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Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn – 5 To Choose From

Having a lawn on your property is a blessing, but only if you are maintaining it properly. Otherwise, the same space can tarnish the curb appeal of your home. Having a green space right next to your home​ is an exciting prospect. However, in that excitement, ​you need to remember that a lawn needs constant upkeep and care to ​thrive.

lawn sprinkler

Lawn sprinklers are a great invention in this regard. They can reduce half the work of your lawn maintenance by taking care of its watering. When you don’t have to water the lawn and vegetation spaces by hand, gardening doesn’t seem like a lot of work.

However, conventional sprinklers only work best for lawns with rectangular or square cutting because their spray travels a considerable distance.

This core feature of lawn sprinklers makes them virtually useless for those homeowners who are dealing with small, long, and narrow lawns. Using a regular sprinkler on a long and narrow lawn means watering the nearby floor and walls too.

In short, using a regular sprinkler on narrow grassy strips entails a lot of muddy mess where you have to run an extensive post-watering clean-up every time. This extra toiling will get you back to square one where you will be grinding more or less the same way you used to before the installation of the sprinkler.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head - 5004 PC Model, Adjustable 40-360 Degree Part-Circle, 4 Inch Pop-Up Lawn Sprayer Irrigation System - 25 to 50 Feet Water Spray Distance (Y54007) (2 Pack)

Why we love it

If you don’t have time to go through all the product reviews and just want to know the single best sprinkler for long, narrow lawns, then Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler is the product you need to buy for your lawn. It is a set of two sprinklers that are more than enough for long, narrow lawns of all sizes. It has a 4-inch pop-up head that can throw a water spout from 25 to up to 50 feet. Moreover, you can limit the sprinkling to a 40-degree radius.

A set of Rain Bird 500 Series Rotor Sprinklers is enough to fulfill the watering needs of your long, narrow lawn. The other impressive bit about this sprinkler system is its slip clutch mechanism that ensures quick adjustment upon installation.

We have also chosen this sprinkler as our top pick because it features a new and innovative self-cleaning adjustment crew. The groove in the screw doesn’t accumulate dust and dirt. Besides, you can move it with a staple flat-blade screwdriver.

Pressure-activated multi-function wiper seal ensures seamless retraction and minimal water loss. The manufacturer has also fitted additional O rings and seals in the sprinkler to protect it from gritty and hard water, usually used in lawn irrigation systems.

For the benefit of all homeowners who are facing this issue, we have shortlisted some of the best sprinklers for long, narrow lawns. These sprinklers have the same construction as regular ones, but their specs differentiate them from the rest. You can set them up for the hassle and mess-free watering of long, narrow lawns.

Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn Comparison Table

Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler
Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler
Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler
Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System
Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler

Reviews Of The Best Sprinklers For Long Narrow Lawns

1. Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler

Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head - 5004 PC Model, Adjustable 40-360 Degree Part-Circle, 4 Inch Pop-Up Lawn Sprayer Irrigation System - 25 to 50 Feet Water Spray Distance (Y54007) (2 Pack)

The 5000 Series Sprinkler by Rain Bird is an ideal option for both commercial and residential use. If you are looking for a set of sprinklers for a long but narrow strip of lawn, then this sprinkling system is worth considering. This Rain Bird Rotor Sprinkler has a 4-inch pop-up that can produce water jets from 25 up to 50 feet. 

The arc adjustment crew used by the manufacturer in this sprinkler system is worth mentioning. It is a self-cleaning adjustment screw that you can operate with a simple flat-blade screwdriver. You can adjust the water sprinkle between 40 and 360 degrees.  For a long, narrow lawn, any adjustment from 40 to 60 degrees will work.

This set of two sprinklers will be more than enough for a narrow lawn, even if it is stretched to 50 feet. For context, keep in mind that a 3-story building has an approximate height of 50 feet. The other striking feature of this Rain Bird Rotor Sprinkler is that it makes water spurts with large water droplets.

This seemingly trivial feature has a lot of utility for users. By making a water stream of large droplets, the sprinkler makes sure your lawn watering doesn’t get affected by the wind resistance. ​Also, large water droplets are less prone to turn into mist and evaporation. In short, these large droplets streamline your lawn watering, where you save both time and money.

