come in a variety of shapes and styles. There are even head planters for hanging plants, and I’ll show you some examples of them later.

Let’s take some time and look at these types of planters and some reasons why you might like them for yourself.

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Choosing Fun Outdoor Head Planters

Colorful head planters

First, what are outdoor head planters? We’re referring to planters for outdoor plants of all styles and sizes that are shaped like heads. They could be random heads, lady heads, heads of famous people, or heads of fictional characters, to name a few.

These fun outdoor head planters can be used on your front or back porch, at a doorway or other entry to your home or garden, or in the backyard or garden space.

You want to use a different type of planter for outdoor plant than indoor plants because the weather and elements can damage it. For example, certain materials do not hold up well to rain or extreme sunlight. They can fade, crack, or even fall apart.

When you’re using your head planters outdoors, it’s important to get some that are made for that purpose. But don’t worry, you still have many to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of head planters so you can get a feel for the designs that are available.

Awesome lady head planters

Let’s start with these awesome lady head planters. Have you ever thought about using a planter with a woman’s head on it? Or one in the shape of a head? If that sounds strange, look at the pictures below to see how cool it can actually be.

YIKUSH Female Head Design Succulents Plant Pot with Drainage Hole/Cactus Planter Indoor Outdoor Resin Planter, Cute Plants Flower Pot,No PlantFemale Head Design Succulents Plant Pot with Drainage HoleAmazon buy buttonART & ARTIFACT Head of a Lady Indoor/Outdoor Resin Planter - Plants Look Like Hair, 9Head of a Lady Indoor/Outdoor Resin Planter – Plants Look Like HairAmazon buy buttonGoddess Head Planter StatueCreative Goddess Head Planter Statue for Garden OrnamentsAmazon buy button

There are so many fun planters to choose from! You are sure to find something that suits your taste and fits in with your existing decor or garden design.

Speaking of fun outdoor head planters, these awesome lady head planters will make a great addition to any space. As you can see, the design makes the plant look like the lady’s hair and these are so great. They are a fun addition to any garden and sure to be a talking point when you have guests over, too.

A lady head planter makes a fabulous bold statement. You can use one large piece on its own to really stand out, or you can have several lady head planters, all expressing your own unique tastes.

Another type I enjoy are ceramic head planters. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Ceramic head planters

While a bit more fragile, and maybe best suited for indoors, you can also keep these ceramic planters in a sun-room or a covered patio area, or outside, in a sheltered area.

Here are some examples of really cute ones that I enjoy. They also make great gifts for a plant-lover or collector in your home.

Adorable White Head Planter With Blushing CheeksAdorable Head Planter Amazon buy buttonCeramic Celfie Face Floral Vase in White - 4Ceramic Celfie Face Floral Vase Amazon buy buttonModern ceramic flower pots in the shape of a head with painted black eyelashes and red lipsRed Lips Face Floral VaseAmazon buy buttonKalalou Ceramic Head Planter, One Size, TurquoiseCeramic Head PlanterAmazon buy buttonCeramic Buddha Head PlanterCeramic Buddha Head PlanterAmazon buy button

I really love these designs. The Adorable Head Planter and the Red Lips Face are so cute and trendy. They can add a nice pop of color or feminine feel to any space.

But there are other ceramic designs, like the Buddha head planter that are also really nice. The ceramic designs give you a traditional feel, but the head/face also gives it a modern tone, too. I love the blending for something truly unique.

If you’re using ceramic head planters inside your home, be sure you are placing them in a safe place to not get knocked over and broken. They are loaded with personality and serve as an art piece in addition to a practical purpose of holding your plants.

It can also be a lot of fun to determine which plants or flowers will go in each planter or vase, since it can truly change the look of the whole piece.

Let’s look at another fun option.

Unique doll head planters

Baby doll head planters

That brings us to doll head planters. As you can see, there are many types of head planters. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, if you are a doll lover, this could be just what you’re looking for.

