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18 Stunning Bell Shaped Flowers For Dreamy Gardens

Having a garden space that is full of bell shaped flowers is perfect for adding a wonderful curb appeal to your home. These ornamental flowers are beautiful and add quite a stunning visual to any garden area or flower bed space. 

Bell shaped flower

The great part about adding these flowers to your space is that they come in a wide variety of colors which can really make the area pop and draw in the eye. 

Plants with Bell Shaped Flowers

From perennial bell-like flowers to ones that might need a little more care and attention, you’ll find that no matter what type of flower you want and need, you’re going to have options to plant in and around your home.

Here are some of the varied bellflowers (also known as genus Campanula) that you can plant in areas around your home.

Purple Bell Shaped Flowers

If you love the color purple, you’re in luck. There are several different types of purple flowers that you can add to your garden space.

1. Canterbury Bells

Seeds Canterbury Bells Mix Flower Perennial Balcony Outdoor Cut Organic Ukraine for Planting

This is one of the more popular purple flowers and this type of plant can grow to be almost 2 feet tall. The coloring of purple can vary as well from light to dark. 

2. Hyacinth

Purple hyacinth flowers

The Hyacinth flower plant typically blooms in the early spring but will actually continue to bloom every year as long as you take good care of it and give it the proper maintenance that it needs. The sweet-smelling flowers come on a variety of other colors, all of them beautiful bell shaped beauties.

3. Muscari

HOT !! - 24 Bulb Grape Hyacinth Muscari Fragrant Blue Purple Ground Cover Flower Seeds

These unique flowers shaped like cute little bells have also been given the nickname “grape flowers”. This is because they look like a cluster of grapes and if you get close enough, give off a sweet scent, too. 

White Bell Shaped Flowers

These white flowers can help add an overall calming and clean look to the perimeter of your home. White flowers are also a fun visual to mix in with other colors of flowers, too. 

4. Snowdrops

Galanthus Nivalis Seeds 100PCS Common Snowdrop Flower Seeds Beautiful Garden Freezing Plants Bonsai Balcony Flowe

These beautiful white flowers are smaller in size and actually “droop” down a bit or drop when they bloom. The other petals are white with a green stem in the middle. You can see them popping up in early spring, especially in wooded areas with partial shade.

5. White Mountain Heather

White mountain heather

This common white flower is known to most people as “Western Moss Heather” and is typically found growing in the Northern parts of America, such as California and even Alaska. 

6. Lily of the Valley

10 Lily of The Valley (Convallaria majalis) Bulbs - Fresh Bulbs Flower Spring Summer Beautiful Garden

One of my favorite flowers! Dainty and deliciously smelling could be two words to describe this white flower. It can be seen growing in the wild but does well planted in your garden too. It can become invasive in some parts of the country. I personally wouldn’t mind a backyard full of them, but sadly, I have not experienced them being invasive.  Lily of the valley has an unmistakable sweet smell during the spring months when it’s blooming. 

Blue Bell Shaped Flowers

While many colors are abundant in landscapes, blue flowers are rare. But blue flowers are so pretty! They add a dreamy feel to any garden. See if you can find some blue belllike flowers you can add to your landscape.

7. Blue Delphiniums

Blue Siberian larkspur, Chinese delphinium - seeds

These blue beauties will grow back each year and produce stunning flowers that are typically dark blue in color.

Make certain to keep them away from livestock as they are toxic for them to consume. (These flowers are also toxic for humans if ingested. Not something that is done, but still important to know.)

8. Gentians

HOT!! - 15 Blue STEMLESS Gentian Gentiana Acaulis Kochiana Flower Seeds

With over 400 different types of this flower, you’ll notice several shapes and colors. The shape of this blue flower actually tends to look longer with a big opening, but it is still classified as being bell-shaped.