  • Slip clutch mechanism ensures plug-n-play installation
  • Pressure-activated wiper seals are used for better retraction
  • Can be used with gritty water— additional O-rings and seals are used


  • Might not be suitable for small lawns

Buy Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler from Amazon

2. Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler, Adjustable 0° - 360° Pattern, 8' - 15' Spray Distance, 4" Pop-up Height

Rain Bird has been making quality irrigation tools and accessories for quite some time now. The company has now also taken into account users with small and long, narrow lawns and designed a sprinkler that lets you water all the oddly and irregularly shaped vegetation spaces. Rain Bird’s 1804VAN Professional Sprinkler is a 4-inch pop-up sprinkler with adjustable rotation from 0 to 360 degrees.

This feature comes in handy when you need to water in just one direction: adjust the sprinkler anywhere between 0 and 60 degrees. The sprinkler can shoot the water jet from 8 to 15 feet. This feature also makes it a perfect choice for long, narrow lawns.

For instance, you need to place two of these sprinklers on both ends of a long, narrow lawn 25-30 feet long. Apart from designing it for long and narrow lawns, Rain Bird has also made sure that this Professional-series sprinkler can offer optimal watering function, and you don’t need to replace it for a long time.

For instance, the sprinkler features a stainless steel spring. The use of a supple and durable spring means strong flush retraction at pop-down that clears all the debris from the sprinkler. The spring assembly is covered by a UV-resistant casing so that the sprinkler doesn’t wear away under constant exposure to the sun.

The other impressive addition to this best sprinkler for long, narrow lawns is a co-molded wiper seal. The manufacturer has used hard and soft polymer substrates to develop this pressure-activated seal that makes sure no water leakage happens in the sprinkler even after extended use. 

  • The tapered neck design prevents debris buildup on the sprinkler
  • Two-piece ratchet mechanism for hassle-free nozzle alignment
  • Precision-controlled retraction flush
  • An Amazon’s Choice product


  • The construction of the outer casing could be better

Buy Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler from amazon

3. Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler

Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head, Pack of 1

If you are looking for the most basic sprinkler for your long, narrow short-grass lawn, then this Orbit product is a tailor-made option for you.  It is worth noting that the elementary nature of Orbit 54071 sprinkler doesn’t affect its performance by any means. There is a reason why it has ended up on our list of the best sprinklers for long, narrow lawns.

This sprinkler is made of pure brass mold. Unlike many other sprinklers that quickly start rusting away due to their cast iron core, this sprinkler exhibits supreme resistance against corrosion. Even after years of use, you won’t detect a trace of oxidization on this Orbit sprinkler.  The brass nozzle also features an adjustment bar so you can maintain the amount of watering as per the season and the time of the day.

Now let’s look at the features that make it a perfect sprinkler option for long, narrow lawns. The sprinkler has a 1.75-inch pop-up that works perfectly well. It can spurt water to the intended distance, given that your lawn gets regular trimming. The pop-up itself features half an inch female threaded inlet to develop a strong water stream from the sprinkler.

The other good thing about this Orbit sprinkler is its half-circle pattern which is very useful when you want to water a strip instead of a sprawling vegetation area. The sprinkler can generate water jets up to 15 inches, which means two of them will be enough to water a long, narrow strip of a lawn.

  • Perfect for use with shallow irrigation systems
  • Adjustable flow screw –  set different watering values for winter/summer and day/evening
  • Sprinkle water at one side, perfect for narrow lawns and vegetation/floral strips


  • Develops black tarnish over time

Get your Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler from Amazon

4. Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System

Orbit 54100 is another top-of-the-line sprinkler system for long, narrow lawns. Besides offering utility for lengthy grass strips, this one also works quite well with turfs and shrubs. Like the rest of the sprinklers we have discussed here, this one also features a simple construction. Its outer casing is made of construction-grade polymer that makes sure it doesn’t destroy away even after many years of use.

The other noticeable improvement in this sprinkler system is its tall pop-up. When the majority of sprinklers for long, narrow lawns are coming with a 2 to 4-inch rise, this Orbit sprinkler has a 6-inch tall nozzle pop-up. The sprinkling from this height makes sure you can amply water the lawn through the intended distance.

Orbit has also made sure that you don’t need more than a couple of these sprinklers for your extra-long, narrow lawn. 54100 Sprinkler System can water for up to 15 feet. This number is not for the label only. Orbit 54100 Sprinkler System can water from its maximum distance limit—thanks to its extra-long pop-up head.

