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Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies Every Beekeeper Needs

Mann Lake is one of the premier beekeeping suppliers, producing and distributing some of the most highly regarded supplies in the industry. This company offers a wide range of beekeeping supplies and materials, but are they any good? What are the most popular Mann Lake beekeeping supplies, and are they worthwhile?

Mann Lake supplies all equipment and products necessary for apiary from the ground up. The supplies are well made, reliable, and have a good reputation. Mann Lake’s extensive range of supplies provide the solution to all beekeeping problems and are well worth the money.

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Mann Lake is very well known in the beekeeping industry, and there are few companies that can compete with their supplies. Some beekeepers steer away from Mann Lake, while others swear by the products the company produces. Let’s dive deeper into the supplies that Mann Lake offers to determine whether or not they live up to the reputation.

What Supplies Do Mann Lake Offer?

Mann Lake has been around since the early 1980s. Since then, Mann Lake has grown into one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of beekeeping supplies and equipment. Mann Lake offers a very wide range of products, tools, and gear that every apiarist needs, regardless of how many hives they own.

Mann Lake supplies include beehive components, beekeeping kits, apiary maintenance products, honey extraction products, beekeeping tools and hardware, honey extraction equipment, as well as beekeeping apparel and safety gear. Mann Lake offers a complete source for everything a beekeeper needs.

The catalog of products offered by Mann Lake is extensive. This company provides both professional-grade equipment and beginner-level supplies. Mann Lake will even sell you the bees that you need to get started!

Let’s have a closer look at the supplies offered by this giant of the beekeeping world.

Mann Lake Hive Components

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit, Completely Assembled, Painted, Made In The USA

One of the most important supply categories offered by Mann Lake is the range of hive components. These components may be used to build new beehives, repair old or damaged beehives, or boost the honey production of your bees.

The hive components offered by Mann Lake include:

  • Assembled hive bodies
  • Unassembled hive boxes
  • Hive accessories
  • Hive frames
  • Comb honey production kits
  • A wide range of hive foundations

1. Assembled and unassembled hive bodies

Bee Hive, Assembled, Natural 10 Frame Kit

The assembled hive boxes by Mann Lake are available for brood chambers or for harvesting supers. The boxes are built to house either eight or ten comb frames and are built to be very robust.

The hives are available in various types, including pinewood boxes either painted or unfinished, and plastic hive boxes that are designed to withstand the elements.

Each hive type is available in multiple sizes, and they are sold with frames and without frames to cater to all requirements.

The unassembled boxes are available in ten or eight frame sets and are available in both plastic and wood.

Mann Lake offers hive boxes, assembled and unassembled, at varying wood grades, including a budget, commercial, and select grades. The wood grade variations mean that the hives can be sold for widely varying prices to suit every budget.

2. Hive accessories

Mann Lake Excluder

The range of hive accessories supplied by Mann Lake includes top covers, bottom covers, and inner covers for hive boxes, hive bottoms, queen excluders, and several other accessories that are very useful for the modern beekeeper.

Mann Lake offers accessories to solve almost every problem encountered by beekeepers. Accessories including mouse guards to prevent rodents from entering hives, to frame perches, cozies to keep hives insulated in the cold months, and even telescoping hive covers are manufactured and distributed by Mann Lake.

If you have an apiary problem that needs solving, Mann Lake probably already produces an accessory to solve it.

3. Hive frames

Mann Lake WW906 10-Pack Assembled Commercial Frames with Waxed Natural Rite-Cell Foundation, 9-1/8-Inch

Mann Lake produces a variety of beehive frames. The frames are sold pre-assembled for easy installation or unassembled, allowing you to assemble the frames yourself and customize them for your own requirements.

The frames are available in varying sizes and lengths and are available in either plastic or wood. The plastic frames come in a variety of colors if that is something that is important to you.

Along with hive frames, Mann Lake offers the supplies required for building and repairing frames as well. This includes frame wire, frame support pins, and even frame assembly templates and aids to make assembling hive frames a simple and efficient process.