9. Desert Bluebells

Outsidepride California Bluebell Phacelia Campanularia Flower Seed - 5000 Seeds

These dark blue flowers are quite stunning. They also have yellow anthers that are very noticeable against the blue coloring that protrudes out of the middle of the blooming flower. 

Yellow Bell Shaped Flowers

This yellow flower listed below offers beautiful colors for spring. It’s just light enough to be subtle but bright enough to catch the eye. 

10. Fritillaria imperialis lutea

Fritillaria imperialis Lutea (5 Bulb)Deer and Rodents wont eat Blooms Mid-Spring

Gorgeous yellow flowers, a delight in almost any setting! Their unusual profile draws the eye like a magnet. The fritillaria grows well in full sun and rich, well-drained soil that stays dry in summer. With a light skunk smell, the bulbs are avoided by pests, such as deer, rabbits, and voles.

11. Angel’s Trumpet

Daybreak Brugmansia Angels Trumpet Live Tropical Plant Large Fragrant Yellow Flowers Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emerald TM

There is no doubt that these flowers were meant to stand out. They are quite large in size and will appear to droop just a bit too because of their size. These are good for planted pots and also for hanging plants on your porch area as well. 

Pink Bell Shaped Flowers

Adding in some light pink undertones and coloring to your yard can be quite beautiful.

12. Foxglove

Seed Needs, Gloxiniaeflora Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) Twin Pack of 5,000 Seeds Each

This flower will actually grow in the wild on its own, but it can be planted and grown as well. Even though the pink coloring is one of the more popular choices because of the beauty of it, Foxglove flowers can also bloom in white and yellow, too. 

13. Fuchsia

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Many are fans of this type of bell shaped flower because it has quite a long blooming season compared to other options. Once planted and blooming, the flowers will be bright and beautiful from summer into the early fall. Here’s how to care for fuchsia plants.

Bell Shaped Perennial Flowers

Some of the flowers that have been mentioned so far have been ones that will grow back on their own but here are several options for perennial flowers that take minimal maintenance to bloom and grow back year after year. 

14. Twinflower

Linnaea borealis -  pink bell-shaped flower

These tiny bloomers are pretty and small and are typically grown in forested areas. As their name suggests, they bloom in pairs on the stalks. 

15. Coral Bells

Coral bells in the garden

Most people see these all over the place. They are the flowers that are tall and wispy and are used quite frequently for landscaping projects or in flower gardens. This is because they’re easy to grow and require very minimal maintenance. 

16. Beardtongue Flower

Bell shaped  light purple Beardtongue flowers

The popularity of these flowers has a dual purpose because not only are they pretty to look at and they’re great to grow back yearly on their own, but they also attract hummingbirds which adds a whole other level of beauty. 

17. Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine flowers

This is a very fast-growing perennial flower that does require a bit of maintenance and shaping. If not, it can grow quickly and easily overtake an area. (although it’s quite lovely to look at!) 

18. Columbine

200+ Columbine McKana Giants Flower Seeds, Perennial, Aquilegia caerulea, Colorful, Attracts Bees and Hummingbirds! from USA

There are actually several colors that will bloom with this perennial plant. Another bonus is that these flowers will bloom in the early part of spring throughout the early summer months as well. Columbines reseed themselves and can create quite a show if you plant different colored ones. 

Now that you know all these options for bell-shaped flowers, don’t you want some in your garden? Which of these beautiful bell-shaped flowers are you going to purchase to plant around your home this year?

Check out these plants with heart-shaped leaves.

Belllike flowers in the landscape

Here are some landscapes using bell-like flowers.

Pastel garden

What a gorgeous mixture of flowers! I love how to bellflowers are peeking above the rest of the pastel flowers. A beautiful combination of colors!

Pink bell flowers

These pink bells are lovely in a breeze. Paired with the burgundy celosia, they look stunning.

Field of gorgeous fuchsia colored foxgloves

What a beautiful field filled with hot pink foxgloves on an evergreen forest background!

Stunning bell shaped flowers - Pinterest image
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