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Best Non Kinking Garden Hose

It’s no secret that in order to keep your garden looking as beautiful as possible, your plants need to be regularly watered, especially in periods of hot weather. And if you ever had to fight to keep your water hose straight, you’ll love knowing which one is the best non kinking garden hose.

garden hose rolled up nicely

Not watering often enough will cause leaves to droop and wilt, leave your entire garden looking drab and unhealthy, and can even cause stunted growth or lead to the plant dying entirely.

But, as with many other tasks around the garden, watering can be seen as a bit of a chore. Poor water pressure, leaks in the hose or annoying kinks can leave you feeling frustrated and, mixed with trying to untangle the hose that has knotted itself up as you’ve been dragging it around the garden, will leave you in no rush to get watering again.

Of course, watering cans are an option to defeat these problems, however, they require regular refilling and constant trips back and forth to the faucet will soon become tiresome, not to mention the weight of the watering can when filled will be a really uncomfortable load to carry, especially if you’ve got a large garden.

So just how do you take the hard work and frustration out of watering the garden? Well, we have found the answer!

A non-kinking hose pipe won’t only make watering your garden a much more manageable experience and give an uninterrupted supply of water straight from your faucet to your plants, but many of these amazing hoses also come with extra features that will ensure watering is as easy as can be.

But, as with all things, there are so many available options to choose from that things can become a little overwhelming. So, to make things a little clearer, we’ve listed our five favorites below, along with a buying guide on what to look out for before making your final decision.

Come join us as we take you on a journey through the best non-kinking garden hoses, and pretty soon you’ll be watering your plants with ease, leaving you with a blossoming garden that will bring your hours of joy.

If your garden is in desperate need of a good watering, and you need a non-kinking garden hose that will get the job done with ease, take a look at our top pick below.

You might also need a retractable garden hose.

Best Non Kinking Garden Hose – Comparison Table

Teknor Apex Neverkink Heavy Duty
Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose
TBI Pro Flexible Garden Hose
Aterod Expandable Garden Hose
Todoya 100ft Expandable Hose

Best Non Kinking Garden Hose – Reviews

Our Top Pick

Apex Teknor 100519499 NeverKink 8615-50, Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 5/8-Inch by 50-Feet

Our rating:
Yellow star

Available in lengths from 50ft up to 100ft, this non-kinking garden hose from Teknor Apex is perfect for small and large gardens alike.

Its ultra-flexible design makes it easy to handle and maneuver around your garden. It can even be operated at a 45-degree position without affecting performance, making it ideal for watering hanging baskets and those harder-to-reach places.

The hose itself is constructed using Reflex Mesh™ technology, a network of super-strong mesh that never kinks, twists, or tangles. That means that you can easily transport it around flower beds and pockets of planting without it getting knotted up in itself.

This nonkinking garden hose also incorporates MircroShield™ antimicrobial protection, so you can rest assured that your hose won’t collect mold and mildew, or harbor bacteria, keeping it clean and easy to maintain with minimal effort.

On top of all of these features, this hose contains industrial grade couplings made with high strength, lead-free aluminum that won’t rust or corrode, and a flexible power coil strain relief also helps prevent kinking at the faucet. In fact, these couplings are so strong that they are even able to withstand crushing pressure up to 1400 pounds!

  • Available in 50ft, 75ft and 100ft lengths
  • The ultra-flexible design makes it easy to handle and maneuver with no risk of kinking
  • Constructed from Reflex Mesh™ technology that is guaranteed to never kink, twist or tangle
  • Contains MircoShield™ antimicrobial protection, so your hose won’t collect mold and mildew, or harbor bacteria
  • Uses industrial grade couplings made from rust and corrosion-proof aluminum, which also prevents kinking at the faucet
  • Some customers have noted that this hose can be quite heavy to use when in operation

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Garden Hose, 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core, 50 ft Black

Our rating:
Yellow star

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this expandable garden hose from Flexi Hose is designed to make watering your borders and vegetable patches easy, and its kink free design takes the frustration out of twists and tangles.

Constructed using the highest quality materials available, the double latex pipe and brass connectors ensure that there won’t be any leaks from either the hose or from the faucet when it’s in operation and is so powerful that it can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure at temperatures up to 113°F!

This garden hose also expands up to 3x its size once the water is switched on and then shrinks down again without kinking or tangling once the water is shut off, making it extremely easy to store.

Complete with an 8 pattern nozzle, you have ultimate control over the strength of the water flow and are able to customize the best watering option for your plants, from a light shower to a powerful jet.

