How to Freeze Zucchini 4 Different Ways

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​Help! I’m drowning in zucchini! How can I preserve some for later? If you ask me, freezing is my favorite method of preserving my harvest. Wonder how to freeze zucchini? You can freeze zucchini whole, sliced, shredded and spiralized. It’s so easy! See below for details on every method of freezing zucchini.

Lots of zucchini: learn how to freeze zucchini for later use

Zucchini is a very popular vegetable and a great one for gardeners to grow. It usually gives great yields too. So, if you end up with loads of summer zucchini, you might want to know what to do with it all so that it doesn’t go bad. Zucchini is very easy to grow and it has a long growing season. That means you may end up with a whole lot of it and you don’t want it to go to waste.

How to Freeze Zucchini For Later Use

1. Can You Freeze Zucchini Whole?

Beautiful green zucchini

If you’re busy and have too  many zucchinis, you might be wondering if you can just freeze them whole. You sure can freeze your zucchini as is, if you plan to use them in a couple months.

Freezing zucchini whole isn’t the best way to preserve them, and it’ll be harder to use them when thawed. But sometimes we need to do it to save the zucchini.

Large freezer bags work well for storing them, preventing freezer burn, and making it easy to pull them out later when you need them.

What can you do with whole (or sliced in big chunks) frozen zucchini? Not too many things, but here are some ideas. Make a cream of zucchini soup, a sauce for pasta or mashed potatoes, or roughly chop them up (after thawing) and add them to a veggie soup.

Interesting fact: Did you know that luffa gourds taste just like zucchini when picked very young?

2. Can You Freeze Zucchini Slices?

sliced zucchini

Freezing sliced zucchini is better than freezing them whole. This way they’ll take less space in the freezer, and be ready for cooking once thawed out.

However, just like many other vegetables, zucchini has enzymes that will deplete the nutrients in it over time. It will also soften and discolor the vegetable. So, you should blanch the zucchini first.

Blanching is really just a very quick bath in boiling water, followed by a dip in iced water. The blanching process will destroy the enzymes, as well as any other bacteria that might be lurking around on your zucchini. Once you’ve blanched, you’re ready to put them in the freezer.

Portion them out into pint or quart sized freezer baggies and freeze them. It just makes it easier to store them and they take up less space in the freezer when placed in there properly.

3. Can You Freeze Zucchini Noodles?

Zucchini noodles, also known as zoodles

Another great idea is to freeze your zucchini noodles. Start out by making your zoodles with a spiralizer (I use and LOVE this one), then salt them and let them drain in a colander for a few minutes. Soak up the liquid with a paper towel and then store them in a single serving container.

Then when you’re ready for some zucchini pasta, you just pull them out, put the frozen zoodles in a colander and immerse it into boiling water for a minute or two: and they’re ready to eat!

4. Can You Freeze Shredded Zucchini?

shredded zucchini

You can definitely freeze shredded zucchini. BTW, if you shred a lot of vegetables you should get a small food processor. I promise you won’t regret this decision. You’ll save your arms (it gets tiring to shred 10 zucchinis), and a lot of time. It takes less then 20 seconds to shred a zucchini.

Once shredded, portion the zucchini out into small bags and stack them up in the freezer. Think ahead to what you’ll be using the frozen shredded zucchini for and choose the right size container.

Frozen shredded veggies will bunch up into one clump and if you don’t need that much, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to separate just how much you need from a frozen chunk.

Label your frozen zucchini

BigKitchen - Freezer Labels with Red Border, 2 pack (Set of 200)Freezer Labels with Red Border, 2 pack (Set of 200) No matter how you freeze your zucchini, I highly recommend writing the date on the outside of the freezer bag. This is very important, especially if you’re making different batches on different days. You will want to eat it in order.

Some people also like to put the way it’s prepared on the bag – whole, slices, shredded, etc. – because once frozen it will all look about the same. It’ll also make it easier when sorting through a bunch of frozen goods to find what you need for a recipe.

Now you know so much more about freezing zucchini and you are ready to give it a try for yourself. When you’re ready to thaw and use your frozen zucchini, it’s best when served with other veggies. You could put it in a soup, or use it for a pasta sauce. It doesn’t always work as well in stir-fries, or teamed veggie dishes once it’s been frozen.

Learn how to freeze other fresh produce.

Of course, make sure you eat some of it now, while fresh 😉

There are so many different ways to make zucchini, you will never run out of ways to make it.

You can make zucchini bread, sautéed zucchini, muffins, put it in salad, zucchini pancakes, pizza, frittata, and quiche. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many wonderful things you can do now that you know how to freeze zucchini!

Here's how to freeze zucchini 4 different ways: whole, sliced, shredded and noodles. They'll be ready for cooking and baking delicious healthy recipes in the cooler months. Great for low carb and gluten free recipes.

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