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27 Bright and Colorful Flowers For Your Garden With Lots Of Pictures

Colorful flowers make your yard pop as nothing else can. They are like the finishing touches of the artist’s brush that bring the canvas of your yard to life. There are so many beautiful flowers, vegetables, and other plants to choose from! Let’s explore some of them today. 

A collage of colorful flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

When planting flowers, consider the bright spots of color for your yard and the flower arrangements inside. You can enjoy lovely vases of colorful flowers from spring to fall with seasonal accents with some planning.

Some flowers make better cut flowers, so planning before you plant can be helpful if you know you plan on doing that. Some flowers thrive in partial shade, those that love to drink up the full sun all day, and everything in between. 

Before heading out to the garden center to start your shopping, I will show you some colorful flowers for each season and different standard colors to help you understand what you like and want in your landscape. 

You don’t have to work too hard to get the beauty you want in your garden. Mother Nature has done most of the work for us already! All you need to do is think about what colors of nature you want to experience in your backyard and, of course, in your front yard 😉

If you’re looking for some indoor choices, growing succulents is fun and probably the easiest!

Colorful Spring Flowers

red and yellow tulips.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Let’s take a look at some beautiful colored flowers that bloom in spring for some excellent spring color:

  • tulips
  • crocus
  • hyacinths
  • primrose
  • daffodils
  • pansies 

Late spring blooms like oriental poppies, salvia, peonies, and clematis are also great examples. 

Colorful Summer Flowers

striped red and yellow petunia flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

And now, let’s look at some colorful summer flowers that bloom from early to late summer and in full sun to full or partial shade.  

  • Fuchsia
  • Angelonia
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Limelight Hydrangeas 
  • Yarrow
  • Purple Wave Petunia
  • Profusion Zinnias
  • Evergreen Candytuft
  • Sea Holly
  • Globe Amaranth

There are so many vivid colors in summer-blooming flowers. These are just a few to get you started, but it’s not an exhaustive list.  

Colorful Fall Flowers

fall colored chrysanthemum flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Here are some beautiful flowers that bloom in the fall: 

  • Croton
  • Balloon Flowers
  • Celosia
  • Cornflower
  • Chrysanthemum (“mums”)
  • Amaranthus
  • Cosmos
  • Hardy Fuchsia
  • Canna
  • Sumac
  • Goldenrod
  • Sunflowers

Fall flower colors can also be excellent in your garden and around your landscaping. 

Colorful Winter Plants

yellow and purple pansies.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Winter isn’t all dead and gone. You can still enjoy colorful winter plants in your garden or landscape. Here are some to consider: 

  • Camellias
  • Winter Jasmine
  • Winterberry Holly
  • Native Serviceberry
  • Holly Bush
  • Scilla
  • Japanese Quince 
  • Winter Aconites
  • Pansies
  • Mahonia
  • Snowdrops
  • Crocus
  • Helleborus
  • Clematis
  • Daphne  
  • Cyclamen 

Single Color Garden Flowers

Sometimes, all you want is a massive pop of color in your garden. That’s alright. Let’s look at some ideas for single-color gardens.

Red flowers

A garden with red flowers in different shades can add a bit of drama and energy to your front yard.  You’ll turn a lot of heads with the vibrancy of red. Various colors fall on the red spectrum and this range of colors can also include shades of pink. Some stunning flowers fall in this category. 

red impatiens.
Image credit: Depositphotos

A gorgeous combination of different shades of red flowers makes a lovely combination that pleases the senses.

Here are more ideas for red flowers:

1. Peonies (Paeonia)

bright pink peonies.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

The peonies are stunning! Mixed in your red garden, they will please the eyes as well as the nose 😉

2. Poppies (Papaver)

red and orange poppies.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

These delicate flowers bring a pop of color wherever they show up. I have some by my mailbox that come back year after year. They make me so happy every time a new one blooms!

3. Red daisies (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

red daisies.
Image credit: Depositphotos

Easy to grow, these button-like flowers are adorable! They have an adorable yellow center that makes the whole flower stand out. These will also look lovely in a flower bouquet or a cut flower arrangement. 

4. Lilies (Lilium philadelphicum)

Image credit: Depositphotos

A few stunning red lilies added to your flower beds will steal the show in your red garden or as a focal point plant in a garden with other colors. The red lily will truly pop.

Some of these red flowers can also be in different shades. Violet flowers are common, for example. A wide variety of colors on the spectrum can be found in some species. Let’s take a look at blue flowers next. 

Blue flowers

All colors are beautiful in flowers, but there’s something special about blue flowers: they can electrify your flower beds!

5. Common grape hyacinth (Muscari)

grape hyacinth.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Stunning clusters of pretty blue flowers will make you smile whenever you walk by. Can you picture these in your garden or greeting your front path? 

6. Lily-of-the-Nile (Agapanthus africanus)

Image credit: Depositphotos

I love this delicate flower: the perfect companion to yellow, red, or white flowers. It likes full sun areas, moist but well-draining soil, and average watering. It’s a very low-maintenance plant. 

7. Balkan anemone (Anemone blanda)

Balkan anemone flower.
Image credit: Depositphotos

This vibrant blue flower is so precious! A star in any garden will contrast with any other flower, creating an exciting dynamic. I love the striking shade of blue and the pretty yellows in the center. 

8. Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

a carpet of bluebell flowers in the spring.
Image credit: Depositphotos

Dainty bell-shaped blue flowers that bloom in the spring will surely catch your eye. I remember a forest full of these lovely flowers from my childhood. So pretty!

9. Blue hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Nikko’)

blue hydrangea flower.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

I’m so intrigued with hydrangeas: I love how you can change their colors by soil composition. This blue hydrangea has such an intense and vivid color! It’s breathtaking. 

Check out these hydrangea companion plants.

10. Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)

pale blue bachelor's button flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

This adorable flower pops up in the most unexpected places and beautifies wherever it grows. Cornflower is easy to care for and has a unique and lovely appearance. Different types of cornflowers can be of different colors. 

Next, look at some beautiful yellow flowers you may want in your garden or landscape. 

Yellow flowers

11. Yellow gladiolus (Gladiolus)

red and yellow gladiolus flowers.
Image credit: Depositphotos.

Stunning yellow-orange gladiolus: one of my favorite flowers! Here’s a guide to growing gladiolus.

12. Yellow lilies (Lilium)

yellow lilies
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

These cute yellow lilies will brighten any garden!

13. Buttercups (Ranunculus)

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Pretty buttercups: they come into my yard on their own. So bright and cheery!

14. Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana)

yellow pansies mixed with some deep purple ones.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Coming in so many colors, pansies are easy to grow and very enjoyable. These yellow pansies are like little bright eyes greeting you from the flower beds.

15. Daffodils (Narcissus)

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover

Gorgeous daffodils announce spring is here. These are known for their classic yellow color and unique shape. Once you see daffodils, you will always be able to recognize them. 

Pink flowers

16. Bleeding heart (Dicentra)

pink bleeding heart flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Dainty and delicate, these bleeding heart flowers will make you smile. This is one of the most unique and exciting pink plants. 

17. Pink roses

beautiful pink roses with lots of buds.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Roses are an excellent romantic addition to the garden. Pink roses are gorgeous, and most smell delicious! Add roses to your front yard. They can be a variety of shades of pink, from light pink with shades of white to deep pink that looks almost violet. Sometimes you can even get different shades of pink in the same rose. 

If you love roses, check out these other guides about growing roses:

18. Pink tulips

pink tulips.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Tulips are such adorable spring flowers! There are lots of pink shades of tulips and I love them all 😛

19. Camellias

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Camellias are just so pretty. I love how soft and feminine they appear. Here are some tips for growing camellias.

Purple flowers

20. Lavender

Honey bee on lavender.
Image credit: Depositphotos.

Lavender is one of the most well-known purple flowers. And there are more benefits than just their gorgeous appearance. Bees love lavender flowers! You will, too, when you see how easy it is to grow lavender and how good it smells.

Did you know that there are different types of lavender? The most common has pale purple blooms, but other lavenders have deep purple, pink, blue, or white flowers. Learn more about lavender flower colors.

Lavender is an easy-to-grow perennial with lovely fragrant flowers that attract pollinators and beneficial insects. It can be beautiful most of the summer, with some varieties blooming twice. Learn more about lavender with these other guides:

Colorful Flowers For Your Garden


As pretty as focusing on one color in your garden can be, most people will want to combine different colors. A red, white, and blue theme garden looks stunning around the fourth of July. Soft pinks, reds, and purples create a very feminine look.

colorful wildflowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

You could also choose to plant a random mixture. Buying wildflower seed packets containing many different kinds of flowers in vibrant colors is an excellent way to add color to your backyard if you’ve felt it’s boring. Don’t worry about it all matching. These mixtures always look great.

You can get as in-depth with choosing different colors for your garden as you want. Some people will get into it, making sure each color combination evokes a specific emotion or feeling.

You can head to your local florist if you’re at a loss for color combination ideas. They are masters at knowing which flowers and colors to put together. Take a step back at the offerings and see if anything stands out.

Another idea is to visit the neighbor’s yard. If someone else has a “greener” thumb than you have, they might be a great resource to turn to when you need help deciding on the best colors for your garden.

Colorful Foliage For Your Garden

Many people like to focus on the different greens that are out there. Even though green is a single color, there are various shades and hues of green. Dark green can look gorgeous when mixed with lighter shades.

21. Elephant ears (Caladium)

speckled caladium leaves.
Image credit: Depositphotos.

Caladiums are great for shady garden beds or containers. They look gorgeous from early summer until frost.

