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7 Unique Gifts For Bird Lovers

If you have a friend or loved one who loves bird watching, you need to look at this list of unique gifts for bird lovers. There are lots of bird watcher gift ideas that any birder would appreciate unwrapping.

Hand painted bird house

Anyone with bird watchers in his family or circle of friends know how passionate these folks can be about the winged world. When it comes to giving gifts for birthdays or other special occasions, tapping into this avian interest is an easy way to come up with a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

Here are a few ideas for gifts for that special bird watcher.

Unique Gifts For Bird Lovers

1. Bird field guides

Small colorful birds

Birders often have a series of field guides, books that include detailed illustrations of birds and information about the species. The guides are often organized regionally so that a bird-watcher can take a corresponding guide when visiting that particular region.

If possible, check out the giftee’s shelf. Look to see if she already has field guides. If so, see who writes the ones on her shelf. She may have a preference for which guides she uses. Note the titles she already has, so that she won’t be given a repeat.

Here are some great bird watchers field guides, perfect for gift giving:

2. Bird song guides

Bird singing

Some bird watchers aren’t just great at identifying bird species by sight; they can also tell a bird by the type of song it sings. There are field guides available that include audio of bird song to help a watcher learn the different calls of birds.

This gift is a fun twist on the traditional field guide and may be particularly useful for someone newer to bird watching.

3. Bird watching checklists

Bird watching checklist

Checklists are great for keeping track of the kind of birds he’s spotted. Another good gift idea for bird lovers. Again, try to figure out if the birder already has a checklist. If so, see if you can find a different kind than one he already owns.

4. Bird watching equipment

Spotting feathered friends often requires more than the naked eye. All bird watchers need a good pair of binoculars, and spotting scopes might make a useful addition to the bird watching arsenal as well. Equipment like cameras and tripods to expand viewing time into photography sessions are other gift options.

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5. External battery charger

A birder can get lost in nature watching for their favorite friends. And long trips out in nature, away from civilization can put a drain on the electronics that help them enjoy their hobby. An external battery charger is perfect for giving them a little extra time doing what they love.

6. Bird watching trips

Instead of items, give an experience. Do a little internet research to lookup local bird watching organizations or bird watching tours and arrange a trip. From a formal bird watching excursion with a local group to a private family outing to a good birding spot, giving an experience is sure to be remembered.

If budget is no problem and adventure a priority, then arranging a bird watching trip out of town – even out of the country is an excellent option.

7. Bring bird watching home

Finally, a fun gift idea for bird watchers is simply to invite the birds to come to them, instead of the other way around. Birdbaths, birdhouses, and bird feeders are all lovely, simple ways to show appreciation to a bird watcher.

Check your local or online bookseller for field guides and other birding books. You can also do a little internet research for local bird-watching clubs or hot spots. This may help inspire some other good gift ideas for that special bird watching someone.

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