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The Perfect Bonsai Accessories For Your Bonsai Tree

If you love bonsai trees you need a few bonsai accessories to help care for your bonsai trees. This list of ideas and accessories can help you provide the best growing environment for your tree.

wisteria bonsai tree

Bonsai trees add a lot of fun and comfort to your home. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they’re also great for giving you something to care for as well. Taking care of a Bonsai tree can be a lot of work but the result is worth it time and time again. 

New to bonsai growing? Check out these bonsai starter kits for beginners. And see my 7 top picks for indoor bonsais.

The Perfect Bonsai Accessories for your Bonsai Tree

Once you own a Bonsai tree, you’re going to find that you can easily branch out and add more accessories and ideas to go along with the growth. This list of accessories for your Bonsai tree proves that there is a truth that you can actually “spoil” your tree with gifts! 

Bonsai display tables

Mighty Mini Bonsai Tree Turntable 12.5" Base Stainless Steel Ball Bearings. Low Cost 200-Pound Capacity 360-Degree Rotation Allows Easy Pruning Or Great Bonsai Tree Displays

Give your Bonsai tree a place to stand out! These display tables are actually handcrafted and stained with a lovely color to create a beautiful focal point in any room. 

No matter what size your tree is, you can easily find a stand that will hold it and showcase the beauty. These tables are created in many different designs and shapes to go well with the flow of your home decor. 

Miniature figurines

MUD Fisherman Bonsai Figurine | Ceramic | Collectible | Fairy Garden | 1'' x 1.5''

Add some festive fun to your Bonsai Tree with these ceramic miniature figurines. From holiday fun to festive shelters and animals with bright colors, you can use any of these small figurines to create a fun and unique element to your tree. 

Bonsai ceramic pots

Happy Bonsai Small Glazed Pots, Value Set of 2 + 4 Soft Mesh Drainage Screens

All trees need to be planted in a pot or bowl! These ceramic pots are all different styles, shapes, and colors and can easily be used to hold your tree. The great part about these ceramic pots is that they’re unique and beautiful to fit well into your home with ease. 

Humidity/drip trays

9GreenBox Bonsai Humidity Drip Tray - Decorative Catcher Plate for Drainage and Moisture - Black Polished Plastic Container with Natural Pebbles - Large Space Good for 2 Potted Miniature Trees - 7"x9"

Your tree is going to have water that will drain from the bottom and for this reasoning, a drip tray is needed. The great thing about having a drip tray is that it helps to hold and take care of any potential messes. 

This also means that it’s way less work for you because you can water your plant right then and there and not have to worry about taking it back and forth to a sink. 

Watering Bonsai Trees is extremely important so make certain that you’re following the care directions to keep them hydrated and moist. 

Grow light systems

Talk about a great way to give your tree (and other plants) the “sunlight” that they need to grow! Even if you live in a space that you can’t get natural light for your plants or trees, using a grow light system is an awesome resource to have.

All you have to do is plug it in and give your plants the “natural” light that they need. This will help them stay healthy, happy, and give them a boost of energy to continue to grow and bloom. 

Since you’re dealing with small trees, using a desktop grow light is more than enough for your needs.

Learn more about grow lights.

Bonsai soil

Bonsai Soil - All-Purpose Bonsai Tree Soil Mix, All-Natural Organic Material Great for All Bonsai Trees Nutrient-Rich Bonsai Soil Mixture (2qts)

Depending on the type of Bonsai tree that you have, you’re going to want to be certain that you have the right type of soil mix. From tropical soil mix to Bonsai Conifer Soil Mix, you can rest easy knowing that you’re providing your tree what it needs to grow and bloom. 

Bonsai tools

Premium Bonsai Tool Kit + Bonsai 101 Book - Set Includes: Wooden Rake, Long & Wide Spades, Scissors, Tweezers, Bamboo Brush, & Pruning Shears (Trimmer/Clipper) in Fabric Storage Holder - Bonsai Tools

When it comes to providing your Bonsai tree with what it needs to stay healthy and strong, there are a few tools that you’re going to want to invest in. A moisture meter and branch cutter are just a few! 

As you know, part of maintaining your Bonsai tree is that you need to be ready to do a bit of maintenance to the branches and tree as it grows. As long as you have the right tools, this shouldn’t be hard to do. 

Bonsai fertilizer

Perfect Plants Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer | 8oz. of Premium Concentrated Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai Fertilizer | Use with All Bonsai Varieties | Trees in Pots

Part of keeping your tree healthy means that you’re going to need to make certain that it’s getting all the nutrients and additives possible. For this to happen, you’re going to have to use fertilizer to supplement.

Thankfully it’s not a hard process to master but it is one that you’ll want to read about and educate yourself on so you’re not adding too many chemicals or the wrong type to the soil. 

Watering cans

Kailemei Indoor Bonsai Plant Watering Long Spout Pot 40oz 1.4L 1/3 Gallon Small Modern Translucent Indoor and Outdoor Multicolor Watering Can (Tea Cyan)

Everyone needs a way to transport the water to and from their trees. The easiest way is to have a watering can or a spray bottle to help with the transport. There is even a watering wand that you can use as your tree starts to grow.

Bonsai books

Even though you might know a lot about taking care of your Bonsai tree, there is always so much more to learn! These Bonsai Books are a great way to get educated about a ton of different topics and care options. 

Bonsai: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing, Pruning, Wiring and Caring for Your Bonsai TreesBonsai: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing, Pruning, Wiring and Caring for Your Bonsai TreesAmazon buy buttonThe Secret Techniques of Bonsai: A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping BonsaiThe Secret Techniques of Bonsai: A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping BonsaiAmazon buy buttonBonsai: The Art of Growing and Keeping Miniature TreesBonsai: The Art of Growing and Keeping Miniature TreesAmazon buy buttonThe Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Creating, Growing, and Displaying Bonsai with Over 800 PhotographsThe Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Creating, Growing and Displaying Bonsai with Over 800 PhotographsAmazon buy buttonThe Complete Book of Bonsai: A Practical Guide to Its Art and CultivationThe Complete Book of Bonsai: A Practical Guide to Its Art and CultivationAmazon buy buttonThe Bonsai Beginner's BibleThe Bonsai Beginner’s BibleAmazon buy button

Even more bonsai accessories

The really fun part about having a Bonsai Tree in your house is that you’re always going to want to be adding things to it and to go with it. Fun items like landscape pebbles, tiny Christmas ornaments, hanging ceramic pot decorations, and personalized skipping stones are just some of the fun accessories to consider. 

When it comes to owning and taking care of your very own Bonsai Tree, there are so many ways that you can do so. Some people prefer to keep it simple and have the focus solely on the tree while other people love to use it as a fun focal piece in their home and add a ton of cute and fun decorations as well. 

Your Bonsai Tree can be a great way to add a bit of tiny fun and festive flair to your home for all the various holidays, too. 

No matter what, check out these Bonsai accessories to make certain that you have everything that you need to care for and grow your tree.

Which of these Bonsai accessories do you have your eye on purchasing first? 

The perfect bonsai accessories
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