4. Comb honey production kits

If you are a producer of comb honey, Mann Lake supplies all the equipment you will ever need to produce and harvest comb honey.

Mann Lake produces and supplies both Ross Round and Square Comb production kits that include all of the necessary equipment for producing and harvesting comb honey. These kits include specialized frames, wax foundation, collection tools, and even the proper containers for comb honey.

These kits are sold in various sizes and price points, and the components are available individually as well.

5. Wax foundation

Wax foundation is an essential component of any new hive. Mann Lake offers a selection of wax foundations, including Rite-Cell, which is Mann Lake’s proprietary foundation material that is designed to produce maximum yield, minimum loss and protect the hive from pests such as wax moths.

Mann Lake offers other foundation materials as well, including Perma-Dent foundation and standard surplus foundation.

The foundation offered by Mann Lake is some of the best available internationally and should be seriously considered if you are setting up some new hives.

Mann Lake Beekeeping Kits

Mann Lake offers a number of beekeeping kits, including complete beekeeping kits and hive kits.

Beekeeping kits include all of the necessary equipment required for a beginner apiarist to get started along the beekeeping journey. Mann Lake distributes three types of beekeeping kits that contain equipment for differing experience levels and different levels of involvement.

Mann Lake also supplies a good variety of beehive kits that contain all of the components and materials necessary for building beehives of various styles and with various functionalities.

Complete Beekeeping Kits

The complete beekeeping kits by Mann Lake are available in three types:

The Basic Starter Kit includes one complete and ready hive box with frames, wax foundations, inner cover, box bottom, and telescoping box cover, a pair of leather apiarist gloves, a bee veil, a smoker with a guard, and a guidebook to teach you everything about the basic of keeping bees.

The Deluxe Starter Kit is much more comprehensive. This kit includes all of the equipment provided in the Basic Starter Kit but also includes an extra hive box, two super hive boxes, beekeeper overalls with a veil, pro-grade goatskin leather gloves, a vented helmet, a queen excluder, smoker fuel, a hive tool, a bee brush, and more comprehensive book guide.

The Pro Pollinator Kit does not contain equipment of the same quality level as the Deluxe kit, but it does contain far more equipment.

The Pro Pollinator Kit includes everything from the Deluxe kit but also includes a hive stand, a hooded bee jacket, a one-gallon bee feeder, larger beehives and supers, more frames, a year’s subscription to beekeepers magazine, a guidebook, and a hive entrance reducer.

Hive kits

The beehive kits supplied by Mann Lake include everything necessary to build various types of beehives or to add on to existing hives.

These kits are ideal for the beginner beekeeper and the veteran bee farmer. The kits cover everything from stylish, small garden beehive kits to large, multi-chambered hives with multiple supers and extra accessories for optimizing honey harvest.

Each kit can be shipped assembled or unassembled, and every kit comes in various sizes and with various optional accessories.

Apiary Maintenance Products

Mann Lake is a producer and a supplier of various products designed to aid the maintaining of beehives and bee colonies. Equipment is available for maintaining and repairing hives, and products are available to improve bee nutrition and health and to protect the colony.

There are so many products supplied by Mann Lake in this category; instead of going over each of them in detail, let’s explore a broad overview of the type of products available.

Hive protection

Mann Lake DC311 Hop Guard Varroa Mite Treatment

Some of the hive protection products that are available from Mann Lake include various pest deterrents, predator deterrents, rodent traps, electric fences, solar-powered motion-triggered lights, and even hornet shields.

All of these products are designed to either lure away bee predators such as hornets or to trap other animals that raid hives for the honey.

Mann Lake also offers a selection of paints and preservatives to apply to wooden hive boxes to protect them from the elements.

Bee Feed and Feeders

Mann Lake Entrance Feeder

Mann Lake offers an excellent range of bee food. These supplements provide extra nutrition for bees, especially during the winter months when food is scarce. These supplements will keep a colony strong and healthy all year.

