Creative Flower Pot Ideas That Add Color To Your Space

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Spring is such an exciting time for garden lovers everywhere! We get the itch to try new plants and buy more of the ones we have and love. While planting flowers in a garden is exciting and gratifying, many don’t have the luxury of space. Here are some creative flower pot ideas that will add color to your space and bring happy colors to your home!

Creative flower pot ideas that bring color and happiness to your space

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My front yard is filled with lots of colorful and fragrant flowers, and I LOVE coming home to be greeted by such beauty. I bought several Monrovia flowers from Lowe’s last month to add more color to my landscape. Monrovia flowers are of great quality and healthy, making it easy to enjoy them for many years to come.

The flowers I planted last month were a great addition to my front yard and they are growing beautifully.

My garden is an explosion of colors and fragrance.

Creative Flower Pot Ideas That Add Color To Your Space

Adding color to your outdoor space doesn’t have to be hard. You can find lots of gorgeous Monrovia plants at your local Lowe’s store and then just need to find some nice pots to display your flowers in.

Use a market basket for flowers

After buying my flowers a few days ago, it rained every day until today. So, I left them by my front door so I can enjoy them even before finding a good way to display them.

Monrovia plants form Lowe's waiting to be planted

Since I’ve been waiting for a few days (which seemed like an eternity!) to add some color to my front door, I wanted something quick and simple. I looked around in my garage and found a market basket we bought with veggies from the farmer’s market. It was perfect for displaying my flowers.

I had a couple Royal Gerbera Daisy and a couple Dahlias: they worked so well together!!! All I had to so was to drop the plants right in the basket in the containers I bought them in.

Check out the colorful market basket: it’s smiling at me every time I enter my house 😉

This market basket filled wiht colorful Monrovia flowers adds a welcome show of color to my simple front door.

Create outdoor table centerpieces with your flowers

We recently got a second hand outdoor table set and I’m eager to get out there and enjoy it. Since I had a couple more plants from Monrovia, I decided to ad a bit of color to my outdoor table. Again, I looked for a simple way to create an outdoor table centerpiece that doesn’t take too long, but looks great.

I bought a hot pink Caliente Geranium: it’s the first time I saw a hot pink Geranium and I HAD to have it! I looked din my craft stash and found some pink tulle I’ve had for about 15 years, and a white satin ribbon I saved form a gift I got in the past.  Bingo! I just found my outdoor centerpiece idea: I’ll wrap the Geranium  post in tulle and finish it off with a bow.

So pretty and girly! Completely changes the mood at the outdoor table. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to find my supplies and finish this little project.

This hot pink Caliente Geranium is perfect for my outdoor table. Makes it more inviting and it;s a great conversation starter

As you can see, my outdoor table is still wet from the rain: the sun came out just enough to take a few pictures.

You can use any fabric for this: use some burlap fabric and some rope for a more rustic look, or a hot pink fabric to match the flowers. Let your imagination run wild with this and see what you come up with. Share your pictures here or on the Facebook page if you decide to use this idea!

Try a shoe flower planter

Do you have some old shoes? Or maybe you want to buy some specially for this project. How about a high heel shoe planter? That would be a fun one to do! Here’s an example to get your imagination going!

Here's a creative ideas to use rubber boots to plant flowers and decorate your door.

More creative flower potting ideas

There are a lot more ways to creatively pot your flowers. Here are just a few:

  • use an old bathtub to show off your flowers
  • add your flowers to one of these bright, fun talavera frog planters
  • find an old chair: make a hole in the seat and add your flowers there
  • hunt for some old (antique) containers of all kinds
  • use an old purse to create a unique flower arrangement
  • you get the idea: any container can be turned into a flower pot

I have one more plant I bought last week that I haven’t planted yet: it’s called EnduraScape Purple Verbena, and it’s gorgeous! I just need to find the right spot for it. I’m thinking it might be a great addition to my work area. Hmmm… maybe I’ll do that. I’ll find a nice paper to cover the pot and a pretty plate to seat it on. I’ll come back with a picture once I have it here, by my computer.

This EnduraScape Purple Verbena puts out lots of flowers from spring till fall.

Hope you’re inspired to add some colorful Monrovia flowers to your space and enjoy it!

To learn more about Monrovia Plants:

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