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Vertical Hydroponic Garden – Lots Of Food From Small Spaces

Have you ever thought about starting a vertical hydroponic garden? One look at the picture below will help you understand why vertical farming might just be the best growing option for your hydroponics farm.

Vertical hydroponic farm

Vertical farms have the potential of providing lots of produce, even when you have limited available space. The term “vertical garden” means plants climb UP, instead of sprawling OUT.

Books About Vertical Gardening

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Advantages Of Vertical Gardens

  • Growing a garden vertically maximizes a minimal amount of growing space. Just provide adequate nutrients, and you can grow a lot from just a few pots.
  • Brings gardening to the urbanite. Many city folks do not even have a tiny yard available for gardening.
  • Gaining in popularity are community rooftop or terrace gardens, shared by multiple gardeners, which take up little space. With careful planning and the right hydroponic system, an amazing amount of crops can result. For this reason, many urbanites choose to grow vertical gardens on a co-op basis.

Vertical Farming Disadvantages

  • It may be harder to provide adequate and even supplemental lighting for indoor vertical gardens.
  • Some crops are not suited to vertical hydroponic farming (i.e. corn)
  • It can be more expensive: many pre-made vertical planting systems cost more than traditional pots. They are specially designed for easy set-up, maintenance, and operation, which can increase upfront costs.

Vertical Hydroponic Garden Ideas

You can do this two ways:

1. Use a conventional horizontally based hydroponic system but also provide a network of lattice, trellis, or strings to train vining crops UP.

Vertical hydroponic garden

2. Start with a vertical-based hydroponic system.

We recommend and sell this unit: FarmTek Hydrocycle Vertical Aeroponic System

Farmtek hydroponic garden

If you want to be inspired, take a look at this short video. AMAZING!!!

Vertical hydroponic gardening - Pinterest image

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