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13 Pumpkin Planter Ideas For The Perfect Fall Decor

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” — Jim Bishop

Ah, fall! It’s the season of harvest, raking leaves, and… PUMPKINS!

It’s an undeniable fact that pumpkins and fall go hand and hand. From warm pumpkin spiced lattes, gooey pumpkin pies, to the carved jack-o-lanterns hanging in your patios. This season is incomplete without the bright and rusty shades of this plump fruit.

So if you’re planning to give your garden a seasonal makeover, then you should try these pumpkin planter ideas. They are the perfect way to add a funky and quirky autumn element to your beautiful landscape.

Fall flower bouquet arranged in a pumpkin

Let’s walk through this patch of pumpkin galore.

Top Pumpkin Planter Ideas

Every fall, I usually carve a handful of pumpkins to decorate my home. I bet that you guys do the same thing. So this time around, I decided to change things up a bit with my fall décor.

My quest for exciting landscape ideas led me to some gorgeous pumpkin planters. These trendy trinkets looked like the perfect fixture for an autumn-centric garden.

So I decided that this is what I want to do this season. The great thing is, decorating this way is both beautiful and practical. You can use these planters to plant almost anything, and then place it in various places around the garden. Or turn them into a vase to beautify any of your rooms.

I also like the fact that there is no hard and fast rule about these pumpkin ornamental pieces. You can make (or purchase) them in different shapes and sizes. Of course, let’s not forget all the different embellishments you can place around them to enhance their appearance. The possibilities are endless.

1. DIY pumpkin planters

Adding a couple of these succulent planters is like a breath of fresh air in the house. Choose small or medium-sized pumpkins for this DIY project. Make several at one time to add cheer throughout your home. They also make great gifts!

Pumpkin succulent planter

Succulents and pumpkins are a match made in heaven!

I feel that succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow for new gardeners. They are easy to manage and care for throughout the year. They can easily fit into a small-sized pumpkin but will look great in a larger version too.

All you’ve got to do to make this planter is to:

  • cut the top off the pumpkin to make a sizable hole
  • scoop out fruit seeds
  • carve out the fruit like you’d do while making jack-o-lanterns
  • add your succulents (preferably in a soil-filled pot you just sit in your newly carved pumpkin: this will make it easy once the pumpkin falls apart)

Pro tip: Using real pumpkins means that this planter comes with an expiration date. Remember to throw it out as soon as you see the first signs of decay: this way you’ll avoid mold and nasty smells in your house.

2. Pumpkin face planters

pumpkin face planters

Add color to your porch or patio with a few pumpkin face planters filled with fall-blooming flowers such as zinnias, marigolds, and mums.

3. Ceramic pumpkin planters

Your own miniature pumpkin patch!

T4U 3.3 Inch Ceramic Modern Pumpkin Design Succulent Plant Pot/Cactus Plant Pot Container with Bamboo Tray - Full Color Set of 33.3 Inch Ceramic Modern Pumpkin Design with Bamboo TrayAmazon buy button

I fell in love with these charming ceramic pumpkins from the moment I set my eyes on them. These ceramic pumpkin containers add in the fall factor without the typical orange hues. That’s why the adorable trio will look great in any study, office, or even a dorm room.

It’s ideal for people who prefer minimalist decorations over something over the top.

You can also gift them to an avid gardener who’s about to start college. It’ll ensure that they pursue their love for gardening even when they are far away from their garden.

4. Metal pumpkin planter

Napco Galvanized Orange Oval Pumpkin 15.5 x 6 Ceramic Table Top Standing Planter

What a cute oval-shaped pumpkin planter! Place in on your mantel, or by your desk to brighten your day this fall. It also makes a great gift for a garden lover.

5.  Gold colored plastic pumpkin planter

What a beautiful color explosion jazzed up by the gold container!

Dipped in gold pumpkin vase

This golden pumpkin is a definite hit among the rusty shades of this transitional season. The metallic tint of this pumpkin planter adds a fun twist to an ordinary pumpkin-shaped vase. Find any cheap plastic pumpkin planters at the dollar store and give them a gold spray paint, and you’ll have an instant classy container. Add some bright flowers to create an eye-catching presentation.

Where can you use it? I can see it complementing the interiors of a fall wedding or maybe a festive garden party. Even if your social calendar is empty this year, you can place this on your dining table on Thanksgiving.

6. Mum’s the word

The liveliest companion to your tea party.

Bright fall bouquet in a pumpkin

You can smell all things pumpkin if you ever step into my kitchen during these months. That’s because I am usually whipping up with my harvested fruit. The pulpy pumpkin turn in batches of pies, cakes, and sometimes bowls of soup.