This hose also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’ll be covered in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver without any risk of kinking
  • Built from double latex and brass to ensure there are never any leaks in either the hose or from the faucet
  • Expands up to 3x its size when in use, and then shrinks back down when the water is shut off, making it super easy to store
  • Comes with an 8 pattern nozzle, allowing you to choose the correct water flow for your plants
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee
  • In order to get the hose to shrink back down again, it needs to be emptied of water. Therefore you’ll need to turn it off just before you finish watering or empty it down a drain

TBI Pro Garden Hose Expandable and Flexible - Super Durable 3750D Fabric | 4-Layers Flex Strong Latex | No-Rust Brass Connectors with Protectors - Water Hoses for Gardening - Kink Free (50FT Only)

Our rating:
Yellow star

Including a super-strong, non-kinking hose, alloy sprayer, 2-way splitter, hose hanger, and storage bag this garden hose set from TBI Pro contains everything you need to keep your garden well watered.

The hose itself is constructed from 3750D fabric and 4 layers of latex, for supreme flexibility without any risk of kinking or tangling, as well as being strong enough to ensure no abrasive damage that results in leaks.

The durable brass connectors are rust-proof, and will also prevent any leaking at the faucet, and the splitter allows you to connect a second hose to the same faucet or fill a watering can without having to disconnect the hose. There are even shut-off valves that ensure water doesn’t come through the second connector when not in use.

Complete with a super durable sprayer head, constructed from zinc alloy and designed with an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold, you can choose from 9 different spray patterns, allowing you to deliver a gentler flow of water to delicate plants and seedlings, or a more powerful shower to established plants and trees.

Expandable by 3 x its own length when in operation, this flexible hose shrinks back down for easy storage on the included hose hanger or can be stored away to overwinter in the storage bag.

  • A garden watering set that contains a non-kinking hose, 9 pattern sprayer, 2-way splitter, hose hanger, and storage bag
  • Constructed from super strong 3750D fabric that ensures no kinking or leaking
  • Rustproof brass connectors also ensure no leaking at the faucet
  • The 9 pattern spray head allows you to swap between different flows of water for delicate and established plants
  • Expands 3 x its size when in use, and then shrinks down again for easy storage
  • Only available in 50ft length, so not ideal if you have a garden that exceeds this length

Aterod 50FT Garden Hose Expandable Hose, Flexible Water Hose with Spray Nozzle, Car Wash Hose with Solid Brass Connector, Leakproof Lightweight Expanding Pipe for Watering and Washing

Our rating:
Yellow star

Built using lightweight and flexible material, this expandable garden hose from Aterod has been designed to allow you to carry out essential gardening tasks without ever kinking, twisting, or tangling.

Expanding from 17ft up to 50ft in seconds when the water is switched on, this non-kinking hose is constructed from highly durable 3750D polyester fabric with a triple layer flexible latex interior, ensuring no leaks or tangling.

Solid brass connectors give you a leak-proof, secure connection at the faucet which can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure, allowing you to operate the hose at full blast without fear of wasting any water.

The included 9 pattern spray head allows you to choose the perfect watering pressure for your plants, and when you’ve finished watering the hose shrinks back down to its original size for easy storage on the included hose hanger.

  • Expands from 17ft to 50ft in just a few seconds
  • Constructed from 3750D polyester fabric with a triple layer flexible interior ensuring no kinking or tangling
  • Includes solid brass protectors to prevent leaking from the faucet
  • The 9 pattern spray head gives you full control over the flow of water
  • Shrinks down when not in use for easy storage
  • Only available in a 50ft length, so not the best option for very large gardens

100 ft Expandable Garden Hose,100 Feet Leakproof Lightweight Garden Water Hose with Spray Nozzle,Superior Strength 3750D Expanding Garden Hoses,Durable Outdoor Gardening Flexible Hose for Watering

Our rating:
Yellow star

Ideal for a variety of tasks around the garden, this expandable hose from Todoya has been designed to give you up to 100ft of use without any risk of kinking or twisting, giving you ultimate control and power.

Constructed using highly durable materials, this hose features a 3750D polyester fabric cover that allows it to expand and shrink without any tearing or cracking, making it totally leakproof. It also has brass connectors that prevent leaking at the faucet, as well as being rust and corrosion-proof.

Able to handle up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113°F, this non-kinking hose allows you to operate it at full blast without losing any power, and the included 9-pattern spray head gives you ultimate control over water flow. The spray head is also slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands when in use.

Once you’ve finished your watering, simply turn off the faucet, empty the water through the spray head and the hose will shrink back down to its original size, making it super easy to store away. There is even an included hose hanger and storage bag, so you can keep it neatly packed away when it’s not in use.

