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What to Do With Too Many Cucumbers – 11 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Excess

Did you end up with a bountiful harvest and need to know what to do with too many cucumbers? You’re in luck because there are so many great ways to enjoy delicious cukes that you never have to worry about having too many. As anyone who has grown cucumbers can tell you, these things can multiply like crazy. And while that can be exciting when you’re starting your garden, it may also leave you wondering how to use them all up before they go bad.

a pilew of cucumbers on my countertop

Cucumbers need to be picked as soon as they are ripe when they are about medium-sized. If you leave them on the vine, they will continue to ripen and then overripen. But one great thing about cucumbers is that they can be used in so many different ways. Because of this, you can preserve them and use them in recipes for months to come.

If you find yourself with an overabundance of cucumbers, here are some things you can do with them.

What to Do with Extra Cucumbers

Here are some great ideas of what to do with your extra cucumbers. You can bring in that summer harvest and preserve them, so nothing goes to waste, and you always have plenty of cucumbers for your needs.

Oh, and if you have overgrown or overripe cukes, here are some ideas for those too!

1. Pickle them

ice-box dill pickles

The most obvious choice, we have to include pickling here. Not only are pickles tasty, but the pickling process also preserves them for a long time. And there are a lot of different ways to do your pickling so you can get different flavors from them.

I love to make icebox pickles: they are ready in about 24 hours and I don’t need to sweat to make them. Of course, if you want to preserve them for later, make some of the canned pickles as well.

2. Make cucumber water

cucumber water

Infused water tastes great and is good for you. This is especially refreshing in the heat of summer. You just slice up some of those fresh cucumbers and toss them into some ice-cold water and enjoy! You might want to set up a pitcher of this regularly throughout the summer. It can help you and your family drink more water.

3. Put them in smoothies

cucumber smoothie

A smoothie is a great way to get your daily greens. You can make a smoothie with cucumbers as the main ingredient, or you can choose to add a bit of them into a smoothie of other flavors. The cukes are made mostly of water and they also adjust well to other flavors without overpowering them, so there is a lot of flexibility here.

4. Greek yogurt dip

Tzatziki dip

Sometimes known as Tzatziki, this is a yogurt-based dip that contains shredded cucumbers. It’s a staple in Mediterranean diets and makes a great dip for veggies. You can also use it as a sandwich spread or as a topping for salad.

5. Make fresh salsa

fresh cucumber salsa

Fresh salsa is good year-round but especially in the summer. And salsa isn’t just great for taco night. You can use it as a tasty side dish for just about any meal. When you make your salsa with tomatoes and cucumbers, it’s a great way to use up that excess.

6. Use them for frozen treats

cucumber and berries popsicle

If you make homemade popsicles, you can use your extra cucumbers for this as well. Add some berries too and it’ll be a hit with the kids, too. You can also use cukes in fruit sorbets.

7. Add them to a stir fry

chopped cucumbers

You can chop up some cucumbers and put them in just about any type of stir fry you’re making. They are so versatile and soak up the flavors of what you’re cooking while adding a bit of extra crunch as well.

8. Make roasted cucumbers

In addition to adding them to stir fry, you can also roast them and eat them as a side like that. Just slice or chop them, add some butter or olive oil, salt, pepper, and other seasonings you desire, and roast it up in a baking pan. Some people like to add a bit of parmesan or scallions for seasoning, as well.

9. Freeze them

frozen sliced cucumbers

Another great way to preserve those excess cucumbers until you can enjoy them later is to freeze them. You can prep them for how you plan to use them later (some sliced, some chopped, some peeled, etc.) and then freeze them in ready-to-go bags or containers. Be sure to label them with the date you’re prepping them to take out any guesswork later. And that’s it!

10. Make cucumber chips

cucumber chips

You can slice them up and dehydrate them to make some yummy cucumber chips for the perfect snack. Try pairing them with a cucumber-yogurt dip like mentioned above.

11. Share with friends, family, and neighbors

So, this one isn’t about preserving as much as sharing but it’s a great idea, nonetheless. Passing on your bountiful harvest always feels good. You can share your extra cucumbers with family members, neighbors, friends, and even strangers (some people like to put a basket with a free sign on it outside their lawn or driveway to offer to people passing by).

If you find your garden has been overrun with too many cucumbers, you can use the ideas from this list to help you make good use of them. Remember not to leave them too long on the vine. It’s always better to pick them now, and then preserve them for use later.

FAQ of What to Do with Too Many Cucumbers

Here are some commonly asked questions about what to do with too many cucumbers.

Can I freeze my extra cucumbers for later?

Yes! If done correctly, you can absolutely freeze your cucumbers to use later. There are several different methods you can use to freeze your extra cukes and preserve them even into the winter to be enjoyed later.

Does canning work for cucumbers to use later?

Most fruits and vegetables can be canned and saved to use later, and cucumber is no exception. Not only are there several ways to can cucumbers, but you can also ferment them, freeze them, and dehydrate them. All of these methods work to preserve them for later use.

Is it possible to donate fresh cucumbers to a food pantry?

You can donate your extra cukes, but many food pantries have rules regarding fresh and perishable goods. Your best bet is often to donate directly to people in need, or to religious organizations that have food pantries, but you can also contact the food pantries in your area to find out their regulations regarding perishable donations.

what to do with too many cucumbers
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