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Best Food For Squirrels – 5 Yummy Treats They’ll Love

​Squirrels are fast critters that need energy throughout the day. Because of constant movement and activity, squirrels need a diet that’s packed with nutrients that give them energy throughout the day and keep them full. Here’s the best food for squirrels: place some in a squirrel feeder for hours of entertainment.

squirrel eating acorns

There are various types of squirrels that perhaps roam your backyard, ranging from red squirrels to ground squirrels, striped squirrels, fox squirrels, black squirrels and more. None of the species are picky eaters and as such will eat just about anything. Though squirrels have a natural appetite for foods like nuts, corn, plants, vegetables and even flowers, they will eat other things too

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food, 15-Pounds

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This natural blend of black oil, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and whole peanuts is an all-rounder feed for squirrels and backyard wildlife. Easy on the pocket and a favorite among squirrels, this feed contains the right mix of natural products and produce to create a healthy and nutritious meal for your backyard wildlife.

Definitely the best food for squirrels, customers have noticed an improvement in the activity level of their backyard squirrels because of the ingredients, and many customers comment that they’re definitely going to be purchasing it again. Besides, the feed is available in 5 lbs and 15 lbs, catering to the feeding needs of your backyard animals.

The feed is known for its ability to attract wildlife animals such as squirrels, birds, and chipmunks, to name a few, and is a great way for wildlife lovers to cater to various animals’ food requirements using just one bag!

If you’ve got some critters roaming around your backyard, it’s a good idea to keep some food around. Even pet owners who keep domesticated squirrels know the importance of giving them nutritious feed. So what’s the best food for squirrels?

Best Food For Squirrels Comparison Table

Audubon Park Critter Crunch
Wakefield Peanut Company Virginia Peanuts
Kaytee Corn On The Cob Food
Pennington Pride Squirrel and Critter Blend
Soyboyz Iowa Grown Feed Corn

Best Food For Squirrels – Reviews

Our Top Pick

Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird and Critter Food, 15-Pounds

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Made using a combination of peanuts, sunflower seeds, corn, and whole peanuts, the Critter Crunch is definitely the best food for squirrels. Packed with an assortment of squirrel favorites, this high energy feed is great for not just squirrels but also other wildlife and domesticated animals. Available in 5 lbs and 15 lbs, the Audubon Park Critter Crunch is definitely one of the best options.

Customers love that it attracts squirrels and keeps them away from bird feeders. The high-quality ingredients of this product are easy on the pocket and great for winters when these critters are looking to eat and hibernate.

Although the packaging claims it’s critter food for almost all kinds of wildlife, it’s especially a favorite among squirrels. So whether you’ve got domesticated squirrels or just some running around the backyard, this feed is a great investment.

  • Contains a mix of ingredients
  • Has great nutritious value
  • A favorite amongst squirrels
  • More corn than other seeds

Wakefield Virginia Peanuts Animal Grade Raw Wildlife Peanuts (50 LBS)

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The Wakefield peanut Company has long been manufacturing and harvesting the best of nature’s peanuts for animals like squirrels, deer, birds, and even domesticated pigs. Fortified with healthy fats and energy-boosting ingredients, the peanuts are also an excellent source of protein for animals like squirrels.

The feed also contains essential fatty acids and promotes chewing in wild animals to facilitate their health, and the best part is that these are fresh and harvested from recent crops. The peanuts are also unsalted, making them safe for consumption.

Wakefield Peanut Co. guarantees its customers the safest and most natural of all products and besides being one of the best foods for squirrels, humans can consume these too, after roasting or boiling them.

  • Contains tons of healthy nutrients
  • Great for a large variety of backyard animals
  • Safe for human consumption
  • There are only two quantities available

Kaytee Corn On The Cob Food for Wild Squirrels, Rabbits, Chipmunks and Other Backyard Wildlife, 6.5 Pound

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From Kaytee come these stunningly golden ears of corn. With 12 (or more) ears in a box, these freshly harvested plants make excellent feed for domesticated or wild squirrels. Wild animals love these golden kernels, which are packed with natural goodness and help to maintain health, fur/feather health and also encourage chewing, which is instinctive to squirrels.

Customers love the quality of the kernels, and it’s especially popular among those who rear wild animals. Just mount these ears of corn on a feeder and watch the squirrels gnaw away at them! Customers also love how easy on the wallet this is, making it an ideal feed to invest in.

The ears and kernels are perfect in size and delivered fresh to customers, making it a great brand for one of the best foods for squirrels. In no time, your little critters will be looking healthy and pack enough fat to keep warm for the winters.

