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Wind Garden Spinners Add Fun and Colorful Motion to Your Yard


If you want to spice up an otherwise boring or normal landscape, garden spinners can do the job. Some spin horizontally and some are vertical. You can get them in beautiful color combinations to match or contrast your flowers and plants. They usually just stick right into the ground. This makes them portable. If there is not enough air circulating, you can easily move your wind spinners to another spot.

Wind garden spinners

You can find garden whirligigs in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some look like flowers and they can lend your ornamental garden a complementary look. They spin as the wind blows through them. This means you don’t have to pay for batteries or electricity to power these beautiful, in-motion garden accents.

If you remember playing with pinwheels as a child, you have an idea about what garden wind spinners look like.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Garden Spinners

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You will usually find these twirling and whirling landscape accents in either plastic or metal form. Plastic is cheap but doesn’t usually hold up as long as metal. Metal is certainly more durable and rugged. This means metal garden spinners whirligigs could last several years. Of course, the downside is that metal can rust. To keep this from happening you can paint your pinwheels and spinners.

Some metal garden spinners are extremely detailed and beautiful. They incorporate stainless steel, glass and clear plastic compounds that reflect and refract light. Aside from being enjoyable to watch, these lawn decorations can keep plant-munching pests (like deer, squirrels and rabbits) out of your garden. The movement frightens some animals, but doesn’t seem to bother cats and dogs.

How Much Do Kinetic Garden Spinners Cost?

You can find packs of inexpensive spinners that put your cost out about a dollar each. And you can also find hand-designed garden spinners that cost more than a hundred dollars. Price is dictated by the fabrics and materials used to make them. Size also influences how much you’re going to spend.

Generally speaking, medium-sized lawn garden spinners are usually less than $25 or $30. Here’s what you can expect for this price range:

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Are Hanging Garden Spinners the Same Things As Garden Wind Spinners?

These lawn decorations go by a lot of different names. Suffice it to say that they are all wind-powered. As wind hits them, they begin to move. Some spin and some rotate around a post or horizontal arm. Others move in ways that are hard to describe. Hanging garden spinners are appropriately named. They come with a hook or attachment so you can hang them from tree limbs or bushes.

You can hang them wherever you have some place to attach them. Just make sure you have good air flow and plenty of sunlight.

Garden wind spinners are usually planted in the ground. They have a vertical steak or post and the spinning, twirling, eye-catching design is at the top. Garden wind spinners and hanging varieties can look very similar or strikingly different.

How to Choose the Right Wind Spinners For Your Garden

You should think about material construction when you are comparing products. Aside from the metal and plastic mentioned earlier, construction can include other materials. Check reviews if you are shopping online. See what people have to say about the garden spinners pinwheels and whirlygigs you are thinking about buying.

You should also consider what they sound like. Some are constructed to deliver wind chime effects. The simplest models spin on a horizontal rod just like the blades of a fan. Depending on what they are made out of, they can create specific sounds as the wind blows through them. You should also consider price, but maybe not in the way you are thinking.

You may see some copper garden spinners that look great. The price tag is attractive as well. You might think you are saving money but you could actually be wasting it. If these garden spinners are poorly constructed you might have to replace them soon after picking them up. This is why you should factor quality as well as price tag into your buying decision.

What Are Garden Windsocks Spinners?

Windsocks are used by farmers and airplane pilots. They are just what they sound like, a “sock” that catches the wind. This tells you which way the wind is blowing, and how quickly it is moving. Garden windsocks spinners are long cylinders made of different types of fabrics. They sometimes come equipped with spinners, but not always.

They can rotate 360 degrees around a vertical post. As the wind fills the sock, the spinner comes to life. These types of windsocks are offered in a variety of bright colors and in different lengths. Twirling windsocks are one of many garden wind spinners you can use to colorfully and affordably decorate your landscape.

Garden Spinners Ideas

Here is a quick showcase of the different types of garden spinners.

Solar garden spinners

These solar spinners are gorgeous, not only during the day, but especially at night.

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Hanging garden spinners

In the Breeze Dragonfly Theme DuetIn the Breeze Dragonfly Theme DuetAmazon buy buttonNatures Yard Flamed Copper Finish Triple Spinning Heart Metal Garden Art Hanging SpinnerCopper Finish Triple Spinning Heart Metal Hanging SpinnerAmazon buy button

Copper garden spinners

I love these copper wind spinners with glass beads I recently saw for sale (BTW, I’m pretty sure this is easily home made! I might try making some soon)
Copper wind spinners with glass beads

Stainless steel garden spinners

FONMY Wind Spinner Stainless Steel 3D Hanging Garden Decoration for Indoor Outdoor Blue-Pink Sunflower Metal Wind Spinners-12inchWind Spinner Stainless Steel Amazon buy buttonFONMY Stainless Steel Wind Spinner-3D Indoor Outdoor Garden Decoration Crafts Ornaments 12Inch Multi Color Mandala Flower Wind SpinnersStainless Steel Wind Spinner-3D Amazon buy buttonA hand-painted metal owl that can be used as a sun catcher or wind spinner Owl Metal Sun Catcher Wind SpinnerAmazon buy buttonHand-painted stainless steel wind spinner Multi Color Mandala Wind SpinnerAmazon buy button

Wooden garden wind spinners

I haven’t seen many of these, but some avid DIY gardeners might decide to crate their own wooden wind spinners.

Colorful wooden wind mill

Did you see a wind spinner you liked? Have fun adding some pizazz to your front yard with one or more of these spinners for the garden.

Wind spinners

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