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Must Have Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole For Your Feeders

Backyard birding is gaining in popularity these days. Many of us work hard to attract wild birds to our yards, only to discover that squirrels love the bird food as much, if not more, than the birds we are trying to attract. Placing your bird feeding station on top of a squirrel proof bird feeder pole is an excellent deterrent for the squirrels. 

Squirrel hanging on a bird feeder, trying to get at the seed.

Some of the most popular bird seed mixes are also squirrels’ favorites: black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, suet, and pumpkin seeds. Use seeds squirrels don’t love, such as thistle. But the best way to squirrel proof bird feeders is to add a baffle or squirrel buster to the pole that holds the feeder.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole Comparison Table

Kettle Moraine Decorative Bird Feeder Pole
Sequoia Squirrel Proof Pole System
Birds Choice 3 ARM Pole Bird Feeder

In a Hurry? This is our favorite squirrel stopper!

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Kettle Moraine Decorative Bird Feeder Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle & Twister Ground Socket (2 Arm)

Our number one bird feeder pole system combines utility and a bit of style, all wrapped up into a 96-inch long, three-piece, tubular pole.

Being made from those three pieces allows for easy construction, and when constructed, the pole itself is heavy, durable steel coated with black powder to fit in almost any garden. 

At the top of the pole are sturdy arms, also made of steel that reach twelve inches from the pole itself. How many arms, you ask? This product gives you a choice between two, three, and four-armed variants depending on the scale of your bird feeding operation. A twenty-inch twister ground socket at the opposite end allows you to screw the feeder into the ground for added stability.

PS: In the interest of frugality, we should mention a cheaper, non-decorative version of this exact product available. We didn’t want to make it its entry since the differences between the decorated and non-decorated versions are minimal, those differences being the decoration itself and the fact it’s a bit shorter. If the decorated variant is too tall for your liking or you’re just of the thrifty kind, you can find it here.


  • Sturdy, unbending steel arms reach twelve inches from the pole center
  • Heavy-duty and durable black powder-coated steel construction
  • It comes in three pieces for ease of both transport and setup
  • The twister socket drives the pole twenty inches into the ground for stability
  • It comes in two-arm, three-arm and four-arm variants
  • Decorative bird feeders are pleasant to look at


  • Depending on your build, the entire 96 inches of this feeder might be too high.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole Reviews

Birds Choice 3 Arm Pole Package

Birds Choice 3 ARM Pole Bird Feeder, Large, Black

While this squirrel-proof pole lacks many of the bells and whistles from the previous product, it does the job you need it to do.

This arm pole is excellent for those on a budget or those who want a no-frills, no-fuss approach to thwarting squirrels. As the name suggests, it has three arms and brings them to your garden for a lower price than the three-armed variant above.

It’s also driven into the ground by a twister screw that measures twenty inches long, anchoring the pole into the ground for all the stability you could ask for. After setting it up, the pole will reach sixty inches into the air. This isn’t the shortest, but some have expressed concern that squirrels can jump past the baffle and reach the top anyway. Not everyone seems to have had this issue, so we think it may depend on the area, topography, and whether your garden happens to be hosting the high jump event for the Squirrel Olympics.


  • It has three arms for a cheaper price than the other three-armed poles above.
  • It is driven into the ground with a twenty-inch twister screw for maximum stability.
  • After setup, the pole system will extend sixty inches above the ground.
  • It is the cheapest squirrel-proof bird feeder pole.


  • Too short, some squirrels can jump past the baffle.
  • Not many Amazon customer reviews.

Predator Guard Squirrel Guard Baffle

Predator Guard Squirrel Baffle - Protects Hanging Bird Feeders and Poles - Raccoon and Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders and Bird Houses - Anti-Rust Galvanized Steel - 17 inch

If you’re on a tight budget or have a pole you’re not keen on replacing, why not get the predator guard squirrel baffle? With this option, you can bring your pole to the equation and squirrel-proof it, saving you from getting a new one. 

The baffle is wide at seventeen inches in diameter and is made with galvanized steel, which has a slippery, no-grip surface that squirrels will slide off of.


  • It allows you to squirrel proof your pre-existing bird feeders, so you don’t have to get a whole new pole.
  • It’s a wide seventeen inches in diameter and wraps around your pole.
  • It’s made with galvanized steel to not rust in wet weather.
  • It has a slippery, no-grip surface to make squirrels slide off.


  • Some have reported squirrels can outsmart this product
  • It is only the baffle; you should already have a pole

Buyers Guide For Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Poles

This small buyers’ guide will help you determine what makes an effective squirrel-proof feeder pole to choose the right one to protect the bird seed you intended for your feathered friends, not the squirrels.

Squirrel facts

So, what do you need to know?

  • The average squirrel can’t jump more than five feet up off the ground or more than seven feet across from a tree. You could have the best bird feeder, and it’ll be useless if you’ve parked it right next to an easily climbable tree. Your feeder setup must be somewhat isolated on all sides so that squirrels can’t climb adjacent structures and jump over to them.
  • Squirrels have incredible flexibility and twist their bodies in many ways to reach their desired seeds.
  • You may also want to consider the squirrels’ diet. For example, squirrels don’t like some seeds, like safflower, which birds like cardinals and titmice enjoy. Using some of those in your feeders can help reduce the squirrels’ interest in them.
  • Birds and squirrels react to different tastes since mammalian animals tend to have a more developed taste reception than avian. You can exploit this by mixing dry cayenne pepper flakes into the seeds (about a tablespoon per bag). The squirrels won’t be a fan of the seeds after this, but some claim that it can irritate birds’ eyes and should be used cautiously.
  • Keep a tray beneath your feeders since fallen seeds on the ground will attract squirrels, raccoons, and even rats.

Bird feeder pole characteristics

Here’s what to look for in a squirrel-proof bird feeder pole:

  • Ensure it has a thick baffle halfway between the ground and the bird feeder, guaranteeing that even the best climbers can’t reach the top.
  • Wooden and metal poles are easier to climb when compared to PVC or copper.
  • Some baffles are cylindrical and others have a cone shape.

While you may not like squirrels feasting at your favorite bird feeders, you could add a squirrel feeder filled with corn to your backyard, and the squirrels will hopefully leave the bird feeders alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just use a squirrel-proof feeder to deter squirrels?

Yes, if the feeder is well-made! The only reason we recommend poles as an alternative to, or to be combined with, squirrel-proof feeders is that the feeders by themselves won’t stop the squirrels from getting onto the pole and loitering there, trying all their woodland tricks to try and break into your seed stash.
They can’t be reasoned with and won’t stop until your seeds are theirs. So, it’s better to keep them away by stopping them from getting to the feeder in the first place, especially since squirrels will sometimes bully birds and scare shy birds away.

How much damage can squirrels do to a feeder?

Ignoring the actual damage that can be done to feeders by squirrels clumsily knocking your feeders off their hooks, the real damage is that squirrels can eat a fair amount of seeds. Squirrels weigh about a pound but eat just as much in one week. This means each squirrel could steal a pound of seed from the birds weekly.
So, when it comes to bird feeders, squirrels are pests that need to be gently dissuaded by devices such as those above. It’s nothing personal. I hope you see the benefits of adding a squirrel-proof bird feeder pole to your bird feeders.

Must have squirrel proof bird feeder poles.
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