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Sloggers Garden Shoes Bring Comfort and Personality to Your Gardening

Have you heard of Sloggers garden shoes? I just recently learned about them and I’m in love! These shoes are so easy to slip on and off! And if you get muddy, no worries: you can just hose them off and they’re ready to be used again!

Clogs and flower pot on the stairs

Gardening is a passion for most people, which means it’s a big part of many people’s personalities. Gardening enthusiasts think about their backyard creations wherever they are: at sporting events, parties, and even school functions for their children.

When tending your garden, you should feel in your element. So it’s no surprise that garden lovers would rather be digging up weeds during a rainstorm than anything else. Garden shoes made by Sloggers are not only going to offer you premium comfort, but they are also going to make sure that your love for gardening shines through bright and bold.

If you’re in a hurry, and you KNOW you need a pair of Sloggers, this one is my favorite (and the favorite of many of our readers)!

Want the best gardening shoes for yourself? You’ll find them on this page for sure 😉

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe for Women – Outdoor Slip On Rain and Garden Clogs with Premium Comfort Insole, (Bee Light Blue), (Size 9)



Your garden is the perfect place to show off your fashion sense and your passion for planting. The women’s line of Sloggers gardening shoes is built on fashion, comfort, and responsibility. You can choose from a variety of decorative patterns on your women’s garden shoes that include classic black, polka dots, and flowers (of course). You can buy several pairs and make sure that you are wearing a design that matches your mood for the day.

These shoes are designed for comfort with their form-fitting shape and their interior padding. We call the insoles the “All-Day Comfort” insoles because that is exactly what they are.

You can attend to your passion all day long without your feet giving out on you, and the deep tread on the soles make it easy to move in the mud. These yard shoes are partially made from recycled materials, which gives you peace of mind.

Sloggers Garden Shoes for Men

Sloggers Men's Waterproof Shoe with Comfort Insole, Brown, Size 11, Style 5301BN11Sloggers Men’s Waterproof Shoe with Comfort InsoleAmazon buy buttonSloggers Men's Premium Garden Clog , Black, Size 11, Style 261BK11Men’s Premium Sloggers Garden Clog Amazon buy button

Guys like style and comfort and that is exactly what Sloggers delivers with its men’s line of garden shoes. The men’s selections include clogs and full garden shoes. These give guys the chance to choose their comfort level.

Male clogs are becoming extremely popular lately. So garden clogs from Sloggers help give guys the choice of footgear they want for their gardening passion. The shoe design has the “All-Day Comfort” insole that makes it easy to be out in the sunshine all day long.

The Sloggers men’s garden shoes come in standard but practical colors. Dark brown and black are the two primary choices for well-built shoes that can take a beating in any weather.

The slick outer surface of these practical work shoes makes them very easy to clean, even after a day of removing weeds in the rain and mud.

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoes

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe for Women – Outdoor Slip On Rain and Garden Clogs with Premium Comfort Insole, Classic Black

Gardening is not something you only do when the sun is shining. Real gardeners are out there every day in all types of weather tending to their plants and making their little part of the world a better place.

If you are gardening in the wrong shoes, then you usually realize it when that first rainstorm of the summer hits.

There are few things more uncomfortable than wet feet in a boot or shoe. Things only get worse if you make the tragic mistake of wearing wool socks.

The solution to your wet weather gardening woes comes in the form of gardening shoes, clogs, and boots from Sloggers. The slick outer surface of these gardening shoes is not only gorgeous to look at, but it also makes these shoes extremely easy to clean.

Committed gardeners want footgear that enjoys working in the rain and mud as much as they do. They want gardening footwear that doesn’t give up after just one day out in the rain.

In your gardening lifetime, there will be plenty of mud, rain, and just generally nasty conditions. Sloggers have your footgear solution for keeping your feet dry while you get in your day’s worth of work.

Sloggers Rain Garden Shoes

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe for Women – Outdoor Slip On Rain and Garden Clogs with Premium Comfort Insole, (Chickens Daffodil Yellow), (Size 8)

When most people look out their window and see rain, they feel a sense of gloom come over them. But when gardeners see rain, they feel warm inside and cannot wait to get outside. Rain is the lifeblood of any garden, but a garden has to be properly engineered to be able to maximize rain and get water to every plant that needs it. The process of crafting the most water-efficient garden takes years to perfect, but it is well worth the time and effort.

