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25 Pictures Of Animals And Flowers That Will Melt Your Heart

It’s spring and everything is coming alive. That makes me really happy. Today I was doing some research and came across this adorable picture of a kitty playing with a flower. It made my day! So, here I am, after a few hours of searching the web, with a collection of adorable animals and flowers that I’m sure will brighten you day 🙂

Kitty playing with a flower

Animals And Flowers

I love nature: flowers, animals, trees, vines, country back roads, beautiful scenery and still waters. Here’s a collection of 2 of my loves: animals and flowers.

Dogs and flowers

It’s so much fun watching a puppy explore the new world around her! Or an older dog strolling past a flower bed, then plopping down to rest. Here are a few dogs and puppies caught in the act 😉

Bernese mountain dog in forest full of flowers

Look at me!!! Take a picture already! Don’t you see how beautiful these lavender and yellow flowers are?

Puppy sitting in front of rock surrounded by colorful flowers

Puppy sitting in front of rock surrounded by colorful flowers. Precious!

Cute corgi puppy among flowers

What are you looking at? I love this spot! So many flowers that look and smell so good!

Black dog and white daisies

Yes, I’m ignoring you. Just going to rest here for a while.

Dog in dandelion field

Oh yeah…. my tummy hurts. Thanks for bringing me here so I can eat a few dandelions and calm my tummy.

Poodle in crocus patch

This poodle is staying guard on a patch of purple crocus.

Sheltie in a field of flowers

Beautiful Sheltie looking at a field of spring yellow flowers

Sleepy dog in a colorful flower garden

This sleepy puppy will probably take a nap in the pretty flower patch.

Cats and flowers

Kitties are adorable in the garden, as long as they stay out of the flower beds. Her are few cute cats and beautiful flowers.

Gorgeous kitten in the garden with mallow flowers

Gorgeous kitten in the garden with mallow flowers.

Big eyed cat looking at flowers

A big eyed cat looking at pink flowers: I wonder what’s brewing in its mind 😛

Frogs and flowers

Frog on water lily

Small frog resting on a lily pad.

Frog resting inside a water lily

What better place to rest? Soft and peaceful!

Tree frog on a gorgeous orange rose

What a pretty view! This cute tree frog  is resting on a gorgeous rose.

Snails and flowers

Snail on yellow flower

Snail on pretty yellow flower.

Snail on an orange flower.

This spot looks comfy! Let me check it out.

Other animals and flowers

Hedgehog near purple iris flowers

Hedgehog near purple iris flowers.

Giraffe in a garden at the Lisbon zoo

Giraffe posing in front of a blooming tree at the Lisbon zoo.

Adorable animals smelling flowers

We should all remember to stop and smell the roses (and other flowers). Here are a few cute animals taking this advice too: maybe a good example for those of us who never stop.

Cat smelling a sunflower

This sunflower looks interesting and smells good.

Little girl and a horse smelling dandelions

These two are adorable!

Goat and daffodils

White baby goat standing on green lawn with daffodils.

Cat smelling tulips

Image credit

This adorable cat seems to be drinking in the tulip’s smell (or lack of it).

Dog smelling crocus flowers


Sidney (the dog) just stopped to smell the flowers 😉

Squirrel smelling pink flowers

Image source

Even squirrels appreciate pink flowers 😉

Bambi enjoying some white flowers

Image source

The adorable baby deer is enjoying a moment in the flowery meadow.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful flowers and animals in their perfect surroundings.

collage of animals and flowers

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