Face Planter Pots - Snugmaker Head Planter, Succulent Planters, Face Flower Pot Head Planter for Indoor Outdoor Plants with Drainage Hole Closed Eyes(Light)


I love that there are so many different styles and options of doll head planters. For example, This Baby Doll Head flowerpot is great for sitting on a table or plant stand. The little baby doll looks so happy to see you. And then the adorable baby face planter below will brighten any room almost as much as a real baby!

OWNALL Head Planter Face Planter Pots,7'' Succulent Planters with Drainage Hole Unique Gift for Friends,Resin Cute Planters Small Flower Pots for Indoor Outdoor Deck.

These could be a lot of fun in a doll collector’s room, or just as an accent piece for any room of your home. Again, part of the fun and beauty of it is that these doll head planters become an art piece for you. How and where you use them says as much about you as the planter itself. Have fun with it!

AIMEBBY Face Flower Pot Head Planter Pot Succulent Planter Cute Resin Cactus Planter with Drainage Hole Closed Eyes

Cement head planters

Lucky Winner Greek/Roman Style Female Statue Head Cement Planter (8Roman Style Female Statue Head Cement Planter Amazon buy buttonCement Geometric Head Planter Plant Pot, Desk Storage, Succulent Planter Pot, Gift (Medium)Cement Geometric Head Planter Amazon buy buttonClassic Greek Grey Lady Indoor/Outdoor Cement Head PlanterClassic Greek Grey Lady Cement Head PlanterAmazon buy button

Apollo head planter

This Apollo head planter is a statement piece for sure. It’s made of sandstone and fiberstone and will add a classical note to any space of your home or garden. While it’s made to have the look of aged stone, it’s actually much lighter and easier to handle, and it’s more durable than concrete.

If you’re going for a bold piece, a classic head planter, or anything for a Greek lover, this is a good choice. It’s solid and familiar while also being unique and memorable.

Greek and Roman busts are popular with art collectors and fans of the time period. If you are a classical lover and a plant-lover, this gives you the best of both worlds.

LKXHarleya 7.5 Inch God of Greek Apollo Bust Statue Resin Heads Planter Flower Plant Pot Home Garden Decor Sculpture


Let’s look at another head planter of someone famous that might capture your attention.

A Buddha Head Planter for Your Garden

Here we have a Buddha head planter that is absolutely beautiful. However, it’s far from being the only one of its kind since Buddha heads are actually really popular these days.

Streamline Buddha Head Ceramic Planter PotStreamline Buddha Head Ceramic Planter PotAmazon buy button

Buddha head planters are a great way to bring your spirituality to the environment, or just add a touch of sophistication to the room or space. Not everyone who decorates with Buddha heads are Buddhists. If you just love the look of it, or want to bring some additional culture to your home or garden, this is a great option to do so.

Goddess head planter

To add another of my personal favorites to the list, let’s take a look at Goddess head planters.

zenggp Goddess Head Planter Flower Pot Lady Vase Greek Sculpture Roman Resin Flower Planter,AGoddess Head Planter – Roman Resin Flower PlanterAmazon buy button

I love how this planter was filled with succulents: looks gorgeous! Of course, you can use different plants to get a different look that appeals to you.

Adorably Cute Succulent Head Planters

Do you love succulents? Check out these adorably cute succulent head planters.

FENHAR Cute Head Flower Planter Flowerpot Succulent Plant Pot Creat Design Home Garden (red Girl) Succulent Plant Pot Amazon buy buttonCute Head Flower Planter Flowerpot Succulent Plant Pot Creat Design Home Garden(Winter Scarf)Flowerpot Succulent Plant Pot Amazon buy button

I think these succulent head planters are so much fun. They are very cute and no matter which type of succulents you put in them, they are still adorable.

Want to see more adorable planters? Check out my elephant planter page. So cute!!!

As you can see, there are so many great, fun outdoor head planters to choose from! You are sure to find some that meet your needs and tastes. There are also many great choices you can use indoors as well. Show off your love for plants and foliage with these amazing head planters.

I would love to see your plants in these beautiful outdoor head planters. If you have favorites, please share in the comments!

Colorful outdoor head planters

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