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Tomato Sauce Recipes For Year Round Delicious Dinners

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Drowning in tomatoes? Yep! July is when tomatoes are in full season. But don’t worry: I gathered some of the most amazing tomato sauce recipes, so you can save the delicious taste of summer tomatoes for later. These recipes will give you amazing tasting sauces for many dinners to come!

Italian pasta tomato sauce with fresh basil

Tomato sauce is packed full of flavor, especially during the summer months when the tomatoes are prime, plump and juicy. Tomatoes just taste like summer.

The great part about tomato sauce? It’s easy to make, easy to can and made with super healthy ingredients.

Tomato sauce ingredients

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  • Tomatoes – Depending on the type of tomato, the flavor of your tomato sauce can vary.
  • Onions – Onions bring a sweet taste to the tomato sauce that compliment it well.
  • Olive oil – If you feel that your tomato sauce is a little bit too thick, adding a dash of olive oil will thin it right up.
  • Oregano – The perfect spice to compliment any tomato sauce recipe.
  • Bay leaves – A great addition to give your tomato sauce recipe a great flavor.
  • Salt – Just a pinch of salt is all that most tomato sauce recipes need.
  • Garlic – Adding garlic makes your tomato sauce recipe have a flavor that really carries through the other added ingredients.

How to make tomato sauce

Making tomato sauce isn’t an overly complicated process. Each recipe can vary, but the main components are similar. Start by boiling and mashing up the tomatoes, and sauteing up the onions.

Tomato Sauce Recipes

Homemade tomato sauce

Canned tomato sauce

Looking for a pure and simple homemade tomato sauce recipe without the frills? This is the recipe for you!

Roasted tomato pasta sauce

Roasted cherry tomato pasta sauce

This roasted tomato pasta recipe is perfect for those little cherry tomatoes. The roasted flavor takes it over the top!

Roasted vegetables blender pasta sauce

Roasted vegetables tomato sauce

Super quick and easy! Just use your blender for this roasted vegetable blender pasta sauce!

Roasted cabbage with creamy tomato sauce

Roasted cabbage with creamy tomato sauce

The creamy tomato sauce in this delicious recipe is extremely easy to make and packed full of flavor. Make it in minutes and top to cabbage or another flavorful vegetable.

Crock pot marinara sauce

Crock pot marinara sauce

Don’t pack away that crock pot just yet. This homemade crockpot marinara sauce recipe is as simple as “set it and forget it”.

Roasted tomato arabbiata sauce

Delicious roasted tomatoes arrabbiata sauce

Love your spice and looking for a tomato sauce recipe that can kick it up a notch? This recipe will give your taste buds that nice slow burn that you’ve been searching for.

Making tomato sauce is actually quite fun! The more recipes that you can try, the more flavors that you’ll get to taste! If you are looking for something fun to do with all those tomatoes from your garden, make up some tomato sauce to enjoy now and then can some for later as well!

A bowl of tomato sauce surrounded by basil leaves

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