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Backyard Waterfall Ideas For A Relaxing Atmosphere

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As people realize how much beauty they add, backyard waterfalls are becoming more popular. Water has long been a symbol for serenity and peace so it’s not hard to figure out why waterfalls are such a hit. Want one in your own backyard? Let’s look at a few backyard waterfall ideas.

Backyard waterfall ideas

Building A Backyard Waterfall

There are some things that you need to think about before you even get started creating your waterfall.

  • is there enough room in your backyard? If you want your yard to stay functional you don’t want something that will be too large for the area.
  • where is the best place in your backyard to build a waterfall? Since you probably want a waterfall in part because of the peaceful sound it makes, you should consider where to put it so that you hear it best where you go to relax.
  • would you like a pond with your backyard waterfall? How about adding some koi fish in that pond?
  • what kind of waterfall would you like? You’ll find that different waterfalls make more or less pronounced sounds. You can have the water falling on rocks, straight into the pond, or however you like. It’s amazing how small changes can make a big difference in the sounds you hear.

Sunnydaze tiered flowing bowls water fountain
Check out a variety of gorgeous outdoor fountains here!

Build or buy?

Are you going to build a waterfall, or buy one ready to install?

There are many backyard waterfall kits ready to ship, but if you’re looking to save money, you can create something just as beautiful with a little time and dedication.

Take a look at this short video to see how easy it is to build a small waterfall in your backyard.

Backyard Waterfall Ideas

Now that you made some decisions about where and how to add a backyard waterfall, let’s get some inspiration 😉

And since we are talking about water, here’s how to conserve eater in the garden. 

Backyard rock waterfall

This is fun if you have a rocky backyard, or simply if you like rocks and lush vegetation.

Backyard rock waterfall

Amazon has some beautiful rock waterfalls ready to install.

Birds Choice Layered Rock WaterfallBirds Choice Layered Rock WaterfallAmazon buy buttonSunnydaze 5-Step Rock Falls Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights, 14 Inch5-Step Rock Falls Tabletop Fountain with LED LightsAmazon buy buttonSunnydaze Stacked Rocks Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Lights, 10.5 InchSunnydaze Stacked Rocks Tabletop Water Fountain Amazon buy buttonMajor-Q Decoration Feng Shui Rock Like Waterfall Fountain with LED LightFeng Shui Rock Like Waterfall Fountain with LED LightAmazon buy buttonJeco Rock Creek Cascading Outdoor Indoor Fountain with IlluminationRock Creek Cascading  Fountain with IlluminationAmazon buy buttonRocks backyard waterfall Garden Water Feature with Elegant Waterfall FlowAmazon buy button

Backyard pond waterfall

Get a pump and create your own pond with a waterfall.

Aquascape Backyard Waterfall Fountain Kit for Landscape and Garden | 83013Aquascape Backyard Waterfall Fountain Kit for Landscape and Garden | 83013Amazon buy buttonTetraPond Water Garden Pump, 325 GPHTetraPond Water Garden Pump, 325 GPHAmazon buy buttonAtlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway, 17-inch SpillwayAtlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway, 17-inch SpillwayAmazon buy button

Backyard waterfall pictures

A few more pictures for inspiration.

Rockly backyard waterfall with pink flowers

This is a lovely spot in a small backyard. I love the pink flowers growing out of the rock’s crevices 😉

Waterfall created on a hilly side of the backayrd

If you have a hilly area in your backyard, it can become a natural spot for a waterfall. Beautiful spot to sped the afternoon relaxing.

Tropical landscape design with a view of small pond, trimmed bushes and small waterfall

Perfect backyard oasis with lush vegetation and  a cute wooden bird.

Small backyard waterfall ideas

Some backyards are so small, you’d think there’s no way to add a waterfall. Don’t despair: there’s a backyard waterfall for every garden 😉

Beautiful decorative three levels home garden granite waterfall pond

Beautiful decorative three levels granite waterfall for those of us with the tiniest of backyards. Isn’t this cute?

Decorative garden waterfall pond made of stone jars

I LOVE this one! Makes me want to go on a hunt for old stone jars! This one is perfect for the DIY gardener who loves up-cycling projects.

Home garden waterfall pond with brick paver stone hardscape and trees in fall season colors

Still small, this garden waterfall pond with brick paver stone hardscape is just the right feature by your gate.

I hope looking at these backyard waterfall ideas got your brain workign on how you’d like to create your own waterfall.

Backyard water feature

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Can I submit photos of our yard so you can help us determining what which kind of waterfall would work best with our yard?.


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You sure can. I'm not a specialist in landscaping, but I can share your pictures with the Facebook community and come up with a good answer for you.

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