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Storage Shed Buying Guide – 6 Things To Check Before You Buy One

Most homes today are overstuffed, and yours is probably no exception. We tend to buy new things without getting rid of what they’re supposed to replace. Other times, we simply get new things just because. And then, we accumulate family memorabilia that we just can’t part with. Outdoor sheds solve our need for extra room. But how do I know which shed is right for me, you might ask? Here’s a storage shed buying guide to help you decide.

wooden storage shed nicely landscaped.
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Don’t let buying a shed overwhelm you. Follow this process to select your shed: these buying tips will make it easier than you thought.

Storage Shed Buying Guide

1. Check permission requirements

If you’re renting, you’d have to run the idea by your landlord. If you own your place, check for existing zoning rules relating to a storage shed. This could include stopping by your homeowner’s association’s office to see if there are rules about sheds you are unaware of. Before you go hunting for the best storage shed, you want to be sure no one’s going to knock on your door with an order to take it down later.

2. Choose a shed that matches your home

It is smart to choose a shed that blends in with your home and garden. You don’t want a Victorian-looking storage shed if you live in a neighborhood of contemporary-designed homes. It will just be out of place and uncomfortable.

3. Choose functionality versus aesthetics

Outdoor sheds are primarily utility structures. If you want it to be cute, too, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s stable and roomy enough to hold your gardening tools and your stuff in.

4. Research prices

Before going to your neighborhood’s home improvement shop, do your research and get a feel for the price range of the shed you’re interested in. Some Googling can show you the current prices before your emotions become involved at the store. Prices for outdoor sheds can vary, starting at a couple hundred dollars and going up to several thousand.

5. Choose the shed type wisely

Aluminum sheds are never pretty by themselves. However, they’re the most durable. The coating reduces corrosion and adds to its longevity while making it look a bit prettier.

Outdoor sheds made from wood are definitely attractive choices and you’ll find plenty in the market. They are, however, prone to fire and require a lot of maintenance to avoid molds.

Vinyl is often a practical choice for many as it needs little attention except a power wash once in a while and lasts a long time.

Rubbermaid storage sheds are one of the best gardener sheds.

6. Know your size

How much space do you have in the yard for your shed? Before going shopping, know your size range. You don’t want to bring home something that does not fit, and taking it back to the store is an unnecessary hassle you could certainly avoid.

Why Buy A Storage Shed?

Outdoor sheds can help organize your outdoor area, from keeping your mower in to organizing your garden tools and storing pet food. 

Of course, a shed can be used for more than storage. It can also keep firewood safe and serve as a craft studio, summer kitchen, or children’s playhouse. Here are 7 ways to use your storage shed for more than just storage.

Keep the area around your shed mulched for easy maintenance, or go all out and plant your favorite flowers to create a quiet space. For some inspiration, check out these charming landscaping ideas for sheds.

a collage of shed landscaping ideas.
Image credit: Backyard Garden Lover.

Where To Buy Storage Sheds

You have several choices of where to buy a storage shed for your backyard. You could go to a local specialty store, a hardware/construction store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, or you can buy your shed online.

One of the more popular online stores selling storage sheds is Fifth Room. You can also buy sheds from Amazon: they have all sizes and from many manufacturers.

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