Container Gardening Ideas For Beginners

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While having a large garden plot with a large variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables might be your dream, you don’t always have the needed space. And that’s when container gardening is just perfect: it gives you the pleasure of growing your own plants and adds color to your backyard or front lawn.

Lots of container gardening ideas

There is no limit to how creative you can be with gardening in containers, and there are many advantages to potting plants rather than transferring them into beds. You can grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables in containers on your porch or kitchen windowsill. Making choices about which plants will thrive in tighter spaces and selecting what pots to use can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, so here is a brief introduction to give you some container gardening ideas.

What You'll Be Needing:

Small Containers
These are perfect for hanging on your fence!
Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds
These miniature tomato plants are perfect for a small container garden
5 Gallon Pots
Perfect for just about anything you want to grow in a container
Baby Groot Containers
If you want to add a bit of personality to your container garden, these will do it!

The Best Sizes For Container Gardening

The size of the pot will determine what you can grow in it.

  • Smaller pots can only accommodate one or perhaps two plants that do not spread and tend to stay relatively small.
  • Large pots can comfortably house bushes, shrubs, even small trees.
  • You can also plant combinations of smaller flowering plants and grasses in a container for a living bouquet effect.

Selecting the proper sized container for your plants is essential to their health and ability to flourish. If you have a plant in a small pot and it starts to wither, discolor, or generally act unhappy, switching it to a larger size container can sometimes make a difference.

Here are some beautiful flower pot ideas.

mini potted suculents

Here’s an example of a small container garden made of succulents. This cute arrangement is perfect for a small apartment, and as a beginner gardener, as succulents don’t require a lot of work.

Where to Keep Your Container Garden

Container gardening is a great way to keep flowering plants no matter where you happen to live.

  • If your residence is in an urban environment, you can artfully arrange the pots and plants on your porch or balcony.
  • Add some window box planters: they will instantly add color and beauty to your home.
  • For those who are suburban dwellers, decks can become an oasis of greenery and color.
  • Even if you have no outdoor space at all, plants in containers can thrive indoors as long as they receive adequate amounts of sunlight and water.

Do not feel limited by your environment, as there are always plants that will thrive wherever you have the space to put them.

balcony exterior decoration

Here’s a nice assortment of greenery for a small balcony: a great way to decorate a balcony right outside of your bedroom.

door flower pot

Sometimes, in big cities, or in certain areas of the country, there’s just no room for greenery. That’s when these large pots can do a great job of decorating your doors. Fill them with some colorful plants that bloom all summer long, and you’ve got yourself a great welcome every time you come home.

concrete planting flower pot

Another idea for your patio or front door is a large concrete container that holds a variety of bright colored flowers: what a nice way to welcome guests and family members!

What to Plant in Your Container Garden

It is possible to grow just about any type of plant in a container, including fruits and vegetables. However, like flowers, there are certain varieties of vegetable and fruit plants that do better in containers. Smaller tomatoes such as the Tiny Tim and Pixie varieties do well when planted in 5 gallon pots.

It is important to support vine and stalk plants with cages or trellises when they start to bloom, as the fruits will be more susceptible to rot and mold if they are left lying against the dirt in the pot. Relieving the weight of the fruit from the plants also makes them grow healthier and sturdier stalks.

So if you have always dreamed of having a garden but don’t know where to start, or are overwhelmed by all the possibilities, pick one or two plants that you like and find a couple of cute pots. Just make sure that you select pots that are the proper size for the flowers or vegetables that you wish to grow and then place the potted plants in a spot that gets enough sunlight. Very soon, you will be sporting a green thumb and you will have mastered the art of container gardening.

Container Gardens Gallery

Enjoy this beautiful selection of container gardens: from small ceramic pots to great big colorful plastic containers, and large terracotta flowerpots, we gathered it all.

These baby groot containers are adorable!

Pansy Flower Containers

pansy sumire flowers

Beautiful blue pansy flowers, blooming through the cooler weather, gladly cheering everyone on. BTW, did you know pansies are edible? Add them to your salads for added visual appeal. Here are several more edible flower ideas.

purple and yellow pansy flowers

Gorgeous container of cascading yellow and purple pansies, hanging by the handrails.

rose pansy winter flowers

Here’s a rose colored pansy flower, perfect for a desk or on the dining table. Thrives in the cold weather!

terracotta pot of pansies

With so many color options, pansies are very versatile. Here they are looking great in a terracotta planter.

Peacock Orchids

Peacock orchids are actually form the gladiolus family. Delicate white flowers with purple markings in the center, these flowers make a nice statement when grouped together in a nice container.  Beautiful indoors and outdoors, you need to give them a try. They smell heavenly!

Beautiful peacock orchid, a white flower with reddish-purple markings and a delicate fragrance

Hanging Container Gardens

When you live in an apartment building, your only chance to have some pretty flowers might be hanging flower gardens. Here are just a few ideas:

cottage brick stone house with hanging flowers

Gorgeous use of containers here, bursting with happy colors for a delightful decoration. Make you want o stop and smell the flowers 😉

purple flowers

This simple metal pail filled with pretty purple flowers is hanging prettily against a wooden porch: what a beauty!

red flowers pot

And if you like red flowers, this hanging basket will cheer you up every time you pass by. Really easy easy to inject a splash of color to your front porch.

Spring Primrose Containers

These gorgeous flowers are growing from spring till the end of summer, and sometimes even into the fall. they are quite hardy and come in a lot of different colors. Her are just a few examples:

red primroses

I LOVE the bold colors of this plant!

yellow rose and purple primroses

These adorable potted primroses can’t help but make you happy when you look at them. Easy to care for, and gorgeous to look at, they might just be your perfect potted plant 😉

Large Potted Containers

large park deco planters

These large, colorful planters are great for a long driveway, or on your back patio. They will bring cheer and happiness for everyone around. Just try it, and you’ll never regret it.

colorful flower pots

More colorful flower containers! These plastic tubs are beautiful by themselves, but they just shine when the pretty colored flowers grow and bloom.

Pretty Colored Container Gardens

colorful bright flowers

What an explosion of pretty bight colors!

petunia flowers

This petunia flowers pot is so easy to plant, anyone can do it!

large spring container

Gorgeous combination of spring flowers that will create a beautiful array of colors when blooming. Includes tulips and primroses of several colors: GORGEOUS!

I hope our selections of container gardens has inspired you to create your own potted flowers containers to cheer up your home.

If you want more color in your front yard, but don't have enough time for a whole garden, you'll love these container gardening ideas for beginners. #containergarden #gardenpots #smallgarden #gardening #smallspacegardening

Are you in need of some color in your front yard, but don't have enough time to tend to a whole garden? Here's some inspiration for container gardening that will delight you ;)
Not enough space for a garden? Try container gardening: you can add color to your home and even enjoy some herbs and vegetables.

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