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20 Creative Gardening Gifts For Women That Will Make An Impression

The first anniversary gift my husband ever gave me was a white peony in a black plastic pot. It sure didn’t look like much at the time, just a few green leaves, some skinny stems, and dirt. He dug a hole and I added some compost before plopping the plant into the ground. That peony bloomed the very next spring and now, twenty years later, it still gives me joy.

Whether there’s a love for growing roses, perennials, herbs, annual flowers, or vegetables, it is easy to find great gardening gifts for women of all ages. From sun hats and gloves to hand tools and potted plants, there are plenty of unique gifts on the market that will please the favorite gardener in your life.

vase with pink flowers and gift wrapped in bright pink paper

What Are The Best Gardening Gifts For Women?

Let’s be honest: there are more women gardeners than men. Men (like my husband) do A LOT in the garden, but women are usually the ones dreaming up flower gardens, window boxes, and even vegetable gardens.

smart garden and seed pods.
See my review of this smart garden here.

So, if you are looking for a unique gift for one of the women gardeners in your life, whether it’s your wife who loves creating just the right look for your front yard, your mother or grandmother who brings you lots of veggies from her garden, or your daughter who is passionate about learning more about nature, you’ll love all the ideas I gathered here for you.

It will make it easy to decide which gift she could use most or one she will love, just because she’d never think to buy it for herself 😉

You may also want to give one of these 15 personalized garden gifts: there’s noting better than a specially designed present.

1. Pretty floral garden gloves

Intra-FIT Rose Embroidery Pruning Gloves Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection for Women and Men Purple Magenta Blue Olivegreen Lightblue Softpink Blushpink

Most women secretly wish they could be stylish while tending to the garden. These pretty garden gloves have long sleeves to protect her arms from thorns, dirt, and yucky bugs. What a great gift idea!

2. A cute personalized garden mug

Plant Lover Coffee Mug, Houseplant Tea Cup, Gardner Landscape Green Thumb Gifts, Yes I Really Do Need All These Plants (11oz)

A great garden lovers gift, a personalized garden-themed mug will remind her of her love for gardening on a daily basis. Amazon has some mugs, like the one above.

Etsy also has lots of adorable garden-themed mugs and cups. Here are just a few of my favorites:

3. A good pair of shoes to protect her feet

women's Kujo yardwear shoes

A good pair of shoes can keep her from getting injured while in the garden, by keeping the rocks, bugs, and water away from her feet. We LOVE the Kujo garden shoes: they are lightweight, breathable, durable, waterproof, and have a good grip: all you want in a good garden shoe.

4. Floral stationery set

Blank Cards with Envelopes - 48 Floral Blank Note Cards with Envelopes – 4 Assorted Cards for All Occasions! Blank Notecards and Envelopes Stationary Set for Personalized Greeting Cards-4x5.5"

When the garden work is done in the fall, she’ll have time to write to family and friends. A beautiful floral stationery set will make it a pleasurable activity, as she reminisces about her garden.

5. Long sleeves shirt for sun protection

BALEAF Women's Long Sleeve Shirts UPF 50+ Sun Protection SPF Quick Dry Lightweight T-Shirt Outdoor Hiking Runing Fishing Sage Size XS

Help protect her skin with a shirt that will keep her from getting burned while working for long hours in the garden.

6. Garden stakes

Juegoal 28 Inch Hummingbirds Garden Stake Decor, Colorful Look & Personalities Flowers Metal Wall Art Spring Decoration, Yard Outdoor Lawn Pathway Patio Ornaments

Decorative garden stakes, sometimes whimsy looking are a great way to make her garden even more beautiful.

Custom garden stakes are another option. Etsy has some unique creations:

7. Gardener’s soap and salve to soothe garden hands

Earth Therapeutics Gardener'S Hand Repair 6 Oz

Garden hands are sometimes painful (and if we are honest, ugly), so giving her a specially formulated gardeners soap and gardener’s salve could be a great garden gift. This gift will be appreciated through the winter months getting ready for next season.

8. Floral doormat

Calloway Mills AZ105991729 Floral Hello Doormat, 17" x 29", Multicolor

What better way to be reminded of how much she’s loved, than stepping on a floral doormat every tie she comes home? Etsy has some gorgeous floral doormats: make sure to take a peek.