  • Easy on the wallet
  • No chemicals or artificial colors.
  • Zero preservatives
  • The corn cannot be stored for long

Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend Wild Bird Seed, 10 lb

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Next is the Pennington Pride Squirrel & Critter Blend, a product from a brand that supplies a wide range of bird, squirrel, and associated critter feeds. This feed prides itself on the fact that it contains a blend of corn, black oil sunflower, peanuts, and striped sunflower designed to attract squirrels, and other critters like chipmunks and ducks, away from the forbidden fruits (and seeds) that get placed in bird feeders. They make a good mix if you don’t have bird feeders, too.

That spread of seeds and nuts is designed to not only be irresistible but provide a balanced diet to the squirrels in your backyard. The foodstuffs are also small enough that they can be put in most commercial feeders that you can get for squirrels or other similar sized critters. This bag also comes with a lot of millet in, which some squirrels will leave for the sunflower seeds and so produce some waste. This will depend on the squirrels in your backyard but is something to consider nonetheless.

  • Designed to be irresistible for squirrels to keep them away from other feeders
  • Contains a spread of nutritional foodstuffs like corn, peanuts, and different sunflower seed varieties
  • Compatible with a wide array of squirrel feeders
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals to balance the squirrel diet
  • The listed ingredients are also packed in with a lot of millet, which some squirrels may waste

Iowa Grown Feed Corn - Multiple Sizes to Choose from - Great for Wildlife - Feed Deer, Squirrels, Birds - Make Cornhole Bags or use for Crafts and Games (20 Pounds)

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Great for squirrels, these dried corn kernels are a Soyboyz product that has long been popular with many homeowners who have backyard squirrels and other wildlife. The dried corn kernels are also usable in heaters, corn furnaces, and even DIY art projects for safe and easy arts and crafts!

An absolute squirrel’s favorite, dry feed is one of the best foods for squirrels, especially during the cold months when they’re able to carry kernels back to their nests. Customers have noticed a preference among their squirrels, who tend to show up more when they are given these dried kernels.

However, these corn kernels are not fit for human consumption. The kernels are available in various sizes – 1 lb, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and 20 lb of Iowa grown feed corn and can be bought in bulk to feed wildlife or for at-home DIY crafts.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be stored longer than actual corn
  • Cheap to buy
  • Some customers complained about quantity and quality

Best Food For Squirrels – Buyers Guide


It’s important to understand a squirrel’s needs before you feed it. As with any wildlife, squirrels also have certain nutrient needs and dietary requirements. Consider the following things before feeding your backyard squirrels.

What Squirrels Eat

It’s important to know what these critters consume before you make a purchase. In general, the following should give you an idea of what a squirrel’s diet should consist of:

  • Peanuts
  • Pecans
  • Almonds
  • Macadamia
  • Acorns
  • Ears of corn
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dried corn kernels
  • Some vegetables
  • Some fruits
  • Certain seeds

What Nutrients Squirrels Need

Squirrels are very active animals. They’re always on the run and hence, need relevant nutrients. Just like other wildlife, squirrels need a combination of the following ingredients in order to remain healthy:

  • Calcium
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

How Much Should Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels are small critters, which means they can’t pack a gigantic bowl of peanuts in one sitting. However, there are certain ways to ensure your squirrel is eating one. For starters, getting a feeder for your squirrel is a good way to monitor their diet; keep it in a high place where they are safe from predators.

Another way to feed your squirrel is to keep the feed in a bowl. However, remember to remove the old feed – it could rot and spoil the overall food.

The Number of Squirrels You Have

Before you buy your squirrel’s food, it’s also important to know how many squirrels you are taking care of. Buying squirrel feed in bulk usually results in wastage if you don’t have that many mouths to feed. In fact, corn and old seeds can get moldy.

Buy a smaller volume of feed and observe how your squirrels eat. It’s not worthwhile to get a large bag only to waste it – after all, natural produce isn’t meant to last long!

Squirrels Need Water

Before you buy your squirrel’s food, it’s also important to know how many squirrels you are taking care of. Buying squirrel feed in bulk usually results in wastage if you don’t have that many mouths to feed. In fact, corn and old seeds can get moldy.

Buy a smaller volume of feed and observe how your squirrels eat. It’s not worthwhile to get a large bag only to waste it – after all, natural produce isn’t meant to last long!


As always, it’s a good idea to speak to your local vet about any dietary requirements your stray pet or domesticated pet may have. When it comes to weather changes, tally with a vet to determine what your squirrels may need.

Best food for squirrels - 5 treats they'll love


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