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Garden And Patio Furniture Sets For The Perfect Outdoor Space

Trying to make it the ultimate spring/summer hot spot in your backyard? A place where you, your family and friends can come together to relax or have fun together? Here are some ideas for great patio furniture sets that will transform your patio into the spot to be! As a bonus, some of these furniture pieces can double up as storage 😉

Vibrant colored patio furniture and decor.
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Patio Furniture Sets For Comfort and Purpose

Whether you have a small yard/garden or a wide open space to fill, there are a lot of great outdoor furniture choices. From wicker to aluminum and in every price range, you can outfit your backyard any way you want!

Patio sets for small backyards

Cozy coastal-inspired outdoor patio with elegant wicker furniture and blue cushions.
Image credit: YAY Images.

If you have a small space available for your patio furniture set, you’ll want to know a few things before you buy your set:

  • how much use you can get out of the furniture pieces?
  • will they will fit in your designated “patio”?
  • are they comfortable, so that your guests will enjoy staying for a while?

Her are some ideas for you:

This 4 Piece Rattan Set has the sleek look of expensive patio furniture, but is actually very affordable. The fact that it has a small loveseat, 2 separate chairs and a nice size table, for eating, coffee or playing cards, makes this a great set for a small yard.

Like the 4 piece, this 3 Piece Rattan Set is perfect for a small balcony, patio or garden. The chairs make it easy to change up the seating arrangement and having a table for drinks and such is always a plus.

For ultimate backyard lounging, this little chaise-type loveseat would look elegant in any space and would definitely be comfortable for 1 or 2 people.

If BBQs and family get-togethers are your thing, you’ll definitely want to look at patio furniture sets that work for eating. This 6 Piece Patio Garden Set, with chairs, a table and an umbrella for shade, is the perfect answer for your small patio.

Furniture sets for larger patios and decks

cozy patio furniture with red color accents.
Image credit: YAY Images.

If you are blessed with a good amount of space, it can be very easy to pick out the right patio furniture set. However, it can be harder at the same time, because more space means more choices!

Do you go bigger?

Should you pick a set with more pieces?

Do you spend more money or do you take a peek at clearance patio furniture sets?

The possibilities are limitless, really and only hindered by your own budget. BTW, add a few potted plants (these Talavera frog planters will add some fun to your porch) to create a more inviting atmosphere

This 7 Piece Rattan Sectional Sofa with Conversation Table would sit beautifully on a large patio! The fact that it is a sectional also makes it multi use, because you can change up the seating arrangements.

Looking for something a little more elegant, check out this 9 Piece Waterproof Wicker Patio Furniture Set, complete with a fire table, loungers and a conversation table. Oh, yeah!

This 8 Piece Set is just a luxurious, but also comes with storage options! Storage options are a nice addition, especially if you have kids!

Not only is this Wood Patio Furniture Set very elegant, but it will absolutely lend itself well to some long summer night conversations.

Last, but definitely not least, if you have the space for it, this 9 Piece Rattan and Glass Dining Set would be the talk of ANY BBQ or family get-together!

Furniture patio sets you can use for storage too

Multi purpose patio furniture is always worth it, so if you can find some great patio furniture sets that offer storage options as well, that is the way to go. This option is great for small or large spaces, because let’s face it, everyone needs more storage.

This 3 Piece Wicker Conversation Set is perfect for a smaller space and offers storage inside the loveseat as well as the table! Or, add one of these resin love seats to the pool or garden area and have up to 23 gallons of storage under the seat.

You can always just ass a small coffee table that will give you more places for setting down food, drinks and games, along with more storage when the party is through.

As you can see, much like living room furniture, there are many choices of patio furniture sets for any budget or space size. What kind of patio set would you choose?

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