The range of bee feed includes liquid feed, sugar, bee supplements, and even pollen substitutes.

Along with bee feed, Mann Lake produces and supplies bee feeders. Feeders offer a feed delivery system for the bees. There are feeder types that fit as frames within hive boxes, and there are external feeders.

Both are available from Mann Lake and are effective for feeding bees.

Tools and Hardware

Running a beehive or several beehives is a lot of work and requires the right tools to do well.

Mann Lake offers the correct tools for beekeeping, including:

  • smokers
  • hand tools
  • air tools
  • power tools
  • and even transportation for maintaining beehives

Herbicides and Pesticides

Unfortunately, bees are not the only creatures who are likely to take up residence within a hive box. Mann Lake supplies several herbicides and pesticides to keep the likes of fungus and wax moths at bay.

This can make the difference between a colony that survives and a colony that dies. Pest and invasion control are critical in beekeeping.

Queen Rearing

Mann Lake One Handed Catcher, Queen

Queen rearing is another important aspect of beekeeping. Without a queen bee, a colony will scatter. Queen bees are also quite valuable in some areas.

This means that having the equipment to rear queen bees is an important function within the field of beekeeping. Mann Lake supplies the equipment necessary for successfully rearing queen bees.

This equipment is available as kits or sold as individual items depending on your requirements.

Honey Extraction Products

VIVO Large Electric 4 to 8 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor, Honeycomb Drum Spinner BEE-V004E

One of the most significant aspects of keeping bees is harvesting honey. Maintaining a bee colony and supporting it to the point where the bees produce enough honey to fill a harvesting upper is one of the great joys of an apiary, and harvesting that honey is the fruit of much hard labor.

Mann Lake has a full range of honey extraction systems and products, including extractors, bottling systems, and wax processing systems. Extracting honey can be a challenge, and having the right tools for the task is essential. Mann Lake provides everything from small sieves to industrial-sized motorized extractors.

The equipment that man lake manufactures and distributes for honey extraction is among the best in the world. It really is worthwhile investing in the tools provided by Mann Lake for extracting honey. Few other manufacturers can compete.

Apparel and Gear

MANN LAKE Economy Beekeeper Jacket with Self Supporting Veil, X-Large

Mann Lake provides a wide range of beekeeping safety gear, including jackets, hoods, veils, gloves, leaves, full beekeeping suits, and even bee sting relief medications and ointments.

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The large size of this company allows Mann Lake to sell beekeeping apparel for very affordable prices. The company also stocks a range of gaiters, aprons, rebreathers, and some Mann Lake merchandise if you’re interested.

The gear and apparel that Mann Lake stock coverers everything that the modern apiarist need to successfully keep bees, whether as a hobby or as a profession.

Are Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies Worthwhile?

Mann Lake is one of the leading beekeeping suppliers in the world, and they produce and supply every item of apiary equipment that any beekeeper could ever need, but are Mann Lake supplies worthwhile?

Mann Lake beekeeping supplies are worthwhile. There are few manufacturers and suppliers in the beekeeping industry with the reputation that Mann Lake has for good quality equipment and supplies. The prices of the supplies are competitive and worthwhile paying for.

The supplies and equipment stocked and distributed by Mann Lake may be more expensive than some smaller brands, but they are competitively priced when compared to other leading brands. The price of Mann Lake products and supplies is well worth the cost, as everything supplied by Mann Lake is among the best in the industry.


Mann Lake manufactures, produces, supplies, and distributes an extensive range of beekeeping equipment and products.

This company supplies everything from the ground up and even supply bees to inhabit the hives that they produce. There are few companies in the world of apiary that can compete with Mann Lake.

With that being said, the products supplied by Mann Lake are well worth the cost and are of excellent quality all around. If you’re considering whether or not to invest in Mann Lake supplies, it is well worth the investment to give your business to this giant of the industry.

Mann Lake beekeeping supplies every beekeeper needs
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