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Indoor Plant Ideas: Great Plants For Every Home Space

Plants are a great way to bring life into your home or office. They can help make you feel happier and more relaxed, as well as improve the air quality in your space. Check out these indoor plant ideas and learn how how to choose plants for different spaces and life situations.

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Indoor Plant Ideas: Choosing the Right Plants

You can bring your love of gardening indoors with select houseplants and flowers that do well inside. There are many benefits to houseplants. For example, they can greatly improve indoor air quality. There's also just really nice to look at.

However, before you start collecting your own indoor plants, it's smart to learn a bit more about the different options available to you. Did you know that some plants are poisonous to your pets or children? Did you know that some plants don't do well in full sun while others don't do well in dark, shady areas?

Or maybe you've thought you can't have indoor plants because you or someone in your home is allergic. The good news is, there are many plants to choose from that are actually great for people with allergies or asthma.

Most Popular Indoor Plants

Just a quick list of the most popular indoor plants:

  • Spider plant
  • Snake plant
  • Chinese money plant
  • Prayer plants
  • Rubber plants
  • Air plants
  • Jade plant
  • Paddle Plant
  • Pothos plant
  • Zebra plant
  • Lucky bamboo
  • African violet
  • Mint plant
  • Castiron Plant
  • Meyer Lemon Tree

Now you have some great ideas to help you with choosing the perfect plants for your home or office and for every individual need. 

Check out these large indoor plants. They are perfect for entryways, patios, and living rooms.

Indoor plant ideas

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Lisa Clark is a freelance writer who grew up on farmland, then moved to the city, and has now retired back to her rural roots. She's having fun teaching her kids about gardening, planting flowers, and collecting houseplants.

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