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Fresh Tomato Recipes Your Family Will Love

With the abundance of tomatoes in gardens everywhere, this time of the year we need some new, fresh tomato recipes to try. Full of flavor, garden-fresh tomatoes need a place on everyone’s table in the summer months.

Ripe tomatoes on the vine

If you don’t grow tomatoes in your garden (not sure why you wouldn’t, but just in case), you need to get out to a farm-stand of a farmer’s market and buy some.

And if you grow tomatoes in your garden, you are one of the lucky ones.  There are so many amazing recipes you can cook or create using those fresh garden tomatoes!

Summertime gardens always seem to do wonderful in producing plenty and luckily, they are great to eat fresh, canned, roasted, and cooked!

Of course, don’t forget to make some fresh tomato salad: it’s soo good!

Did you plant cherry tomatoes and got way more than you ever thought possible? Here are 41 easy and delicious cherry tomato recipes.

Fresh Tomato Recipes

Some of the best tomatoes used for appetizers are the smaller, sweeter kind. Here’s how to grow tomatoes in containers.

Tomato appetizers

A slice of pizza

Don’t wait for that amazing tomato flavor when you can start each and every meal with it! Have fun creating these yummy appetizers to please your family, your guests, and yourself.

Is there anything more classic than bruschetta? This summer favorite pairs perfectly with those ripened tomatoes from your garden.

No recipe screams summer louder than this gluten-free Guacamole Bites recipe! Avocado and fresh tomatoes are a winning combination each and every time.

This Baked Eggs in Tomatoes recipe is perfect for appetizers, early morning breakfasts, or brunch ideas. It’s easy to make and healthy, too!

Talk about a delicious sandwich that you’ll enjoy each and every bite! This panini will make you and your taste buds happy!

This appetizer will start any meal off perfectly! Pair with nice, crisp, bread or crackers and you’ve got a great beginning to start your dinner.

Plan your meal to start with these delicious puff pastry tomato tarts! They’ll “wow” with each and every bite!

Who says that appetizers can’t be the star of the show? This Pane Bianco recipe is a treat that will be a winner each and every time.

Tomato soups

A bowl of tomato soup on the stove, and hand pouring oils in the soup

Many times, tomato soups are thought of as a winter food but with how fresh the tomatoes are in the summer, it’d be a shame to not eat them as a soup then as well! Don’t limit yourself to this delicious dish only when it’s cold outside!

Creamy and rich, this Instant Pot Tomato Soup will soon become a family favorite. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have an amazing soup to enjoy.

If you’ve never combined tomatoes and apples, you are missing out. It’s a perfect dish to boost your health and get ready for those colder days.

Nothing says love more than a homemade tomato soup with cheesy toast hearts. Perfect for a romantic dinner, or Valentine’s day, this soup will warm your heart!

Love your Instant Pot and are searching for a super-easy tomato soup recipe? Grab those garden-fresh tomatoes and get started with this amazing recipe!

The perfect summer dish. Just pair it with peppers, onions, garlic, and white wine and you’ve got a stellar Gazpacho recipe to share with your friends and family.

Baked and roasted tomato recipes

Sheet pan of cherry tomatoes ready to roast

If you have tomatoes growing out of every nook and cranny of your garden, it’s time to start planning ahead and finding recipes to use them up! Baking and roasting tomatoes are an excellent way to bring out their sweet flavor and complement so many other dishes. I use and love this baking pan set.

Gluten-free and tastes like pizza? You won’t want to miss out on this delicious recipe!

Fresh tomatoes baked into a tomato casserole are a great way to use up all those tomatoes from your garden.

Is there anything tastier than fresh garden tomatoes, cheese, and tortillas? Treat your taste buds to this delicious Entomatadas recipe!

Caprese salads wouldn’t be half as amazing if there weren’t fresh and delicious tomatoes as part of the ingredient list. Add a bit of chicken to this recipe and you’ve got yourself quite the meal!

Savor the flavor of slow-roasted tomatoes to enjoy the true taste of summer. Pair them with crackers or as part of a topping on your salad to really take it to the next level.

Roast your tomatoes low and slow and place them on top of some tender and juicy chicken breasts for a complete meal that your family will love!

Tomato pasta recipes

Italian pasta tomato sauce with fresh basil

Adding tomatoes to pasta recipes just seem second nature. Homegrown tomatoes with homemade pasta make for some truly incredible pasta tomato recipes as well! Get ready to put your pasta cooking skills to the test with these delicious dishes!

The flavors of the tomato and the tuna combine perfectly with the noodles of this dish. If you are searching for a pasta dish that packs great flavor with good protein, you’ll love this Tuna Tomato Pasta recipe.

Think outside the box on ways to cook those garden fresh tomatoes. Mash ‘em up and serve them as a sauce to cover those delicious pasta noodles!

This Caprese Pasta is such a great treat for the taste buds because it gives the flavor of sweet tomatoes, with the combination of cheese and pasta. Typically served as a salad, this Caprese Pasta is one recipe that you won’t soon forget.

Keep the roasting simple and opt for this pan-roasted pasta recipe! Vegan free and delicious to the last bite!

Tuna-filled and savory, this Tomato Tuna Pasta dish is certainly memorable. Perfect for any season out of the year, but especially delicious during garden months!

Take advantage of the fact that you have a ton of fresh tomatoes growing in your garden! There are so many amazing recipes that you can use them in, that you shouldn’t have any problem using up each and every one!

Do you have a favorite tomato recipe to use up all those garden tomatoes?

A tomato cluster on the plant

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