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5 Easy Edible Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping with food is beautiful as it is useful. Why plant poisonous ornamental flowers, trees, and shrubs, when you can have the same beauty with the added nutritional benefits of edible landscaping? You can easily reduce living expenses, while beautifying your environment with these edible landscaping ideas. And don’t forget: edible landscaping is both physically and mentally beneficial.

Here are lots of edible landscaping ideas that your whole family will enjoy.

Edible Landscaping Benefits

Planting edible landscape is safe for children

Children picking apples from an apple tree orchard. Outdoor fun for children

Edible landscaping is a creative approach to beautification that includes all forms of edible plants: trees, shrubs, and even herbs.  With an edible landscape, parents are free to let their young ones wonder about and be their normal curious selves.

Edible landscapes save money

Veggie stand for selling extra product from your garden

With the pressures of today’s economy, it’s no wonder landscaping with food has a distinct appeal because of the potential savings it offers.  People are always looking for creative ways to cut costs and increase their income.

With the right selection of edible plants, fruit trees and herbs, your landscape will provide for the needs of you or your family. You’ll now enjoy yummy fruits, vegetables and herbs you no longer have a need to purchase. You can also sell some of your extra produce for additional income.

Edible landscaping plants are better for your health

Surprisingly, edible gardening has a positive effect on the human body: both physically and mentally.  The delight of sitting under a fruit tree, eating freshly picked fruit on a sunny day cannot be easily mimicked.  To say the least, it is priceless.

The health benefits of eating fresh organic fruit are well known.  By cooking with natural herbs and spices picked fresh each day as meals are prepared, you replace processed salts and seasonings and help reduce high blood pressure.

Planting a food garden provides positive mental stimulation through several senses:  your eyes, ears, and certainly your nose.

Here are some of my favorite flowering herbs.

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Edible garden landscaping is beneficial to the environment

Edible landscaping is the green approach to outdoor beautification: it has amazing benefits for the environment as well as for people.  Having a splash of bright red, yellow and green apples dazzling your horizon complemented by the scent of your rosemary bush could only make you smile after a long hard day.

With edible landscaping, you not only stretch your dollar, but you could also create an income, while improving your health.  It is possible to create a stimulating and vibrant environment full of so many different colors and sweet aromas.

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Edible Landscaping Ideas

1. Nasturtium is great for adding color and nutrients to salads: you can eat the flowers and leaves (get your nasturtium seeds here)

Bright orange nasturtium flowers

2. Blueberries are delicious as a snack, or to add some color and vitamins to your breakfast. Blueberries also make yummy, refreshing smoothies 😉

A blueberry cluster

3. Chives are great in salads or as a garnish in soups and other foods.

Chive flowers

4. Rhubarb makes yummy pies!

Swiss chard in the garden

5. Rosehip is great for jelly and the berries make a delicious tea. It’s good for your health, just like these plants.

Rosehip berries on a branch

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collage of edible plants use din landscaping
black raspberries in the garden

Edible landscaping ideas

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Sharon Sanders

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Just moved into a new home and planning to landscape with food. Immediately planted organic lavender, rosemary, sweet basil, and oregano starts from my previous garden. I am particulary interested in heirloom, non-GMO, and organic plants.

Found your site today and am completely in tune with your goals. Looking forward to reading more About your journey!


Thursday 17th of August 2017

I'm glad we found each other. Wishing you the bets in your quest for organic gardening. You can stay up to date on everything if you follow our Facebook page here: