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The Most Ordered Amazon Gardening Products

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE buying many of my gardening accessories online. Since I have links to Amazon throughout the site, I thought I’d look at the most ordered (wanted) Amazon gardening products.

Amazon gardening products

I hope you find something you might not have thought about but need for your garden (or a gardener friend)!

Top Amazon Gardening Products In 2024

QAUZUY GARDEN 100 Rare Blue Common Evening Primrose Seeds Exotic Ornamental Plant Bonsai Garden Decor Low-Maintenance Attract Pollinators

  1. The most ordered product on this site is the cheapest one: Rare Blue Evening Primrose Seeds for Planting. These evening primroses look almost unreal, and they’ll be perfect if you want to add some blue flowers to your garden!
  2. Next are these Mixed Colors of Four O’Clock Flower Seeds. These flowers are not only beautiful, but they help kill Japanese beetles. When June comes around, you’ll want to have some of them blooming in your garden!
  3. This pack of Luffa Gourd Seeds is the third most ordered Amazon product. I planted some last year and enjoyed growing my own luffa sponges.
  4. This book was next on the list of things gardeners bought. For more garden books, check out this post that lists my favorite gardening books for beginners.
  5. The Herbal Apothecary was also a favorite of gardeners. I mentioned it in my post about medicinal plants you can grow in your garden.
  6. In my post about vegetable garden design, I mentioned these 10-gallon smart pots, and some gardeners went nuts for them. They are great for potted plants you need (or want) to move around. They are easy to maintain, and they’ll keep your garden organized.  
  7. These Pink Iris Plants are in my Amazon cart right now because I want to see these flowers with my own eyes. They are so beautiful! I think I mentioned these on my Facebook page once, and it looks like many of my followers loved them.
  8. If you love cardinals, you must get a bag of their favorite seed blend. And, of course, get a cardinal bird feeder, one suited for big birds.
  9. These waterproof Sloggers sell like hotcakes in the spring. Learn more about the benefits of wearing garden Slogger shoes.
  10. The last on this list of 10 Amazon garden products was this 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker by Presto, which you’ll need if you plan to do any canning. Learn more about canning here.

The 10 Most Wanted Amazon Garden Products in The Previous Year

Well, curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to see what gardeners’ favorites were last year. Here are the  10 most ordered Amazon garden products for last year. Of course, this is for the entire last year, while the above are for the first 3 months only.

  1. This Solar Powered Motion Activated Outdoor Pest Repeller was last year’s top seller. I mentioned it in my post about keeping rabbits out of the garden.
  2. Many gardeners love making zoodles from their zucchini, so this spiralizer sold a lot! I own it and use it to make zucchini noodles that I sometimes freeze for later.
  3. My post about how to change hydrangea colors is very popular, especially with Pinterest lovers. And to make that color change, you need to either acidify or alkalinize the soil. This Organic Soil Acidifier helps turn hydrangeas blue 🙂
  4. Ruth Stout’s gardening method is very popular. This book explains her gardening without work method.
  5. Poison ivy around your yard is no fun! So, if you tried everything to get rid of it unsuccessfully, you might want to try this herbicide.
  6. Have you heard of Groot Planters? They are so cute! This set was my visitor’s favorite.
  7. Hummingbirds are so cute, fleeting around your garden! This is one of their favorite feeders. Don’t forget to plant some of their favorite red flowers!
  8. If you got unwanted caterpillars in your garden, you’ll need this!
  9. Men seem to like these garden sloggers. If you want to see other popular gardening shoes for men, I gathered the top 10 men’s gardening shoes here.
  10. Interestingly, this book is the only item in both years’ top 10 gardening products ordered from Amazon.

I hope you had fun looking at other gardeners’ Amazon purchases, and hopefully, you found something you liked for your own garden!

Top 10 Amazon garden products

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