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5 Adorable Giraffe Planters For Your Home

If you’re looking for some cute planters, you are in luck today. These adorable giraffe planters are a great and unique way to display your plants in the house (or out on your porch).


Cute giraffe planter

There are a lot of unique planters shaped like giraffes, made from different materials. The most popular and attractive are made of ceramic, which is shown in our top five picks. But don’t ignore those made of wooden, cement, or wire: each has its unique charm. 

Speaking of ceramic giraffe planters, these have great versatility with the ability to be more realistic and colorful. There are also a few that are minimalistic and cute so they can fit with any style. These tend to be affordable and readily available: all you have to do is try and pick between the super cute designs!

No matter which type you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find your new giraffe planter on this page!

Bits and Pieces - Giraffe Planter - Yard Decorations - Wildlife Animal Urn for Plants - Indoor/Outdoor Decoration - Safari Inspired Yard Art

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Giraffe Planters – Comparison Table

Bits and Pieces - Giraffe Planter
Giraffe Succulent Planter
Giraffe Shaped Succulent Planter
Giraffe Flowerpot
Creative Giraffe Succulent Pot

Giraffe Planters – Reviews

Our Top Pick

Bits and Pieces - Giraffe Planter - Yard Decorations - Wildlife Animal Urn for Plants - Indoor/Outdoor Decoration - Safari Inspired Yard Art

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This cute little planter is designed from a realistic image of a giraffe and can be used for all sorts of small plants and succulents.

There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the planter so you have the option to either plant your flowers straight into it or place them into it with the help of a nursery pot. 

The material used is polyresin which is both durable and able to add to the realistic feel of the planter. What’s more, is that this makes it weatherproof so you can keep it inside or outside without having to worry about the weather forecast.

The planter measures 10″ x 6″ x 9-½ inches with the opening being  4-5/8″ x 4-½ inches, so will suit a small to medium plant perfectly.

The oddly shaped pot may seem as though there is a lot of wasted space if you’re using it with a nursery pot, however, this doubles as extra breathing space and more drainage. 

  • A very realistic model for giraffe lovers.
  • Durable and weatherproof.
  • Drainage hole included.
  • Some users have had problems with leakages.
  • The odd shape is a little awkward with some nursery pots.

Giraffe Planters Buyer’s Guide

Material Used

The material you want your giraffe planter to be made out of will depend on a lot of individual factors that you’ll need to consider before committing to your new planter. Below we’ll look at the two most popular: ceramic and wicker.


Giraffe planters made from ceramic are the most commonly manufactured and therefore there is a vast variety out there. Ceramic planters are very versatile in the way they look. You can get multiple different designs such as realistic giraffes to cute and minimalistic giraffes.

Ceramic is cheaper than wicker, however, it is also easier to break. So, you should consider where you’re planning on placing your plant and whether it’s likely to be knocked over and broken easily.


Wicker giraffe planters are lovely to look at and are much more uncommon than ceramic planters, making them appealing to a lot of plant owners. That being said, they’re also much more expensive. Also, they’re usually lighter colors, which will show dirt up easily. Putting a plant, which lives in dirt, near a white dirt-grabbing fabric may not be the best idea if you have little ones or pesky cats who like to knock things over.


The size of your planter is going to need to be the right size for your plant. If you want to have it long-term, get a planter one or two sizes up from the current plant so it can grow into it once you begin repotting it.

Planters are measured in diameter, so measure your nursery pot straight across from the widest section to find the diameter in centimeters. Choose a planter that is a few centimeters wider than the nursery pot so you can water the plant easily.


Giraffe planters can be particularly peculiar shapes as some have oval-shaped insides for the outside to look like a giraffe lying down. If this is the case, consider whether your plant is going to be able to fit into it while still in its nursery pot, as the oval can be very misleading. If you’d prefer to re-pot a plant straight into the planter, ensure there is a decently sized drainage hole to prevent the roots from rotting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you plant in an indoor giraffe container?

Any houseplant that will fit, really! Indoor planters typically don’t have a drainage system so it is advised to put a plant still in the nursery pot into your indoor planter. However, if it has a drainage hole then go nuts!

Some of the more popular houseplants are:

  • monstera deliciosa
  • golden pothos
  • lucky bamboo
  • orchids
  • sansevieria

As long as you place them in the correct lighting inside your house and have enough room to breathe, there aren’t too many rules as to which houseplant is allowed in which type of planter.

Do you need to put rocks at the bottom of a planter?

It is better to put rocks at the bottom of a planter when you’re planting something straight into a non-draining planter. Placing a layer of stones at the bottom will allow the water to drain in between the rocks and not pool around the plant’s roots. This will prevent them from rotting due to the excess water.

If you’re using a nursery pot it’s likely you won’t need a layer of rocks underneath it unless the particular plant is very finicky and is slightly rootbound in its nursery pot.

What’s the best material for planters?

It depends on the plant. If the plant is always thirsty and needs watering every day, ceramic or plastic pots are fine as long as the drainage holes are generous. If your plant is pickier and likes to have dry soil in between waterings, terracotta is good, since it absorbs all the water and prevents the roots from sitting in lots of water.

Adorable giraffe planters for your home

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