The squash planter can enhance this autumnal ambiance with its rustic presence. Chrysanthemums are the perfect choice for this rendition of the pumpkin planter. That’s because they’re sweet, colorful, and come in various shades.

They also symbolize joy and happiness in the world. That makes them a fitting fixture for the heart of the house. Or you can present them to your “mums” and “grandmums” as a birthday or seasonal gift.

7. Berry bombs in pumpkin planters

Display your foraging skills with style.

Red flowers and berries in a natural pumpkin bowl

Raise your hand if you spent the last few weeks of summer foraging for berries. These delicious treats double up as ornaments in this edition of fall ornaments. You can create this piece by using the steps I shared in the first pumpkin planter idea. Then fill the planter till it’s brimming with forage leaves, flowers, and berries.

From rosy reds, pretty purples to fresh greens, you can go all out!

Where can you use it? Kitchen counters, window sills, and patio staircases are the first spots that came to my mind.

8. Big, bold, and beautiful pumpkin container

Huge blooming bouquet

Large pumpkin planter

What do you do if life gives you too many pumpkins?

You convert some into planters, of course! This gigantic pumpkin planter is the ultimate attraction for doorways and entrances. Even if you don’t find a pumpkin as large as this, you’ll definitely find a plastic replica in the market.

Stuff them with an elegantly assembled floral arrangement. You can use daisies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums for this. Next, you can sprinkle a few fallen leaves around it as a final tribute to the season.

9. Unicorn pumpkin planters

Pretty as a picture 🙂

White unicorn pumpkins

Do fall decorations have to be scary?

Not in my house!  You can use October as the perfect excuse to make this DIY unicorn planter and its pearly white sentinels. It’s hands down the easiest arts and craft project on this list. Plus, it is a great way to let a little girl indulge in her fantasies.

Here’s how to make this:

  • Choose a large white pumpkin for your unicorn head
  • Glue unicorn ears made from paper-mache on top of it
  • Add your pink and white flowers for its makeshift hair
  • Use a gold foil or spray paint to turn the stem into a horn
  • Throw in a few smaller sized pumpkins with silver stems (made from foil/paint)

Voila! Your whimsically magical display is ready for display on your mantle or a ‘My Little Pony” themed birthday party. (Depending on what comes first.)

10. Reusable pumpkin planters

Less is sometimes more

PINE AND PAINT LLC Pumpkin Bowl Planter Drink Holder Large ResinPumpkin Bowl Planter & Drink Holder – Large ResinAmazon buy button

Practical, reusable, and convenient – these are the words that came to my mind when I saw this online. If you’re in the mood for something subtle and simple then this is it. It’s a medium-sized planter that can come in handy for a variety of plants.

The best part is that it’s made from resin and coated with hard-wearing paint. That means you can reuse it every year without any trouble at all.

Where to place it? It can sit on a stand-alone table on your porch/patio. You can also buy a bunch of them to use as a boundary line for your driveway.

11. Mini pumpkin succulent planters

Pumpkin shaped white planters with succulents sitting on top of a wooden standPumpkin Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Saucers Stand HolderAmazon buy button

Ceramic planters are pretty popular these days. I like the fact that they come with a sturdy bamboo stand. Great for vertical gardening with its elevating effect on the landscape.

Where can you use them? These mini-pots of ceramic pumpkins are multifunctional. You can fill them with small succulents or sweet-smelling potpourri.  They also work well as bookends for your bookshelves.

12.  Sturdy stone pumpkin planter

Decorative, Cast Stone Pumpkin Planter, Fall & Autumn Decor, Halloween DecorationDecorative, Cast Stone Pumpkin Planter, Fall & Autumn Decor, Halloween DecorationAmazon buy button

If resin planters aren’t your thing, you can purchase their stoic cousins made from cast stone. You can use them to grow your favorite autumnal flowers this season.  You can keep on changing the contents of this large outdoor planter according to the season.

The biggest advantage of this piece is that it’s weather-resistant and timeless. You can use it for a long time and it’ll always look the same. This old-school charm is a suitable look for vintage landscape ideas.

13. Fall flower arrangement

Fall flower arrangement in a pumpkin

Beautiful rustic arrangement! Perfect for decorating your dinner table, or front door.

It’s a Wrap

These pumpkin planters are practically perfect for the fall season. I love that even though they all use pumpkins as a common denominator, there are so many ways to use them to appeal to different tastes!  I hope my pumpkin planter ideas inspired you to go out and add a few of your own to the landscape.

If you decide to use get a pumpkin planter or two,  I’d love to see how you decorate with them. Stop by my Facebook page and drop a picture 😉

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