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How To Build A Gazebo For Your Backyard

Gazebos are beautiful! They add a touch of elegance to any backyard. You can add some beautiful landscape around it, and make it your favorite backyard spot. Here’s how to build a gazebo in a few easy steps.

How To Build A Gazebo For Your Backyard

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The DIY movement has never been stronger, and, with the wealth of materials online and in bookstores to help you out, it’s never been easier. If you have space in your backyard, there are few DIY projects more fruitful and satisfying than constructing a gazebo.

These structures are extremely versatile, able to house BBQ parties, morning coffee moments, small get-togethers, and even weddings!

They can also make hot summers shady enough to enjoy. Since you have decided to take on this exciting home improvement project, we are here to help you out.

Check out these backyard gazebo ideas.

Why build a gazebo?

Why do you want to build a gazebo?

  • to have a pretty spot in your backyard?
  • for a nice quiet reading area?
  • for a place to hold BBQ parties?

If you plan to host BBQ parties there, building your gazebo will be very different than if you planned to use it for reading in the shade.

It is perfectly possible to build a large gazebo that is fully equipped with a refrigerator and stove-top, but today we’ll look at how to build a small gazebo.

Gazebo building materials

if you are building your own gazebo it is a good idea to use wood. My favorite wood for gazebo building is cedar.  Cedar is sturdy and naturally weather-resistant. It is also extremely attractive.

Metal is beautiful but harder to do yourself unless you are very familiar with working with metal.

Other materials you might need for building a gazebo are:

  • concrete pavers or cement to build the floor
  • decorative gravel to create a path around it
  • nails and glue
  • stain for the wood
  • shingles for the roof

Clear and mark the space

Once you have your materials, clear a space in your backyard to begin laying down the flooring.

It is very important to measure the area carefully and then mark it off with construction paint. After you have the area marked, clear any obstructions such as plants, large rocks, etc.

Smooth off the ground, and you’re ready to get started.

Install gazebo stakes

Install stakes or posts deep enough into the ground so that they can provide support for the structure.

You can dig the holes with a shovel, or rent a machine to drill into the ground. The latter method is probably better as it will save time (and lots of energy, unless you want to use this as an exercise).

After you implant the stakes, secure them with concrete.

Lay gazebo floor

Handy Home Products San Marino Octagonal Floor Kit for 12-Foot GazeboHandy Home Products San Marino Octagonal Floor Kit for 12-Foot GazeboAmazon buy button With the stakes secured, it’s time to lay down the flooring. This is a simple, yet crucial step.

Drill holes in the cedar planks, and then attach them using deck screws. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” is important here.

Or, if you’d rather finish faster and money is no object, you can use a pre-made gazebo floor kit like this one.

Build the gazebo

You can build your gazebo from scratch if you like tinkering with wood and tools.

I prefer buying a kit and assembling it: make it so much easier! This may seem to go against the DIY idea, but the reality is, the fine craftsmanship required to sculpt the shell of the gazebo is simply beyond the abilities of the average home-owner.

A pre-made gazebo kit will allow you to benefit from a professional’s skills, while still enjoying the lower price of DIY.

Below you’ll see some gazebo plans, as well as a few books that might give you some ideas and inspiration.

Gazebo Project PlansClassic Gazebo Project Plans -Design #10012Amazon buy buttonOutdoor Shelter Plans: Overheads, Sheds and GazebosOutdoor Shelter Plans: Overheads, Sheds, and GazebosAmazon buy buttonScreen gazebo plansScreen Gazebo Project Plans – Design #10112Amazon buy buttonBlack & Decker The Complete Guide to Gazebos & Arbors book coverThe Complete Guide to Gazebos & ArborsAmazon buy buttonBuilding The Perfect Gazebo: A Complete Step-by-Step GuideBuilding The Perfect Gazebo: A Complete Step-by-Step GuideAmazon buy buttonBy Connie Brown Creative Plans for Yard and Garden Structures: 42 Easy-To-Build Designs for Gazebos, Sheds, Pool Hou [Paperback]Creative Plans for Yard and Garden StructuresAmazon buy button

Add landscape around the gazebo

After you finish building your gazebo, you might want to landscape around it a bit. Add some decorative gravel, a few bushes, and some colorful flowers.

Take a look at these ideas for how to landscape around a storage shed: I’m sure it’ll spark some ideas for your new gazebo.

You might also like: how to build a firewood shed.

Backyard Gazebo Ideas

Now that you know how to build a gazebo, let’s look at some gazebo design ideas for inspiration.

Gazebo in the backyard

This white gazebo is simple but beautiful. I like how the nearby landscape adds a splash of color and visual interest. This looks like the perfect spot for some wedding pictures, or a quiet spot to unwind at the end of the day.

If you’re having a wedding in the backyard, a pop-up gazebo would be perfect!

Gazebo surronded by spring flowers

Gorgeous setting for this gazebo with the vibrant flower bushes around.

Wooden gazebo by a duck pond

What a romantic spot! Not everyone has a duck pond on their property, but if you do, this is a great idea!

Tall white gazebo surrounded by nature

Beautiful white gazebo surrounded by nature and beautiful flowers. The latticework give it a romantic look 🙂

Lit up wooden gazebo in winter

So pretty! Looks like a wonderland! I love all the decorations around this gazebo: dreamy…

Sleek metal gazebo

Elegant metal gazebo with beautiful arches. I like the low shrubs around the gazebo: they add some visual appeal, but don’t steal the show from this silver metal gazebo.

Asian style gazebo

A bit dramatic, this Asian style gazebo (also knows as a pagoda) can work for some but not for others. I personally like it very much. Looks like the perfect place for an Asian picnic 😉

Secluded backyard gazebo

Way back at the end of your backyard, this gazebo is the perfect oasis for anyone in need of quiet solitude at the end of the day, with a good book in hand!

How To Build A Gazebo For Your Backyard

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Sunday 26th of January 2020

Hello. I really like the Japanese Pagoda. Any Idea how I would go about building one? Is there a company that sells them (as a kit or otherwise)? I've only found a place that sells the tiles. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. Dean


Sunday 26th of January 2020

I don't know of any place that sells these (or plans for them). I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I find them online somewhere. In the meantime, Amazon sells cute Japanese Pagodas for the garden.

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