9. Trowels and hand tools

Garden Tool Set, 6 PCS Heavy Duty Aluminum Gardening Hand Tools Kit, Floral Print Gardening Tool Set, Gardening Gifts for Women with Pruning Shears Weeder Hand Rake Shovel Transplanter Cultivator

Trowels, bulb planters, and pruning shears are must-haves for every avid gardener. Even though most gardeners probably have these gardening tools on hand, shiny new ones are always welcome, especially when they look pretty ;).

Look for well-made tools when making a purchase. Cheap tools don’t last long, bend easily, and must be replaced often.

10. Larger hand tools

The Ames Companies, Inc 2584300 True Temper Digging Shovel with Fiberglass Handle

Shovels, rakes, hoes, and loppers are all important to the home gardener.

The most useful tool in the garden shed is my shovel. It is round with a sharp edge and a fiberglass handle. I use it for many tasks, like:

My shovel is my prized possession and woe to the person that borrows it without asking!

Shovels, rakes, hoes, loppers, and other large hand tools are very practical gift ideas for anyone with a green thumb. The only problem with giving them as gifts is keeping them a surprise.

How do you wrap up a shovel? Forget the pretty wrapping paper and just tie on a big bow.

11. Carts and wheelbarrows

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black

Carts and wheelbarrows are also impossible to wrap but still make great gift ideas. Want to give a very thoughtful gift to your favorite gardener? Fill a wheelbarrow with a tray of nursery flowers, some plant pots, and a few hand tools. It will surely bring a smile!

Garden carts can also be filled with other items. Bags of mulch always come in handy, as do bags of potting soil, seed starter, and fertilizer.

Small hand tools, garden hoses, stepping stones, river rocks, and other supplies can also be added to the mix for a present that will never be forgotten or left unused.

12. Seeds and seedlings

SEEDRA 15 Herb Seeds Variety Pack for Indoor and Outdoor Planting - 4500+ Seeds - Non GMO and Heirloom

Seeds and seedlings make great gifts for female gardeners, especially when added to a pretty garden tote or sturdy basket.

Pick things like rosemary, thyme, and sage for ladies that like to cook from scratch. They will enjoy having their very own herb garden.

For women that love colorful flowers, choose zinnias, daisies, cleome, bachelor buttons, cosmos, and impatiens.

For someone with lots of outdoor space, sunflowers would be a good choice. The variety is endless and the prices are affordable.

13. Nursery plants

small marigold plants ready to plant in the garden

Nursery plants come in every variety, color, size, and form imaginable. There are annual bedding plants like pansies, snapdragons, and salvias with brightly colored blossoms. Then there are larger perennial plants like roses, peonies, iris, and hostas.

Don’t forget shrubs! Butterfly bushes, forsythia, and gardenias can really make a gardener happy.

Fruit trees and bushes are also a good option for gift giving. From blueberries to peach trees, all types of food-producing plants are available at nurseries throughout the year.

My girlfriend loves Gala apples so I bought her a Gala apple tree for her backyard. She says it is the most perfect gift she has received in years. I am still waiting for her to make us a homemade apple pie and she expects to get the first apples this summer. I can’t wait!

A new plant is also great for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and birthday gifts. Indoor plants like poinsettias, Norfolk Island pines, orchids, and tropical plant varieties are great for winter gift-giving. They add color to a room, put oxygen into the air, and help do away with winter blues.

14. Sun hats and other accessories

Womens Wide Brim Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard UPF Summer Straw Sun Hats for Women

Garden gloves, sun hats, visors, and aprons make thoughtful, inexpensive garden gifts.

Gloves can be found in printed fabrics, leather, and even waterproof materials like rubber.

Sun hats and visors come in all colors of the rainbow, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your favorite gardener.

Do you like to sew? If so, then stitch up a gardening apron. Fabrics can be found in all kinds of themed prints, such as vegetables, herbs, gardening tools, and, of course, flowers. Choose a sturdy material that can stand up to lots of wear. Canvas and heavy denims are ideal. Of course, you can buy a cute garden apron from Amazon.

15. Knee pads and kneelers

Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Large Tool Pocket and Soft EVA Kneeling Pad ,Foldable Stool for Ease of Storage for Gardening Lovers - Sturdy and Lightweight

If your favorite gardener doesn’t have a kneeler, get her one at the first opportunity. It will be greatly appreciated. Knee pads and kneelers save wear and tear on pants and the knees. I couldn’t do without mine.