  • Expands up to 100ft within a few seconds of the faucet being switched on, then shrinks back down when not in use
  • The 3750D highly durable polyester cover allows the hose to expand without any kinks or twisting
  • Brass connectors ensure no leaks at the faucet and are also corrosion and rustproof
  • Can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113°F
  • Includes a hose hanger and a storage bag
  • Some customers noted that the outer fabric eventually got some snags on it, however, this did not affect the performance

Best Non-Kinking Garden Hose – Buyers Guide

If you want to keep your plants looking healthy and full of life all summer long, then a non-kinking hose is an essential addition to your gardening equipment. However, before you settle on your final decision, there are a few considerations you need to give some thought to in order to make sure you pick the right one.

We’ve highlighted some key points below that you might want to keep in mind when you’re looking for a kink free garden hose, and that will help you find the perfect one for your needs the first time around.

Hose length

The first thing you need to consider is how far you need your garden hose to reach. Accidentally buying a hose that is too short to reach all the way to the end of your garden will result in frustration, and mean that you’ll need to find an alternative way to water the plants right at the back.

Most non kinking garden hoses start from 50ft in length, which is ample for a smaller garden or courtyard. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a large garden there are some hoses available in lengths of 75ft and even 100ft. They should allow you to easily reach all parts of your garden and flowerbeds.

Bear in mind that the majority of non-kinking hoses are also designed to expand when they’re in use, and shrink back down again once they’ve been emptied, so if the idea of a 50ft hose pipe seems like it might take up too much space in your garden, remember that it will only be around 17ft when it’s not in use, and can be easily wound up and compactly stored away.

Materials for garden hoses

Non-entangling garden hoses come in a variety of materials, but when you’re looking at what your hose is made of, some materials will provide you with added benefits. The materials used on a hosepipe can be broken down into two categories; exterior materials and interior materials.

First and foremost, the exterior material needs to be durable and tough enough to withstand being dragged around the garden without snagging or cracking, which can lead to holes and leaks. It also needs to be flexible enough to handle any corners and curves your garden has.

A good exterior material to look for is 3750D polyester, which is strong enough to handle being hauled across multiple surface textures but still offers great flexibility, whilst all the while keeping the interior material of the hose well protected.

The interior material of a garden hose is where the non-kinking element comes in. Much like the exterior material, this needs to be strong and flexible, but also able to withstand high water pressures and temperatures.

Look for a hose that has an inner material such as triple latex, which will be able to handle up to 12 bars of water pressure and temperatures up to 113°F, whilst still being flexible enough to ensure a non-kinking, tangle-free performance.

Garden hose connectors

The hosepipe itself is only half the battle when it comes to watering the garden, and the connection to the faucet needs to be secure and leak-proof in order to provide you with a strong flow of water.

Take a look at the materials that the connectors your non-kinking hose comes with are made of, as this can greatly impact performance. Aluminum and brass connectors are by far the best, as they will easily thread onto your faucet tightly, and ensure that there are no drips or leaks at the source of the water.

Connectors that are made of either aluminum or brass are also corrosion resistant and rustproof, which is pretty essential when they are going to have a lot of water running through them.

There are plastic connectors available to use with garden hoses, however, these are far more likely to crack under water pressure or break if they are accidentally dropped. So it’s always the better option to choose either aluminum or brass.

Sprayer head

Watering your plants isn’t as simple as ‘point and shoot’. Many different plants require different pressures and flows of water to get optimum growth from them. Almost all non-kinking garden hoses come equipped with sprayer heads that offer a wide variety of watering patterns. The more patterns are available to you, the better.

The great thing about multiple watering patterns is the growing opportunities that open up to you. For instance, if you’ve just sown some seeds and need a light misting of water, there will be a pattern that can deliver a very light water flow. Or, if you’ve planted a tree and need to give it a good drink to settle it in, you’ll be able to choose a more powerful jet of water.

Multi-pattern spray heads really do have an option for every watering need, so it’s always worth investing in a non-kinking hose that comes with one as standard.

Extra features

As with all things, it’s always worth seeing what else you can get for your money, and non-kinking hoses are no exception to this rule.

Some garden hoses come with two-way splitters, which include a shut-off valve. These allow you to operate your garden hose without wasting any water or needing to disconnect it if you need to use your outdoor tap for another purpose. Two-way splitters are also great if you’d like to fill a watering can or fill a dog’s water bowl, all while your hose pipe is still in use.

To help keep your garden looking neat and tidy, a lot of non-kinking garden hoses also come with a hanger. This means that, once your hose has shrunk back down to its original size, you can easily collect it up and hang it. Doing this also keeps the hose off the floor, which helps keep it clean and reduces the risk of it collecting any bacteria.

Another fantastic accessory available with some kink free hoses is a storage bag. This allows you to disconnect the hose from the outside faucet and store it away safely when it’s not needed over the winter months.

Best non kinking garden hose

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