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How to Market Lavender: 8 Popular Methods

A marketing plan is essential for a profitable lavender farm, and developing one before you even put the first plant in the ground will save some headaches later. To do so, you will want to consider not only how to spread the word about your lavender business but also where to sell your lavender products. Even if you have already begun growing lavender, whether you were eager to jump in or are transitioning from hobby to business, the following tips on how to market lavender will prove useful in turning your lovely, fragrant plants into profit for a fulfilling lavender business.

A collection of lavender sachets and other products set up on a table and ready to sell.

How to Market Lavender

The methods of marketing lavender products are as varied as for any other business. Different methods work better for different people, and a mix of several often provides the best results, so don’t be afraid to try multiple options to see what combination works best in your situation. Many overlap nicely. For example, if you write a blog post, you can also send it out as an email newsletter and post a link to it on social media.

While not essential, a logo can also be useful in creating visibility and brand recognition. Consider hiring a graphic designer to help you design a logo as part of your marketing planning. Although that tiny image may not seem worth a couple of hundred dollars, it can be used in myriad ways and will eventually pay for itself several times over.

Here are some of the most popular forms of marketing:

1. Word of mouth

This one is sometimes a little hard to control, but word of mouth is also one of the most effective forms of marketing. You can help it along by networking and carrying business cards everywhere so you can hand them out when the opportunity arises. And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about your new business; many of them will be more than happy to spread the word for you.

2. Social media

Love it or hate it, social media is a must for marketing. Explore your options, and choose one or two that seem the most appealing to you. The important thing is to post frequently and consistently. If you have a smartphone, snapping a photo while you’re in the field and posting it to social media takes less than five minutes. Videos take a bit longer but are extremely popular.

3. Website

A website is a great medium for providing detailed information about your farm and lavender products. It can also include space for a blog and, if you want to sell items online, an online store. A wide range of website hosts offer everything from plug-and-play templates to fully customizable websites, so chances are high you can find something that fits your comfort level. We use WordPress, but everyone has their favorite. 

4. Email

Many business owners swear by email marketing. Build up a list of subscribers (a popup on your website is great for this) and send out a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly newsletter. While weekly seems to be best, again, consistency is the real key. Include things like brief farm updates, a product spotlight, and upcoming events. Constant Contact, MailChimp, and SendInBlue are popular platforms for this.

5. Newspaper

The newspaper might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of marketing methods, but it’s still an effective tool! And don’t forget local weekly or monthly newspapers. Though smaller and typically free, these modest publications are often well-loved and well-read by the local community. I’ve seen many small businesses include coupons in their newspaper ads as well.

6. Flyers

As you go about town in the coming weeks, note where you see bulletin boards and ask the owner if they would mind putting up a flyer for your lavender farm. Cafes, health food stores, and locally owned groceries often have bulletin boards or places to post flyers on their counters or in the windows. Spas and yoga studios might also be good places to check.

7. Chamber of Commerce

Some small business owners find it very helpful to join their local Chamber of Commerce. Benefits of becoming a member can include a listing in their business directory, marketing and networking opportunities, business-focused education, member-only discounts and services, and more.

8. Gifts

While you don’t want to make a habit of giving away your product, a few well-placed gifts can go a long way. You can get creative with this, but one idea is to gift local restaurants, boutiques, and other relevant businesses a lavender bouquet. The benefit here is twofold: the business owner may decide to purchase from you (wholesale or otherwise), and their customers may see your logo and business info on the bouquet sitting next to the register.

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What Lavender Products Can You Sell

Minhcraft Hand Embroidered Lavender Sachet Bag Wheat Embroidery Natural Linen 6"x6", Set of 3

While you can use your lavender harvest to sell bouquets (both fresh or dried), or include them in floral arrangements, there are many other ways to profit from your lavender.  Here are just a few:

  1. make lavender essential oil
  2. the soothing scent of lavender is great for aromatherapy products
  3. create lavender-infused personal care products
  4. lavender spray  to use as a toner, or as a linen spray
  5. make lavender-flavored foods and drinks (you’ll need to grow culinary varieties of lavender)
  6. sell wholesale to retailers, as well as beauty product creators
  7. plan lavender farm tours and workshops
  8. make potpourri and dried flower arrangements
  9. lavender-infused oil and vinegar for cooking
  10. make sachets for fragrance and pest control
  11. decorate wedding and event venues

How to Grow Lavender for Fun and Profit: Lessons Learned from Planting Three Hundred Lavender Plants

How to grow lavender for profit

Where To Sell Lavender

Just as there are many ways to market lavender, there are also numerous places to sell it! Here are a few ideas:

  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals and craft fairs
  • On the farm — farm tours, U-pick, farm store, classes, events
  • Subscription boxes — local delivery, farm pickup, or shipping
  • Online farm store — farm pickup and/or shipping
  • Wholesale — retailers, florists, restaurants, boutiques, yoga studios

When it comes to growing lavender for profit, growing the most beautiful lavender and creating the highest quality lavender products will mean little if you cannot sell them. Develop a marketing plan now using the tips above and set yourself up for success.

How to market lavender.

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