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8 Tulip Varieties That Will Delight Your Senses

One of the first signs of spring are the beautiful tulips. They peek their head out in gardens everywhere as soon as the first signs of spring emerge. Did you know there are a few thousand of tulip varieties? From simple, one-color tulips to striped tulips, to double tulips, and so many colors we can’t even mention all.

Check out the many tulip varieties you can grow in your garden!

Tulips are easy to grow: they pretty much take care of themselves once you plant them, and greet you with their beauty year after year. Of course, some gardeners choose to replant them every year, to create a new and beautiful color combination in their tulip beds, but if you’re not picky, you don’t need to do that. Tulips bring gorgeous color in your spring garden.

Some tulips are early bloomers, while others are much later into the season. If you plan well initially, you can have blooming tulips for several good weeks. Let’s look at a few of the many tulip varieties.

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8 Tulip Varieties For Your Garden

1. Purple Tulips

purple tulips

These rich purple tulips are a welcome addition to flower beds, container gardens, and look best when planted in groups for maximum esthetic appeal.

fringed purple tulips

These beauties feature a fringed edge and the pretty yellow peeking from the inside of the tulip makes a nice color statement.

pointed petals tulips

2. White Tulips

lots of white tulips

Gorgeous white tulips, perfect for a spring wedding bouquet, or a baby shower, or just to cheer you up in your home.

white tulips

3. Yellow Tulips

double yellow tulips

These double yellow tulips are absolutely gorgeous! And with the red accent tulip in the midst of it, it makes me happy 🙂

yellow tulips

4. Red Tulips

red tulip field

I love the red field of tulips! I’m imagining walking through the fields and enjoying the gorgeous view!

red tulips

5. Pink Tulips

pink tulips

These delicate pink tulips are every girl’s favorites. Feminine and beautiful, they are perfect to give as gifts or just enjoy blooming in your own garden.

pink double tulips

These pink double tulips make stunning bouquets!

6. Blue Tulips

blue tulips

Yes, blue tulips do exist. They are not easy to find, but when you see one, they’re breathtaking. Now I really want to get some for my garden.

7. Parrot Tulips

yellow parrot tulip

Parrot Tulips are an exotic type of tulip that takes the spotlight in your garden as they bloom in late spring. Featuring fringed and scalloped petals, and gorgeous striations, you can’t but fall in love with these!

purple parrot tulips

striped parrot tulip

parrot tulips in flower bed

Parrot tulips combined with other types of tulips make a beautiful arrangement.

8. Star Tulips

red star tulip

These gorgeous stat tulips are definitely a star amongst the many tulips. A must-have in every tulip garden!

yellow star tulip

As you’ve seen there are lots of tulip varieties worth enjoying. They can be grown by pretty much anyone with very little effort. I hope this tulip gallery inspired you to create your own tulip garden, or at least your colorful tulip container. If you want to learn more about tulip types and varieties, check out this page at BHG

Frequently asked questions about tulips

How many tulip varieties are there?

Too many to count. Ther are single, double, fringed, parrot, lily-shaped, single color, bicolor, multicolor, and so on.

How do you multiply tulips?

Leave the bulbs in the ground, rather than taking them out every fall. While in the ground, they’ll grow clusters of new bulbs that you can then separate for new flowers.

Are blue tulips real?

Unfortunately, no: there are no blue tulips. 

Are there black tulips?

Yes, Queen of the night tulips are almost black (they are actually a dark purple). So are the black parrot tulips.

How many years will a tulip bulb bloom?

Most tulips will bloom for 3 to 5 years after which their blooming will reduce. Pull out tulip bulbs every couple of years to separate the new bulbs and perpetuate your tulips

deep pink tulips

8 Tulip Varieties For Your Garden
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