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25 Manly Gardening Gifts For Men Who Love To Garden

Men are usually easy to shop for. But if you’re stuck and need some help, these gardening gifts for men should get your creative juices going. Giving a gift that has meaning is the best gift you could give him.

Garden accessories, including gloves, pruners and a garden journal

Men are practical and love gifts with a purpose. Give him a gift that will help him accomplish more in the garden, and he’ll love you for it.

Christmas is the perfect time to give some unique gardening gifts to your man. Choose gifts that will get him excited about his garden, come spring, summer, and fall!

Are you ready? Here are some ideas of great gifts for men who love gardening, that are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s day, or just because.

Unusual Garden Gifts For Men

If you’d rather come up with a gift that’s unusual to make it more special, you’ll love these!

Insect hotel – a nice insect house that creates the perfect environment for insects to lay their eggs and overwinter.

Fish out of water garden stakes – a fun garden accessory for men who love gardening and fishing.

A powerful Greenworks lawnmower will make him happy for sure!

Orchard rack – for the serious gardener, this will be the perfect gift. They’ll be able to store their garden harvest and enjoy it for months to come.

Self-watering vertical garden wall – to keep him gardening indoors during the cold months.

Amish decorative planter –  great for both indoor and outdoor display. This planter is adorable!

Solar-powered multi-colored tulip wind spinner – beautiful garden piece and the perfect conversation starter 🙂

Oyster mushroom growing kit – why not give him the opportunity to grow something during the winter too? This is fun!

Funky vegetable kit – I bet this will blow him away!

Do you have a woman who loves gardening in your life? Here are some of the best gardening gifts for women

Protective Gardening Gifts For Men

Magid Glove & Safety Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves
  • Puncture resistant padded palm
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Knuckle guard gives added protection from thorns
View On Amazon →
Vgo... Cow Split Leather Men's Work Gloves with Safety Cuff
  • DIY heavy duty works
  • High-quality split 
  • Safety cuff for extra protection
View On Amazon →
Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves
  • Suitable for any job and guaranteed a pleasure to wear.
  • Bare hand sensitivity
  • Comfortable and durable
View On Amazon →
Muck Boot Muckster Ll Men's Rubber Garden Shoes
  • Rubber
  • Excellent waterproof
  • Stretch-fit Comfort 
View On Amazon →
Muck Boot The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe
  • Stretch-fit topline binding
  • Rubber sole
  • 100% waterproof
View On Amazon →
The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe
  • 100% Synthetic and fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof 
View On Amazon →
NoCry Professional Knee Pads
  • Easy to adjust
  • Soft gel core and durable
  • Ideal for working on concrete 
View On Amazon →
Thick Kneeling Pad
  • Durable and high density foam
  • Comfortable kneeling pad
  • Multi-functional kneeler
View On Amazon →
Permaculture Design
  • Based on the 72-hour permaculture design certificate course
  • Supplies all the needs of humanity
  • Introduces you to a new way of looking at the world
View On Amazon →
All New Square Foot Gardening
  • Teaches how to become a successful DIY square foot gardener
  • Explains how you can make gardening fun for kids
  • Updated tips for selecting materials
View On Amazon →

Many men would rather not use protective gardening gear than go shopping for it. But I promise you, if you gift it o him, he’ll gladly use your gift.

Gardening gloves are very important for anyone digging in the dirt. If you have roses or larger bushes, a pair of long garden gloves can protect his hands from getting pricked, scratched, and infected.

Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves withProfessional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves withAmazon buy buttonCow Split Leather Men's Work Gloves with Safety CuffCow Split Leather Men’s Work Gloves with Safety CuffAmazon buy buttonUltimate Barehand Sensitivity Work Glove for GardeningUltimate Barehand Sensitivity Work Glove for GardeningAmazon buy button

Same with gardening shoes. They’ll keep your feet safe from all kinds of things in the garden: sharp objects (like that rake you forgot “teeth” up), ants, rocks, and other unexpected things on the ground. My husband LOVES his Muck gardening boots!

Muckster ll Men's Rubber Garden ShoesMuckster ll Men’s Rubber Garden ShoesAmazon buy buttonThe Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp ShoeThe Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp ShoeAmazon buy buttonMuckBoots Daily Garden ShoeMuckBoots Daily Garden ShoeAmazon buy button

Knee pads are a lifesaver for those days when you need to weed the garden or plant your garlic. Kneeling on the ground gets old really fast, and a good pair of knee pads can do miracles.

Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Comfortable Gel Cushion,Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam Padding and Comfortable Gel Cushion,Amazon buy buttonRED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad - Garden Kneeler for Gardening,RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad – Garden Kneeler for Gardening,Amazon buy button

Gardening Books To Get Inspired

No matter how long he’s been in the garden, there’s always something new he could learn about bettering his skills. It could be a new gardening method (maybe he could learn about permaculture, or aquaponics, or some other exciting agricultural development).

Maybe learn about container gardening or raised bed gardening.

Or if he gets sad when he’s not able to get out in the garden, a gardening magazine subscription could lift up his spirits.

 Permaculture Design - book coverPermaculture DesignAmazon buy buttonAll New Square Foot GardeningAll New Square Foot GardeningAmazon buy buttonAquaponic Gardening - book coverAquaponic GardeningAmazon buy button

Useful Gardening Gifts For Men

The right gifts will get any man to be ecstatic about getting some new gardening “toys”! Isn’t it the dream of most gardeners to dig around in the dirt and get just a little dirty?

Gardening gifts given during the Christmas holiday show him just how much you care. Noticing that he enjoys working in the garden and then remembering it enough to give him more great gardening tools is an extremely thoughtful way to celebrate the holidays.

Maybe he doesn’t have a large garden but still loves adding colorful flowers to his entrance. Give him a  nice, big outdoor planter. I promise he’ll love it!

Gardening Journal with plant recordGardening Journal with plant recordAmazon buy button13-Pieces Garden Tools Kit for Plant Care13-Pieces Garden Tools Kit for Plant CareAmazon buy buttonWater Resistant Apron with 14 PocketsWater Resistant Apron with 14 PocketsAmazon buy buttonGarden Waste Reusable &  Collapsible BagsGarden Waste Reusable &  Collapsible BagsAmazon buy buttonScuddles Garden Tools SetScuddles Garden Tools SetAmazon buy buttonAll-in-One Garden Tool SetAll-in-One Garden Tool SetAmazon buy buttonGardening Tools w/ Garden Gloves and Garden ToteGardening Tools w/ Garden Gloves and Garden ToteAmazon buy button10 Pieces Stainless Steel Garden Tool Sets10 Pieces Stainless Steel Garden Tool SetsAmazon buy button

Easy to use gardening gift for men

It’s no secret that men don’t like to ask for directions or follow instructions. Providing him with easy to use gardening tools is key!

He won’t want to spend his time reading directions or trying to figure out how to put something together. All he’ll want to be doing is start working in his garden!

This easy planter tool is perfect! It’s easy to use, and requires minimal effort to put together!

Metal bulb planter with a long handleEdward Tools Long Handle Bulb Planter – 38” Heavy duty chrome plated steel with bend proof design – Non slip foot plate for step on digging – Quicker planting – Easy dirt plug slide outAmazon buy button

Garden tools to help break up that rough and rocky soil

Depending on where you live, the soil in your garden may need some TLC. Don’t spend a ton of time trying to figure out ways to have that soil broken up by hand.

Luckily, there are plenty of gardening devices out there that can break through all the varying types of rock, clay, or other soil in your state.

Don’t give a gift for the sake of giving something. Instead, give useful gifts that will make an impact in the life of the receiver.

This garden claw is a great addition to any gardening tool shed! It’s super easy to use and can help break up all different types of soil.

It’s a great back saver as well since it can be used standing up!

Unique gardening gifts for men this Christmas

Who knew that there were so many fun and unique gardening gifts out there? Every time the Christmas season comes around, it’s the perfect time to check out all the new gardening inventory!

If you find that you are scratching your head a bit on what he would like, here are some other unique and fun gifts to consider gifting him as well!

Scuddles Garden Tools SetScuddles Garden Tools SetAmazon buy buttonHeirloom Salad Seed Starter KitHeirloom Salad Seed Starter KitAmazon buy buttonBaby Groot FlowerpotBaby Groot FlowerpotAmazon buy button

With this guide for great gardening gifts for men, rest assured that your holiday gift-giving season will be perfect! Plus, the sooner that you buy and wrap, the sooner that you’re ahead of the holiday rush!

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