Experienced gardeners also know that going to work in the rain in regular boots or shoes is a big mistake. The sensible gardener wants garden shoes that not only repel the rain but can also allow them ideal traction in muddy conditions.

The Sloggers shoes have deep traction for stealth-like movement in the mud and durable construction that takes rain out of the equation.

The slick and durable surface of these shoes and boots is easy to clean, and the interior insoles are designed for maximum comfort. These are the garden shoes you want when you understand just how important a good rain storm is to your garden.

Sloggers Garden Clogs

Sloggers 260KW10 Women's Premium Garden Clog with Insole


When is fashion important in your gardening gear? It is important when that fashion is not only stylish, but also functional.

Back in the 1970s, clogs became a footwear fashion statement made by both genders. Over time, men became the primary clog wearers and the shoe format thrived. In the early 1980s, clogs gave way to whatever type of footwear Michael Jackson was wearing and a new trend was started.

But in recent years, clogs have been making a comeback and it is men who are once again at the forefront of this footwear revolution. It makes sense that clogs, with their simple design and comfortable feel, are becoming work shoes for several different areas of life.

Sloggers was able to identify that growing trend and offer men garden clogs that can make gardening even more enjoyable. Now gardening became not only a passion for many men around the country but a significant part of the resurgence of a male footwear guilty pleasure.

Sloggers Garden Boots

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot with Comfort Insole, Midsummer Blue, Size 10, Style 5002BL10

Gardening and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly, but finding good gardening boots is not always easy.

Most gardening boots are either boring to look at or so thin that they barely stay up on their own. When you are getting dirty in your garden and really making progress, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not your boots can hold up. Some gardeners try different types of boots to get something that will work, but it is not easy to find the thigh-high footwear you need to tend to your flowers.

Sloggers offers a line of garden boots that have distinctive designs on them, durable material, comfortable insoles, and plenty of traction for moving around in the mud. If you are serious about your gardening, then these are the perfect boots for your needs.

The slick exterior makes these boots easy to clean, and they are designed to be waterproof and comfortable. You need the deep tread on the soles for plenty of traction in the mud. These boots are partially made using recycled materials: I like that!

Where to Buy Sloggers Garden Shoes

Sloggers are made in the USA, something many gardeners appreciate.

If you’re one of those people who like to touch before they buy, you can buy Sloggers gardening shoes in stores like Walmart, Target, and Kohls.

If you’d rather look at a source that gives you the full selection of Sloggers, including all of the shoes with unique patterns and the full line of garden clogs, you could go straight to the online Sloggers store. They should have most models in stock and can ship them quickly to anywhere in the world.

Or, you can go straight to Amazon, where you can buy your favorite style and get it in 2 days flat (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)! These garden shoes represent the ultimate in the perfect footwear for every gardener, no matter how big or small the garden may be. In those moments when it is essential that you get your footgear as quickly as possible, you want to rely on a retailer like Amazon.

Are you ready to try Sloggers shoes?

If you take your gardening seriously, then you should also take your gardening accessories seriously as well. When you think about it, a day out in the garden can be brutal on your feet and back if you are not wearing the right types of footwear.

Instead of trying to use generic footwear or some form of sporting shoes to get the gardening done, your best bet is to invest in shoes that were specifically designed for serious gardeners and their gardening fascination.

Sloggers has the gardening footwear solution that fits all of your criteria and solves problems you didn’t even know you had. This is durable footwear designed to be comfortable doing everything gardeners do. It has a slick outer surface that not only protects against rain and moisture but makes these shoes very easy to clean.

You can buy a pair of garden shoes with some personality, or you can stay with a functional design that shows that you are serious about your gardening passion. Either way, a good pair of garden shoes should be at the top of your wish list if your passion involves making your little slice of the planet as beautiful as possible.

A pair of sloggers and a pot with pink flowers at the bottom of the steps of the stairs

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