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11 Yellow Spring Flowers To Make Your Garden Pop

Spring is almost here and with it, an explosion of color! Today I bring you a collection of yellow spring flowers that is sure to cheer you up. See which ones you’d like in your garden and plant some.

daffodils in a variety of yellow shades: from pale to dark, and some with orange centers.

Yellow Spring Flowers For Your Garden

 Yellow is probably the first color we see in the spring. It’s a welcome way to get out of the winter blues! Here are just a few of the most popular yellow spring flowers from gardens everywhere.


1. Forsythia shrubs

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blooming Forsythia bush that wasn’t impressive. They put on a much-needed spring show that doesn’t disappoint.

Blooming forsythia bush

Forsythia grows just about anywhere, and fast! I love snipping a few branches just before they bloom and bring them indoors. It brightens up the whole room and makes everyone happy.

Brilliant yellow forsythia bloms in a green vase

Wouldn’t that look good on YOUR table? I bet it would. Forsythia bushes need to be pruned vigorously, so don’t feel bad picking a few branches to bring some “sunshine” into your home.

2. Yellow tulips

I see a lot more red or white tulips, but there are several types of yellow tulips that are just gorgeous!

Yellow lily flowered tulips

These lily flowered tulips come in other colors too: they make a perfect addition to borders, beds and even containers.

Yellow and red parrot tulips

What a gorgeous tulip! These yellow and red parrot tulips make a great statement in any setting. They are so worth adding to your spring garden!

Here are some red flowers to plant with your yellow tulips?

Yellow fringed tulip

What a beautiful work of art! this beautiful fringed tulip will add some texture to your tulip garden.

Yellow Tulip Bulb for Planting - Ships from Iowa, USA - Stunning Pure Yellow, Vibrant and Bright (10 Bulbs)


3. Yellow iris

I have yellow irises in my front yard: they are so beautiful and delicate! Right behind them, I have pink peonies, giving me a really nice show of color and heavenly smell!

Yellow iris and pink peonies in my front yard

Here’s another view of these gorgeous yellow iris flowers!

Yellow iris with deep brown accents.

4. Yellow hyacinth

Yellow hyacinths are rare but so beautiful! Combined with purple and pink ones they make a real show of color and aroma when you pass them by.

Hyacinth 'City of Harlem' (10 Pack) Plant Bulbs for Gardening - Fragrant Yellow Flowering, Professional Growers from Easy to Grow


5. Yellow daffodils

Very popular everywhere, yellow daffodils are pretty much in every yard.

Yellow daffodils

There are many color combinations of daffodils: I love this one with a bit of orange in the middle. So pretty!

Yellow daffodils with orange centers

They make beautiful cut flower bouquets too.

A vase filled with daffodils

Daffodils are also loved by bees. Look at this none doing its work!

Hungry bee on daffodil

6. Yellow crocus

Plant them and forget them. I love this about my crocuses. Here are the first ones that popped up in my garden this spring.

Yellow crocus in my garden

7. Yellow Japanese rose

Not really a rose, this spring flower blooms lots of brilliant, double yellow flowers.

Yellow Japanese rose

8. Yellow mimosa (Acacia)

Gorgeous tree/shrub with small beautiful yellow balls for blooms.

Yellow mimosa blooms

9. Yellow primrose

This is another one of my favorites. I love it especially together with other colors of primrose. They have such vibrant colors!

Yellow primrose

10. Yellow pansies

Yellow pansies are one of those plants everyone has in their garden one time or another during the year.  They start blooming in early spring and continue to bloom throughout the summer.

A field of yellow pansies

I like the yellow pansies, but I adore the yellow and purple pansies even more. They’re just so beautiful! Don’t you agree?

Yellow and purple pansies

11. Yellow hibiscus

A late spring bloomer, hibiscus comes in a nice variety of colors including yellow. They are stunning!

Yellow hibiscus flower

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous spring flowers and are inspired to try some in your own yard.

Yellow flowers pair really nice with blue flowers.

Yellow spring flowers.
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