We also love this sprinkler system because the manufacturer has kept its design ingenious. The long pop-up head of the sprinkler is fitted with a soft cushioned cap.

A sprinkler with a hard protruding head is a potential hazard in lawns with high activity and foot traffic. However, that’s not the case with Orbit 54100. You won’t feel the typical excruciating pain even if your toe gets stubbed by the sprinkler head.

  • Partial to full-circle spray— ideal for both narrow and wide lawns
  • The innovative head design takes care of all tricky watering tasks
  • Easy to adjust nozzles
  • Great value for the money


  • There are really no downsides to this sprinkler

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5. Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler - 3-Inch Pop-Up Impact Canister Sprinkler Spray Head, Adjustable from 20 to 360 Degrees, 25 to 45 Foot Radius

This is the third Orbit Sprinkler on our list. Every Orbit product we have reviewed here merits a position among the best sprinklers for long, narrow lawns for some unique reasons. Orbit 55025 Sprinkler also has some features that you won’t find in other impact sprinklers falling in the same price range.  For instance, this impact sprinkler comes with a diffuser pin that allows you to adjust the length of water distance from up to 45 feet.

This feature comes in very handy when you are standing on the side and want to extend or retract the length of the water sprout. With a diffuser pin in place, you don’t need to get soaked while adjusting the sprinkler. The other impressive bit about this sprinkler system is it can water as per your unique lawn requirement. If you are watering a full-fledged lawn, you can set its nozzle to 360 degrees. And if you are watering a long, narrow lawn, you can taper the water sprout to up to 20 degrees.

The other good bit about this sprinkler system is strapping construction. The sprinkler head is attached to a heavy-duty canister that features two inlets. Not only does that make the installation of the sprinkler easy, but it also guarantees durable use for a long time.  

The 3-inch pop-up head of this Orbit Sprinkler is also really supple. It pops up and retracts very fast and without any dirt buildups and clogs. If you want to buy a sprinkler for your long, narrow lawn that can offer utility for decades, then this Orbit Sprinkler system is worth considering. 

  • Flow-thru anti-clog design— works even with less than ideal water
  • An easy to operate impact sprinkler construction
  • Ideal for both narrow and wide landscapes


  • Not suitable for small lawns and turf

Get your Orbit 55025 Satellite 2 Impact Sprinkler from Amazon

Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn Buyer’s Guide

The above list has enough options for you to pick the best sprinkler for a long, narrow lawn. ​But you should also know how to buy top-quality sprinklers for long and narrow lawns without having a product list in hand. In this buyer’s guide, we are going to have a rundown of things you need to consider while searching for a sprinkler for long, narrow lawns.

Pop-up height

Pop-up height is the measurement of the sprinkler head when it sticks out at the time of watering. You can determine the distance a sprinkler system can take care of by taking the pop-up height into account: the higher the pop-up, the greater the distance.

For long, narrow lawns, any pop-up from 2 to 6 inches is considered good, depending on the length of the lawn. A sprinkler system with a pop-up of 2 inches is enough for a 15 to 20-feet long strip of grass. For longer lawn areas, you should go for 4-inch pop-ups.

Adjustable arc

Lawn sprinklers usually come with arced spray patterns, and the majority of them provide complete 360-degree coverage. However, long, narrow lawns don’t need complete circular coverage, and that’s the reason why it is hard to find a suitable sprinkler system for them.

Therefore, always make sure the sprinkler system you want to buy must have an adjustable arc. Ideally, sprinklers with 0 to 360 degrees adjustment are best for long, narrow lawns. With such flexible arcs, you get to adjust the size of the water sprout in line with the width of your lawn.


A lawn sprinkler has to work in rough and tough outdoor conditions. So, durability is a must-have characteristic in any sprinkler. Always pick sprinklers that are carved out from a combination of stainless steel, ABS plastic, and brass.

A sprinkler with durable construction doesn’t just ensure long-lasting installation, but it also remains perverse to deterioration even if your lawn irrigation system uses recycled or gritty water.

You don’t need to tire yourself out by manually watering your long, narrow lawn. Pick any sprinkler from the above list and make watering such tricky vegetation spaces a breeze.

Best Sprinkler For Long Narrow Lawn
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