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Reliable Dadant Beekeeping Supplies For Beginner Beekeepers

Beekeeping supplies are readily available on the modern international market, but there are so many suppliers and companies to choose from, selecting the best equipment from the best supplier can be a challenge. One such supplier is Dadant & Sons, and many beekeepers are interested in the quality and worthiness of the supplies provided by this well-established company.

Dadant beekeeping supplies are some of the most affordable and the best quality available. These beekeeping supplies are designed for working beekeepers. Dadant supplies include everything from hives and bee suits to learning materials and full starter kits. These are some of the best value-for-money beekeeping supplies.

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Beekeeping is a challenging enterprise, and having the correct equipment and supplies for the job is imperative. Dadant is one of the oldest and most established supplies in the industry, but how good are Dadant supplies, and how do they compare to other beekeeping suppliers? Let’s find out!

Dadant Beekeeping Supplies

Dadant and Sons have been a supplier of beekeeping tools and equipment since 1863. This company is well-known in the industry for high-quality apiary tools and supplies, as well as affordable tools for the everyday or hobbyist beekeeper.

As one of the oldest manufacturers and suppliers of beekeeping equipment, Dadant has an extensive range of supplies available. The catalog of supplies offered by Dadant includes all manner of beehives and hive construction and maintenance equipment, hand tools for keeping and catching bees, protective beekeeping clothing, and Dadant even supplies bees themselves.

There is nothing that a beekeeper requires that Dadant does not supply. Every necessity and luxury for apiary is covered by Dadant, and the quality of the products speaks for itself.

Dadant has an excellent reputation in the beekeeping community, and they offer supplies to beekeepers internationally.

Dadant beekeeping supplies can be divided into five categories:

  1. Hives
  2. Tools
  3. Protective clothing
  4. Bee care
  5.  Honey and harvesting

Let’s take a better look at the supplies offered by Dadant to better understand what they have available and to help you determine if Dadant beekeeping supplies are worthwhile for you.

1. Dadant beehives

The range of beehives, beehive equipment, and beehive accessories from Dadant is unmatched.

Dadant supply a wide range of beehives, including 8-frame and 10-frame box hives, specialty hives, and supers. Hives can be purchased unassembled or fully assembled, untreated or fully painted and treated, and they come in a variety of colors.

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The rang of Dadant beehives even includes a variety of top-bar hives, which are fairly uncommon in modern beekeeping but are the most traditional version of man-made beehives for beekeeping.

Another unusual beehive type supplied by Dadnat is what they call Beemax hives. These are specialized plastic beehives. These hives are made from polystyrene and provide better insulation from the weather for the bees inside, allowing them to spend more time producing honey rather than maintaining hive temperature.

Along with hives, Dadant supplies a range of beehive frames and foundations for frames, making Dadant the ultimate supplier for your beehive requirements.

Beehives are but one aspect of this range of products by Dadant, as this company also supplies equipment and accessories for beehives such as queen excluders, insulation wraps, clear observation domes, temporary observation hives, and hive tops, hive bottom boards, and even hive expansion kits.

2. Dadant beekeeping tools

Dadant is a world-class supplier of beehives and bees, but they also provide an extensive selection of tools specifically designed for beekeeping.

The catalog of beekeeping tools supplied by Dadant include:

  • Hand tools
  • Smokers
  • Frame and foundation hardware
  • Queen rearing equipment
  • Swarm capture tools
  • Hive tools
  • Honey moving tools

The hand tools offered by Dadant include numerous types of tools for apiary, including various hive tools, frame spacing tools, toolboxes, bee brushes, comb cappers, and capping scratchers.

Every hand tool that a beekeeper could ever need is supplied by Dadant for both building and maintaining hives and ensuring the longevity of bee colonies.

Dadant supplies multiple variations of bee smokers and smoker tools. The smokers are available in various sizes and capacities, and the fuel offered by Dadant is some of the best available, including fuel cotton and burlap roll.

The frame and foundation hardware supplied by Dadant include frame holders, form boards, frame grips and manipulators, frame wire, and even spur-shaped embedders. Every tool or piece of equipment required to hold frames and foundation in place is easily attainable from Dadant.

Dadant supplies all the equipment required for rearing queen bees. This is vital for rearing successful bee colonies. Everything from queen clips to queen rearing hotels is supplied by Dadant.

The swarm capture tools provided by Dadant will help you catch and relocate any size swarm. Dadant supplies swarm capture boxes and even bee lures and bait to help draw bees into a swarm capture box or hive for transport.

Moving hives and honey can be a challenge for every apiarist. To help make the process easier, Dadant supply a large range of bee, beehive, and honey moving equipment, including beehive straps, pallet mounts, various bee netting, and even a hive transport lift.

3. Dadant protective clothing

Dadant is a supplier of professional beekeeping protective clothing and apparel to keep beekeepers safe regardless of what they have to do.

All manner of beekeeper protective clothing is available, such as helmets, veils, full beekeeper suits, aprons, hats, jackets, and gloves.

The clothing and protective apparel provided by Dadant is some of the best on the market and is highly revered by apiarists everywhere.

4. Dadant bee care supplies

Bee care is an important aspect of beekeeping. Without taking proper care of the bees in any colony, the colony will not survive for very long, especially in the winter months when food for bees is scarce.

To help maintain the health of bee colonies, Dadant supply a range of bee care supplies, including bee feed and bee supplements. Dadant also provides a number of bee protection products, including various pest controls t help protect bees from predators and pests.