22. Coral bells (Heuchera)

blooming coral bells.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Heuchera is a beautiful addition to any garden. With leaves in several colors, from purples to silver, red, bronze, and speckled, they make a gorgeous spectacle in your garden. And when it blooms, its small bell-shaped flowers are just an extra delight.

23. Plantain lilies (Hosta plantaginea)

large hosta plant.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Shade-loving perennials, hostas will brighten even the most boring spot with their gorgeous foliage. There is a lot of color in these leaves, and the flowers are pretty, too!

Hostas are perfect for rock gardens.

24. Coleus (Solenostemon Redhead)

Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Easy to grow, Coleus comes in many colors, both solid and mixed. Ensure you water them well during dry times: they need their water!

25. Bengal Tiger Canna (Canna americanallis var. variegata)

Variegated Canna leaves.
Image credit: Depositphotos.

These tropical plants are stunning! Growing in green, bronze, black, variegated, or striped foliage, their flowers come in many colors: pink, orange, yellow, red, and even bi-color.

Colorful Vegetable Gardens

Don’t forget that vegetables add color too! When growing vegetables, your first thought probably isn’t about which colors look best, but you can consciously combine the best-looking vegetables to create a dramatic effect in your yard.

26. Tomato plants

cherry tomato plant with cherries ready to harvest.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Tomatoes are among the first to come to mind when I think about colorful garden foods. Grow the best tomatoes with these tips for growing tomatoes.

27. Zucchini Plants

bi-color zucchini.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Everyone can grow zucchini! We always have extras for family, friends, and neighbors. And after we give it to everyone, we freeze some for later.

Colorful Fruit Gardens

28. Strawberries

strawberry plant with fruit ready to harvest.
Image credit: Depositphotos.

Adding color to the garden is a fantastic way to add beauty to your yard. You can have fun with the natural colors that are out there. Check around for inspiration and get started with your colorful flower garden today. Look at the bright and colorful flowers you might use in your landscape. 

Exotic Colorful Flowers

amaryllis flower.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

When you want something outside of the norm, you might consider some exotic, colorful flowers. Of course, you’ll need to be sure they can survive in your climate, but here are some examples: 

  • Plumeria
  • Blue Passion Flower
  • Salvia Splendens
  • Heliconia
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Lotus Flower
  • Amaryllis
  • Protea
  • Anthurium 

Any of these could make a popular choice in your exotic garden.

Bright Colorful Flowers

hot pink dianthus flowers.

Here are some of the brightest colorful flowers you might consider for your  garden: 

  • Dahlias
  • Sunflower
  • Mint Julep 
  • Red Anemone 
  • Viola
  • Dracula Celosia
  • French Marigold
  • Sweet Pea
  • VIBE Ignition Purple
  • Jolt Pink Dianthus 
  • Sedum
  • Lamium
  • Very Berry Creeping Wintergreen
  • Bee Balm
  • Coralbells
  • Nubia Clematis

Colorful Perennial Flowers

warm tone colored coneflowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Here are some beautiful perennial plants that will brighten up your yard for the season and then return again and again. 

  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Amsonia
  • Peony
  • Astrantia 
  • Baptisia 
  • Foxglove
  • Salvia
  • Sedum
  • Coneflower
  • Lavender 
  • Daylily
  • Hellebore 
  • Aster
  • Catmint
  • Penstemon

Colorful Annual Flowers

pale purple vinca flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

These beautiful annual flowers will give you bright colors all year long. 

  • Angelonia
  • Begonia
  • Cosmos
  • Celosia
  • Geraniums 
  • Stock
  • Chrysanthemum 
  • Vinca
  • Zinnia
  • Calendula 
  • Cornflower
  • Dahlias
  • Nasturtium 
  • Impatiens 

Small Colorful Flowers

Golden spring alyssum flowers.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Sometimes you want some color in the garden but you want smaller flowers. Here are some to consider: 

  • Baby’s Breath
  • Forget-Me-Not
  • Fairy Foxglove
  • Lobelia 
  • Snow-in-Summer
  • Rock Cress
  • Kenilworth Ivy
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Thyme 

Now, what if you want to go big with your flowers?

Large Colorful Flowers

Some large colorful flowers with big, beautiful blooms include:

large sunflower.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover
  • Giant White Moonflower
  • Titan Sunflower
  • Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia
  • Supernova Angel’s Trumpet
  • Big Brother Lily
  • Big Daddy Hydrangea 
  • Round and Purple Allium
  • Moy Grande Hibiscus
  • Fireworks Clematis 
  • Altas Magnolia 
  • Tree Peony
  • Oriental Poppy

As you can see, there is no shortage of beautiful, colorful flowers for your garden. These gorgeous flowers will help create a unique garden or home landscape design. You can create a rainbow of colors that will bring you much joy day in and day out for a long time. 

27 colorful flowers for your garden
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