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Plant An Aromatic Herbs Garden That Stimulates Your Senses

Beautiful weather is just around the corner! I am so excited to get out there in the garden and start planting. I have a narrow raised bed that usually houses my peas (why do I always plant them so late?), and parsley. Soooo much parsley!

This year I decided to try something different: I want to create an aromatic herbs garden in this bed. I can’t wait! Just brushing up against the little pots I have in my living room, waiting to be planted, makes me so happy.

Bonnie plants in my living room, waiting to be planted

This post is sponsored by Miracle-Gro and Bonnie Plants. All opinions are mine alone.

I went to Walmart and got some Bonnie plants. I LOVE that I can order online, and select Store Pick Up or Pick Up Today: makes life so much easier!

These herbs smell so good! I’m really looking forward to my little garden. Here’s what I got: lavender, sage, rosemary, spearmint, chocolate mint, English thyme, lemon thyme and garlic.

It’ll be right in front of my office window. This spring and summer I’m planning to open my window to get some fragrant breeze in. I’m also looking forward to a nice sized harvest. Miracle-Gro  has been known to help plants grow bigger, more beautiful plants and their garden soil feeds for up to 3 months!

I got a nice big bag of Miracle-Gro Garden Soil All Purpose and some Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food. I can’t wait to see my herbs grow.

Planning to make some dream pillows for my family (here’s how to dry herbs), and use these herbs in my cooking and for herbal teas. See below what you can do with herbs form your garden.

Why Grow An Aromatic Herbs Garden

There are so many reasons to grow a fragrant herb garden! Here are just a few:

Theses are only a few ways you can use your garden herbs.

You can never have tool many herbs (well, at least I can’t). See 10 creative ways to plant a herb garden here.

How To Plant Bonnie Plants

Bonnie plants make it so easy to add their herbs to the garden! The herbs I bought came in small bio-degradable pots you can plant straight in the ground. This is so much easier than the plastic containers, where you need to carefully coax the plants out.

Biodegradable Bonnie pot

Here’s the raised bed I’m using to plant my Bonnie plants.

Raised bed full of weeds

We had to do a bit of weeding and fluffing up the existing soil.

Raised bed after we pulled all the weeds

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil All Purpose.

Miracle Gro garden soil

It fit perfectly and it looks and feels so rich and fertile.

Ready to plant, after adding some Miracle Gro soil

Next, we lined up the herbs we bought, so we can assess where they should go. I’m quite happy with this arrangement.

Bonnie plants set up and ready to be planted

Once I liked how my herbs garden will look, we planted each of the herbs in their spot. Again, I can’t believe how easy this was! Take a look!


Now I just need to add a bit of fertilizer or Miracle- Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food, keep my herbs watered, and enjoy my aromatic herbs garden. So easy and fulfilling!

herb pots ready to be planted in raised bed

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