Dadant also supplies beehive stands, feeder trays and hives tops for feeding bees effectively, and hive defenses such as beetle traps and mite screens to prevent unwanted pests and predators from gaining entry into beehives.

5. Dadant honey and harvesting equipment

The main focus of many beekeepers is harvesting honey produced by the bees. This poses a problem, as harvesting honey from beehives is a significant challenge for all beekeepers.

Dadant supply a wide range of perfect honey harvesting and transportation equipment. Dadant supplies everything from bottles and jars for selling harvested honey to honey pumps and extractors to harvest the honey.

Comb cutters are also available, and Dadant can even print labels depicting the nutritional value of honey for your honey jars.

Everything necessary for extracting, harvesting, and transporting honey is available from the Dadant catalog, and everything is designed to maintain the health and safety of the bees that produce the honey.

Are Dadant Beekeeping Supplies Good?

Dadant & Sons are one of the oldest suppliers of beekeeping equipment in the world. Many beekeepers swear by the supplies of Dadant, but nowadays, there are many competitors in the beekeeping market, leading to the question, are Dadant supplies good?

Dadant beekeeping supplies are very good, especially for beginners. Dadant supply a very wide range of equipment specifically for beginner beekeepers. Professionals will also find everything they need from Dadant and find their supplies to be of excellent quality.

The tools, equipment, and beekeeping supplies they provide are some of the best available. This company has a long history in this industry, which has given them the time and experience to identify the real-life needs of beekeepers.

This means that everything available from Dadant is not only good quality and very useful, but the supplies are also designed specifically for beekeepers by beekeepers and do not pretend to be anything that they are not.

Dadant supplies are good supplies, and they are exactly what hobbyists and professional apiarists require for keeping bees on any scale.

Are Dadant Beekeeping Supplies Expensive?

Many prospective beekeepers are asking the same question: how much does beekeeping cost? The truth is that beekeeping is not always cheap, and it can cost a lot to do well. So, how expensive is Dadant & Sons beekeeping supplies?

Compared to other suppliers of beekeeping equipment, Dadant & sons is relatively inexpensive. The prices of the supplies by this company are very reasonable and less expensive than many other brands.

This aspect of Dadant & Sons is mainly because Charles Dadant, the creator of the company, was a prolific and successful beekeeper himself. This set the company up to understand the needs and limitations of regular beekeepers and supply tools and equipment that will serve them well and fall within their budget.

This is a vital aspect of beekeeping, as keeping costs as low as possible is the only way to turn a profit in the industry. For this reason, providing beekeepers with affordable, good-quality supplies is imperative to the survival of the industry, and this is something that Dadant does very well.

Below is a list of the general prices of some of the more popular and necessary beekeeping supplies sold by Dadant:

  • 10-frame Deep Super 9 5/8” – $24.05
  • 9 1/8” grooved top bar frames – $43.95 each
  • 9 1/8 “ grooved top bar frames – $128.95 for 100 frames
  • Ten pack medium brood foundation – $16.45
  • 4 x 7 stainless steel smoker – $37.05
  • Ventilated Beekeeper suit – $159.60
  • 10lb Ap23 Dadant winter patties bee feed – $25.70
  • Four frame honey extractor with removable legs – $ 473.30
  • Beekeeper starter kit including all necessary apiary equipment – $401.65

Are Dadant Beekeeping Supplies Worthwhile?

Dadant & Sons is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in beekeeping. This is an important factor, but reputation is not everything. Are Dadant beekeeping supplies worthwhile?

Dadant & Sons beekeeping supplies are worthwhile, so long as you are not looking for the most high-end equipment. Dadant supplies are intended for hobbyists and everyday beekeepers, rather than major farmers or very high-tech apiarists.

The beekeeping supplies provided by Dadant are worthwhile because they are good value for money. This company does not produce the most high-end or state-of 0the-art supplies, but the affordable price of the equipment makes it a good value for money.

Their supplies are by no means of poor quality. But they are intended to be affordable, which means they cannot be the best on the market overall.

However, with that being said, Dadant beekeeping supplies are worthwhile, especially for beginner beekeepers.

The wide range of equipment, comprehensive starter kits, and excellent selection of learning materials available from Dadant for beginner beekeepers are unparalleled. There is no other supplier of beekeeping equipment that offers this comprehensive start for beginners other than Dadant.

At the end of it, Dadant beekeeping supplies are more worthwhile for beginners and for those will small beekeeping operations rather than large-scale bee farmers, but their supplies are well suited for every beekeeper on every level, regardless of the scale of operations.


Dadant & Sons beekeeping supplies are some of the most well-trusted and most established supplies for beekeeping in the world. The reputation and experience of Dadant & Sons are unmatched, and the supplies that the company offers are world-class.

Many beekeepers deem Dadant beekeeping supplies to be the best available, and the truth is that they are some of the best on the market, but the affordable nature of the supplies means that there are better supplies out there.

However, the range of supplies, the value of the supplies and learning materials, as well as the quality of the equipment supplies by Dadant & Sons makes this company one of the best in the international beekeeping industry.

Dadant supplies are available internationally and are an excellent place to start if you are a beginner beekeeper. Investing in Dadant & Sons beekeeping supplies will not be a disappointment for any beekeepers on any level.

Reliable Dadant beekeeping suplies for beginner beekeepers
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