16. Journals, almanacs, and books

My Gardening Journal And Planner: A place to record your ups and downs in the garden, for a better experience next year

Gardening books, almanacs, and journals make interesting gifts for the beginner gardeners. Coffee table books with beautiful pictures, farmer’s almanacs with planting dates, and books on every subject from perennials to forest gardens are available in stores and online. A garden journal can change the life of any gardener, as they take notes to remember what worked and what didn’t.

Did you know they even make adult coloring books for gardeners? Don’t forget the crayons!

17. Pots, hanging baskets, and other containers

ChezMax Succulent Planter Turtle Shaped Flowerpot Plant Pot Resin Vase Container Home Garden Decorative Animal Decor

Pretty pots make long-lasting lovely gardening gifts, especially if you purchase the cement varieties. A neighbor once gifted me a large cement planter because it was too heavy and cumbersome to make the move across the country. Since then, it has held a variety of plants including strawberries, phlox, marigolds, and tulips. Every time I admire that pot, I think of Mr. Moody.

Zerodis Resin Succulent Pot Animal Shaped,Artificial/Live Succulent Plants Contain Herb Flower Basket Planter Garden Home Decor (Giraffe Shaped)

Ceramic pots, terra cotta pots, and window boxes will please even the most discerning gardener because there are never enough of them around. Plant and flower lovers always need another place to stick a favorite tomato, pepper, trailing vine, flower, or culinary herb.

18. Garden benches

Arcadia Garden Products BE01 Fiberclay Garden Bench, Stone Black

If you have a family member with a beautiful garden, but no place to sit while admiring it, you might want to give them a garden bench. This great addition to their garden will be not only useful but also a focal point if put in the right place.

PHI VILLA Red Bird Garden Bench, 50” Metal Outdoor Bench with Backrest and Armrest for Yard, Lawn, Porch, Patio

Garden benches come in many styles, from wooden slats to wrought iron. Some garden benches are works of art with fancy scrollwork and intricate carvings. Whatever type you choose, this lovely gift is sure to add style and function to the garden.

19. Fountains and water features

Sunnydaze Fairy Shell Outdoor Water Fountain - Garden Waterfall Fountain & Backyard Water Feature for Outside Patio, Lawn, & Yard - 30 Inch

Fountains and water features aren’t typical gifts but can really be a great surprise. Kits are available that include everything but water.

The sounds of a small waterfall or fountain bring a relaxing atmosphere to the garden. Researchers have found that the sound of water can reduce stress and anxiety, helping us to live healthier lives.

Water features should be placed near a patio or bench so that the sound can be easily heard. More expensive than other gardening gifts, fountains and small ponds make wonderful gifts for that special gardener in your life.

Here are some ideas for landscaping around water fountains.

20. Statues, birdhouses, and other yard art

Zaer Ltd. Large Copper Colored Multi-Birdhouse Stakes, Room for 4 Bird Families in Each (Castle Home)

Garden ornaments make thoughtful gifts and can be found to suit any budget. Large or small statues, hand-crafted birdhouses, bird feeders, whirly-gigs, lanterns, decorative gates, and metal yard art can really enliven a garden.

Lots of garden ornaments serve dual purposes. Birdhouses give homes to wildlife. Whirly-gigs drive moles away (they hate the vibrations).

Ornamental gates become trellises.

Statues can act like scarecrows to keep deer and other pests away.

Lanterns and other garden lights can add romance and safety to a garden.

FAQs about gardening gifts

What do you buy a gardener that has everything?

You can always give a gift certificate from a local nursery or gardening center. Don’t forget little things like bug repellants, citronella candles, sunscreen, hand lotion, and sunglasses. These necessities need to be replaced often and are always appreciated.

What do I buy for a new gardener that is just starting out?

All gardeners need a shovel, rake, and a pair of gardening shears. They also need seeds, plants, gloves, and a watering can. If your favorite female gardener is really serious, then anything on this list will make her happy.

What can I buy a gardener to really make an impression?

Rare plants are hard to find but can be ideal for having a big impact when gift-giving. Look for rare succulents, unusual orchids, and heirloom vegetables. Other ideas include one-of-a-kind yard art, bat houses, and hand-painted plant markers.

Gardeners enjoy working outdoors, but sometimes chores get boring. Any gift that makes their job easier is appreciated. Whether you give a set of hand tools or a large wagon filled with goodies, a gardener will be thrilled to get something that they can actually use.

I hope you are inspired to and will now know what the best gardening gifts for women are. Have fun choosing the most meaningful gift for all women who love to garden.

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